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Greedling Shop

Location: Pellow Village (Books 1 and 2) -> Right -> Up -> Greedling -> Shop

Greedling Pet (All Versions)

<Character>: Greedling! I've been waiting to get my hands on you, you traitorous wad of congealed yellow... yellow... GREED!
<Character>: We HELPED you! And you betrayed us!
???: *cringe* *sniffle* M-m-m-master LEFT! Master said "do this, and this, and this. Whisper whisper whisper" and Greedling HAD TO.
???: Master is MASTER!
???: But now Master is GONE! *shudder* And Greedling is... FREE but... all ALONE! *wail*
<Character>: But... well... don't CRY. Crying won't help. You could... uh...
<Character>: I guess... maybe... um...
???: <Class> so nice, so helpful, so GOOD! Help Greedling, free Greedling, GOOD to Greedling!
???: Could Greedling... go with YOU? As... friend? Greedling HELP!

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