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Soul <Character>

Location: Meet Aegis

Quests given

Shops owned

Soul <Character>: Oh! What? Where?! ... Right, right. The Plane of Elemental Spirits. THAT was a journey I don't want to make too often!
Soul <Character>: But this place is... amazing!
Soul <Character>: So this... is the Plane of the Elemental Spirits!
Soul <Character>: It's so... BEAUTIFUL! But I'd better hurry and locate a potential SoulAlly. I don't want to be trapped here!
Soul <Character>: Who's there? I don't see you! Wait... do I even have eyes right now?
Soul <Character>: I'll be happy to help you once I FIND you!

Soul <Character>: She left! Who was she... ?
Soul <Character>: Ah, I see.
Soul <Character>: I'm <Character>, an adventurer of Lore. I'm here to locate a SoulAlly so that I can train as a SoulWeaver.
Soul <Character>: Oh, well, you're in luck! I AM a he-

Soul <Character>: What was that?!
Soul <Character>: !!!
Soul <Character>: Aegis! Let me help you. In my world, I am considered a Hero. I can assist you! You don't need to face this thing alone.
Soul <Character>: I mean, my body is... with me... that is, with the soul... together... body and soul... Oh, bother.
Soul <Character>: *mutter* I do NOT like standing back and doing nothing... just WATCHING while someone else takes care of the monsters.
Soul <Character>: Yes?
Soul <Character>: I have a destiny, and I'm trying to live up to it. I WILL save the world with my dragon! Help the good people of Lore, drive away the bad... I will!
Soul <Character>: While helping people in need, I'm still in a race against Sepulchure for the Elemental Orbs. He CANNOT get them all or we're doomed!
Soul <Character>: Excuse me? What do you mean?


Thanks to
-- Peachii for dialogue correction.
-- Dwelling Dragonlord for correction.

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