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Guardian Twig's Ewectwic Boogawoo
Also see Twig's Ewectwic Swide Z, Twig's Ewectwic Spawkiness, Twig's Ewectwic Stwike, Twig's Ewectwic Bolt, Twig's Ewectwic Dischawge, Twig's Ewectwic Zappiness.

Level: 128
Power Level: 131
MP Level: 130
Price: 192100 2,215,208 Gold
Sellback: 96050 1,107,604 Gold
Location: Mogbusters: Where do Xyfrags come from??

Element: Energy
MP Cost: 532

Hits: 5
Type: Magic
Element: Energy
Damage: First hit 65-195 plus 437% Stats, the other 4 hits 21-64 plus 145% Stats each.
BTH: +22 first hit, +32 for the other 4 hits

Call Twig to energize some Xyfrags - who will charge your enemy!


Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Additional thanks to Koree.

The spell starts as 143-287 plus 965% Stats. Hit #1 does 40% of the listed damage, and has -10 BTH (plus the usual damage modifier of *85/75). The remaining hits do 15% of the listed damage each, and don't have any further BTH adjustments. Everything has been factored into the numbers above!

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