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Pellow Village (All Versions)

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2/25/2011 18:39:14   

Pellow Village (Books 1 and 2)

Access Point: Ravenloss (Books 1 and 2) -> Pellow Village
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The End?
Release Date: February 25th, 2011

Quests Available


Greedling Shop
Murk's Pellow Merch
Ravenloss House Shop
Weaver Items


Izaac: Hello again, <Character>!

  • Talk
    Izaac: Pellow Village is a very mysterious place, if you have any questions, I'd love to shed some light on them.
    • Izzac?
      Izaac: Oh, I believe we weren't introduced properly! My name is Izaac Stellini.
      Izaac: I am one of the youngest history teachers in Edelia, the school of SoulWeaving.

    • Pellow Village?
      Izaac: I'm done with my Ravenloss studying, and since you've opened the Gate, I figured I might learn more about Pellow Village!
      Izaac: It really is a very beautiful place. Pellow Village must have been the most extraordinary district of Ravenloss.
      Izaac: I've heard it was home to all of the ChaosWeaver aristocracy.

    • Murk?
      Izaac: I...actually don't know anything about this..person.
      Izaac: He has opened a shop on the right side of Pellow Village, but I advise you to stay away from it. His objectives are... unclear.

    • Pandora?
      Izaac: From what I've learned, Pandora was a very skilled SoulWeaver.
      Izaac: She was one of the first SoulWeavers in history, as well as a founder of Edelia. She died at the age of 22.
      Izaac: What I didn't know is that she was apparently the one who released all of the wicked Elemental Spirits that roam Lore now.
      Izaac: 7 Corrupted Elemental Spirits were also the ones she released.
      Izaac: I think that's the reason why ChaosWeavers worship her.

    • Edelia?
      Izaac: Edelia, the school of SoulWeaving. Founded many, many years ago by 3 masters of weaving.
      Izaac: Zellaraneish the Swift is the current headmaster. I believe Edelia is really improving since he was chosen as headmaster!


    Kajap: Hssss... With the Gate open we can begin to reclaim Pellow Village. I have many beautiful things for sale.


    Niklos: I am here to supply those Soulweavers who come to explore Pellow Village.


    <Character>: Greedling! I've been waiting to get my hands on you, you traitorous wad of congealed yellow... yellow... GREED!
    <Character>: We HELPED you! And you betrayed us!
    ???: *cringe* *sniffle* M-m-m-master LEFT! Master said "do this, and this, and this. Whisper whisper whisper" and Greedling HAD TO.
    ???: Master is MASTER!
    ???: But now Master is GONE! *shudder* And Greedling is... FREE but... all ALONE! *wail*
    <Character>: But... well... don't CRY. Crying won't help. You could... uh...
    <Character>: I guess... maybe... um...
    ???: <Class> so nice, so helpful, so GOOD! Help Greedling, free Greedling, GOOD to Greedling!
    ???: Could Greedling... go with YOU? As... friend? Greedling HELP!

    Murk's Pellow Merch

    Murk: Welcome to my domain...

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    6/15/2013 1:04:59   
    Voodoo Master

    Pellow Village (Book 3)

    Access Point: Ravenloss (Book 3) -> 2 Down -> Left -> Left Up -> 7 Left -> Enter the gate, Timeline (Book 3) -> Tomix Saga: Aspar Building the Void Ship/Into the Void -> To Pellow Village
    Level/Quest/Items required: None
    Release Date: June 14th, 2013

    Zones Accessible
    Void Ship
    The Last Chapter - War at the Core

    Quests Available
    To Edelia
    Servants Hall
    Edelia Sewers
    The Headmaster
    The Gnomes Gnow
    The Autumn Wind
    Siege on Atrea
    The Navigator
    The Human Element
    The Codex
    Into the Ynnungaap
    The Origins of Aspar
    Murky Hall
    The Last Chapter: Aspar
    The Last Chapter: Tomix
    Tomix's Saga Epilogue

    Cysero's Orb

    Cysero's Orb
    Pellow Village (Shop)

    Cysero's Orb

    Cysero's Orb: Hi, this is Cysero! I'm not here right now, mostly because I have no idea where exactly this orb is. This place looks pretty neat, though! *GONG*

  • Shop - opens Pellow Village (Shop).


    Magenta: I'm waiting for someone, leave me alone.


    Aegis: <Character>! I'm so glad you are finally free from that ice! I can't wait until we weave together again!

  • Invite Aegis! - invites Aegis as Guest A.

  • Talk
    Aegis: I'm all ears.
    • Frozen
      Aegis: I felt it. The moment when you were trapped. I tried to unfreeze you, but a dragon was guarding the ice block.

    • You look different
      Aegis: Ah, well, that is thanks to you i suppose. You see, I'm an elemental spirit of valor, and my element is ice.
      Aegis: You were trapped in a very powerful ice crystal, created by some really potent magic.
      Aegis: Since we are linked together, over the years, my power kept rising because you were frozen. Obvious, if you think about it.

    • Your past
      Aegis: What's with this sudden interest in my past? Well... I lived a really long time ago, studied in Edelia, and died.
      Aegis: After death I was supposed to help other elemental spirits and wait for a soulweaver to form a bond with me. I did what I was told to.
      Aegis: Over time, I became "friends" with Pandora. I pitied her, she had no one else, for she was the founder of Chaosweavers.
      Aegis: And then you came.

    • Your death
      Aegis: I was on a mission in Northlands with other soulweavers, we were sent to investigate some spherical artifact.
      Aegis: We were in an ice cave, when the other soulweaver stepped on thin ice and fell into the water.
      Aegis: I jumped in to save him, and succeeded, but he pushed me back into the ice cold water. I drowned.
      Aegis: I don't know why he pushed me. I didn't try to find out after i died.


    Tomix: Hey. I believe we have a lot catching up to do.

  • Void Ship!
    Tomix: Do you want to board it or just check the progress?
    • Board the ship
      Tomix: We have work to do, <Character>.

      • To Edelia
        Tomix: Alright <Character>, we need people to help us build the ship.
        Tomix: I think the first step would be visiting Edelia, the school of soulweaving. The Headmaster can give us supplies and people for the ship.

      • Soulless - begins Soulless quest.

      • Servant Hallways
        Tomix: The first thing Danyel wants us to do is... clean the servant hallways of the school...
        Tomix: We're heroes, trying to stop Envy... and he wants us to clean hallways.

      • Edelia Sewers
        Tomix: Apparently, the sewers are our next stop.
        Tomix: Errant soulthreads are plugging up the sewers and we have to go down and subdue the poor creatures who are tangled up in them.
        Tomix: At least we're actually helping them. If he has us do his laundry next....

      • The Headmaster
        Tomix: I've had enough of doing this dirty work for my brother. We have more important work to do.

      • Gnomes Gnow
        Tomix: Hurry, <Character>. I've had enough of my brother's games, it's time to get started on the next part of the Void Ship.

      • Autumn Wind
        Tomix: We've so much more to do, <Character>. Time is running out.

      • Desert Night
        Tomix: <Character>, I've gotten a letter from a friend in Atrea. Finish whatever you're doing and meet me there.

      • Trithril
        Tomix: Once we get to the city, we'll find my friend.

      • Deep Void - begins DeepVoid quest.

      • The Navigator
        Tomix: We're missing one more crew member, <Character>....

      • Human Element - begins The Human Element quest.

      • Void Ship
        Tomix: The ship nears completion, <Character>. It's time to board!

      • The Codex - begins The Codex quest.

      • Ynnungaap
        Tomix: It's almost time, <Character>. We should head down below for a crew meeting.

      • Adrift - begins Adrift quest.

      • Origins - begins The Origins of Aspar quest.

      • War at the Core - teleports you to The Last Chapter - War at the Core.

      • Murky Hall - begins Murky Hall quest.

      • Finale: Part 1 - begins The Last Chapter: Aspar quest.

      • Finale: Part 2 - begins The Last Chapter: Tomix quest.

      • Epilogue - begins Tomix's Saga Epilogue quest.

    • Progress - displays the progress of the Void Ship depending on your position in the saga; allows boarding once complete.

  • Soulweaver
    • Soulweaver Attire - equips SoulWeaver class.
    • Master Soulweaver Attire (DA Required) - equips Master SoulWeaver class.

    • Training Recollection - teleports you to Ravenloss (Books 1 and 2).

      NOTE: This will take you to Book 1 Ravenloss. You will need to use the Book of Lore to return to Book 3 when you're done.
  • Heal & potions - fully replenishes HP, MP, and potions.

  • Invite Tomix as a guest (DA Required) - invites Tomix as Guest A.

  • Talk
    Tomix: Ask your questions, <Character>.
    • Aspar
      Tomix: Before banishing Lust, she revealed to me, that Aspar is Envy. I did not believe it at first, why would I? Aspar was my best friend...
      Tomix: He vanished a few months after I banished Lust. I thought he'd come back, like he did before when we were hunting Wrath. But he hasn't.
      Tomix: I'm still feeling the bond, but it's become corrupted. I'm trying really hard not to believe that Aspar is Envy, but all the evidence is telling...
      Tomix: I have really good memories of our journeys, and I hate to think he's been Envy this whole time. Fooling me. Using me...
      Tomix: Using me for his own plans ...or something. I don't know. But I do know where he is now.
      Tomix: He's heading into the Ynnungaap. I'm not really sure why though. To get there, I need a ship, a flying ship.
      Tomix: A ship strong enough to reach Ynnungaap. I need all the help I can get, you are welcome to join me <Character>, if you wish.
      Tomix: You are one of those who I can still consider a friend...

    • Ynnungaap
      Tomix: Ynnungaap, a location beyond the void... also known as Deep Void. It is where the void core is located.
      Tomix: I'm guessing this might be Asp-I'm sorry, Envy's point of destination. But why? What could he accomplish with the void core?
      Tomix: I thought I knew him well...

    • Riadne
      Tomix: Oh, she's here. Currently helping in the Ravenloss Orphanage. She will be joining me, once the ship is ready.
      Tomix: When the chaosweavers were driven out of Ravenloss, she turned her attention to help rebuild it.

    • Izaac
      Tomix: Izaac has been studying Pellow Village... for all these years apparently. Do me a favor and don't raise your voice while talking with him.
      Tomix: He's gone a little cuckoo. It seems the void has a strong influence on the weak-minded. You should be careful.
      <Character>: Hey! You were never joking before! What happened?
      Tomix: You are only young once, but you can be immature forever.
      <Character>: I... think I've read that somewhere before.
      Tomix: Quite possibly.

    • Cube
      Tomix: I had to form a bond with a different elemental spirit, I couldn't weave without Aspar by my side.
      Tomix: I visited the plane of elemental spirits and stumbled upon Pandora. THE Pandora.
      Tomix: One of The First Weaver children and the founder of Chaosweavers. She was being harrased by other spirits.
      Tomix: I saved her and she's now my Soul Ally. But... there is a catch...
      Tomix: Apparently, when she's in material world, her very existence is causing misfortune and... cataclysms.
      Tomix: She told me of an artifact, a cube that was created by her previous soul ally. I retrieved it and she's now inside the cube.
    Other information
  • Tomix's 'Soulweaver' options menu was reworked as part of the reimagined release on March 26th, 2021, allowing ease of access to class training.

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