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Hourglass Adze

Also see other Hourglass Axes ( Splitting Z, Guardian Woodsman's, Broad Z, Felling Z, Tomahawk, Guardian, Greataxe, Hatchet, Battleaxe Z)

Level: 32
Power Level: 32
Price: 1,505 2,150 125
Sellback: 752 1,075 62
Location: Limited Time Shop Miss Fixit - Quest for the Bloodcrystal Axe

Type: Melee
Element: Wind
Damage: 7-21
BTH: 4

Hits: 3
Type: Melee
Element: Wind
Damage: 156.0% Base and Random each
Stats: No normal stats; 103.7% Lucky Strike damage each
BTH: +14
Rate: 20%

  • On turns #1 - #4 that you're attacking with the weapon, you deal 80% damage.
  • On turn #5 that you're attacking with the weapon, you deal 181.6% damage. The counter is then reseted back to turn #1.
    • The counting applies only to normal Player attacks or Weapon specials. Other moves (casting a spell, drinking a potion, etc.) do not affect the counting.
    • The counter will reset between battles, but changing your equipment (even attacking with another weapon) will not reset it.
    • Attacks by the Clone pet series do not count towards the counter, and they do not receive any damage boosts or penalties.

    This axe calls on the power of Time itself - saving power for the future, then discharging it all at once in a massive attack! Currently Discounted!


    Basic stats thanks to bszoke88 and Blackitten25. Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Turn #1 image thanks to Mystical Warrior. Write-up thanks in part to Blackitten25. Unrarity thanks to Aelthai (via Dreko Shadrack). Typo fixed thanks to Khimera.

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