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Miss Fixit - Quest for the Bloodcrystal Axe

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1/30/2011 17:58:21   

Quest for the Bloodcrystal Axe

Location: Battleon » Click on Miss Fixit » News from Kal?

Note: Text that are grayed out represent dialogue that is no longer available.

Aelthai: «You», hi there! I'm Aelthai - also known as Miss Fixit, among many other names.
Aelthai: I bet you're wondering why I'm here! I'm one of the Knights of Order (or KoO if you prefer). We are responsible for making sure Lore retains the balance intended by Lorithia.
Aelthai: I'm also the AdventureQuest Bugs Head Moderator - and so I was elected spokesKnight for this.
Aelthai: I'm here today to announce the recent changes, updates, and improvements - fixes, even - we have made.
  • What did you fix this time?
  • What news from Dragonclaw
  • Back to Town!

    What did you fix this time?
    Aelthai: Rewriting reality takes a lot of time, but we have made good progress! This batch of fixes includes:
    Aelthai: All weapons and abilities that freeze enemies have been updated to use the new freezing status!
    Aelthai: Aquella will now send you to Willow Creek without the time freeze rift. The Dull Forest Demons' magical shield is fixed.
    Aelthai: The quests which provide temporary dragon forms have been fixed (again) to prevent the temporary forms from leaving. Chronomancer's Time Compression ability only needs to hit 3 times to attempt paralysis.
    Aelthai: The Dragon Blade quest has had some encounters adjusted, and the potions at the end will no longer cause you to freeze on the second attempt.
    Aelthai: The Mana Sceptre has been fixed so that it functions within the Lorian temporal paradigm. Finally, the TromBones will no longer cause you to freeze.

    «Clicking on various things laying around the screen leads you to previous Miss Fixit quests as shown below.»

  • Blue Moglin - Slay Bells!
  • Scroll beside Moglin - Quest for the Viridian
  • Sword emitting purplish aura (Zale) - Quest for the Zale!
  • Aelthai's staff (held on her hand) - Miss Fixit Returns!
  • Mini Creptus - Quest for the Creptus!
  • Helmet beside the potion bag - The Nefadon Scout
  • Dragonfly hovering around - Missing: Teenage Dragon!
  • Shapeshifting Flying Kite - Go Fly a Kite!
  • Mini Centaurion - Return of the Centaurions!
  • Mini Lightning Storm - Thoru the Weather Master!
  • Mini Krunder and Antlertops - Krunder and the Antlertops!
  • Mini Robocockatrice Head - Miss Fixit - The Robocockatrice!
  • Red Gem - Quest for the Bloodcrystal Axe
    What news from Dragonclaw

    Miss Fixit: Kalanyr and Beleqwaya found something interesting as they were working on recovering more lost lore of the archmages.
    Miss Fixit: Researching some lost histories, Beleqwaya found some obscure references to "Blood Crystals" in some notes written by someone named Guerro Tempus.
    Miss Fixit: Digging deeper, they learned he was also the inventor of chronomancy-- the magical control of time. He was killed thousands of years ago.
    Miss Fixit: After one excursion into the past, he returned with a supply of bright red gems that he claimed were created by the Fire Lord, which he planned to distribute to various creatures of the Fire realm.
    Miss Fixit: These gems would absorb directly into the creatures' bodies and be passed on through the generations. Each magical gem could communicate with the others, moving information back and forth.
    Miss Fixit: Tempus wrote that the Fire Lord would use these Blood Crystals to expand his power over Lore by extending his intelligence and knowledge, since he would be able to sense all that thousands of his realm's minions could.
    Miss Fixit: Tempus had actually gone back to the past, gathered many of the Blood Crystals and brought them back to his time.
    Miss Fixit: No one knows WHY he wanted them, because he miscalculated: He had so angered the Fire Lord that he had placed a bounty on Tempus' head. ...A bounty that had been in effect for thousands of years, by then.
    Miss Fixit: Almost as soon as Tempus returned to his own time, Akriloth found him and... ATE him to gain favor with the Fire Lord.
    Miss Fixit: The archmages found that Tempus had managed to study the Blood Crystals before he died, though, and wrote that they could be used to power a weapon.
    Miss Fixit: Tempus had a smith named Ralgur forge him a weapon that could house the crystals-- an axe. I know where Tempus hid the axe now, thanks to Beleqwaya.
    Miss Fixit: It was stored in a cave at the base of a small volcano named Magma Rise just east of Smoke Mountain.
    Miss Fixit: Tempus stole only a handful of the Blood Crystals -- the Fire Lord embedded them in many of his creatures, and they came through the generations.
    Miss Fixit: Kalanyr and Beleqwaya gave me an extractor to loan to you. You will need 8 gems to complete the axe.

    Miss Fixit: Not every creature of the Fire Realm was implanted with a Blood Crystal, so you'll probably have to defeat a few of them.
  • I'll get the Blood Crystal Axe!
  • Blood? Not a fan of blood... - Return to Quest Log
      1 BATTLE
      Fire-Elemental Mob from your RA list

      Full Heal every 2 battles

      After each fight, you have a chance of finding a gem. The chance is 50% + [MonsterLevel - YourLevel]*4% + [A random number from 0 to YourLUK/8]%

      min -25%, max +25%
    «After obtaining 8 Bloodcrystals...»
      1 BATTLE
      Random Fire-Elemental RA mob

      Full Heal
    «You»: This is it, then -- Tempus' little hiding place for his special axe. Magma Rise, here I come!
  • Enter!

    «Scene: Magma Rise»

    «You»: ...... Hm. Place looks empty. Where'd the axe get to?

    «From the ground arises a mysterious being, seemingly passing through space and time, confronting you.»

    «You»: !!!
    ???: Ahhh... Let me hazard a guess and say that you're looking for my Blood Crystal Axe. Am I right? Never mind-- You can't have it!
  • Fight!???: Okay, okay! You win! I yield!
    «You»: Wait a-- You're-- Guerro Tempus?!?
    Tempus: Nice! What clued you in? Oh... Was it my hair? I bet everyone remembers my hair. "Green as a blecch," Kalanyr always called it. How ARE all those white-haired fellows doing now, anyway?
    «You»: The archmages? They're... Kalanyr and Beleqwaya are still alive. Like you. Amazingly.
    «You»: So... I heard you were swallowed by Akriloth. I guess it looks like that worked out okay for you.
    Tempus: Ha ha! Right! Before I hit his flaming pit of a stomach, I entered the timestream as quickly as I could. ...So quickly, in fact, I didn't know when I was going.
    Tempus: I ended up 3 years in the past from now, which was good enough. I quickly found out about the bounty on my head... the hard way... and figured I should stay in hiding.
    Tempus: And the best way to do that is to hop around in time, never staying in one time too long. Ever since the Blood Crystal incident I've realized it best to never, EVER do anything that will leave a mark in time.
    Tempus: If I left footprints in time, eventually the Fire Lord would catch up with me.
    «You»: Why not go back in time and change what YOU did the first time-- Never take the Blood Crystals at all?
    Tempus: That would be nice, but alas, a time traveller can't occupy the same time as another time travelling version of him or herself.
    Tempus: So basically, you can't undo a chronomantic mistake by using chronomancy.
    «You»: So now you're back here to get your axe.
    Tempus: Right you are! And I'm going to zip forward in time about 500 years and sell it for 10 million gold or so. I made a whole bunch of them, so help yourself to one.
    «You»: Huh?
    Tempus: I knew I'd need a way to finance being on the run in time, so I had hundreds of these axes made. They're quite rare in the future, so they're worth a lot.
    Tempus: I see you have quite a few Blood Crystals there. Don't worry about the Fire Lord spying through them -- once they're inside the axe, they'll be shielded and you'll be able to channel your fire spells through them.
    Tempus: You'll need some archmage help to attach them, but Kalanyr or Beleqwaya should be able to manage it from my notes. Do send my regards, would you?
    «You»: I'll do that. Well, I hope you find some way to stop running sometime, Tempus.
    Tempus: Me, too... me, too.

    «Tempus vanishes into time and space, not leaving a trace...»
    Blood Crystal Axes

  • Hourglass Splitting Axe Z [L. 5 Z]
  • Blood Crystal Axe [L. 15]
  • Guardian Hourglass Woodsman's Axe [L. 25 G]
  • Hourglass Adze [L. 32]
  • Blood Crystal Axe [L. 45]

  • Hourglass Broad Axe Z [L. 45 Z]
  • Hourglass Felling Axe Z [L. 65 Z]
  • Blood Crystal Axe [L. 75]
  • Hourglass Tomahawk [L. 77]
  • Guardian Hourglass Axe [L. 85 G]

  • Blood Crystal Axe [L. 105]
  • Hourglass Greataxe [L. 105]
  • Hourglass Hatchet [L. 115]
  • Hourglass Battleaxe Z [L. 125 Z]
  • Blood Crystal Axe Z [L. 128 Z]
  • Blood Crystal Axe [L. 135]

    Miss Fixit: You've succeeded! Amazing that Tempus was able to survive his encounter with Akriloth. He'll have to keep moving through time in order to keep ahead of the Fire Lord from now on.
  • Replay Quest
  • Back - Return to Quest Log

    Monster List and gem drop information by In Media Res. Correction by BlackAces. Quest write up thanks to whackybeanz. Guardian tag thanks to battlesiege15 and In Media Res.

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