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Miss Fixit - Thoru the Weather Master!

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7/21/2010 10:59:31   
Times Silent Keeper

Miss Fixit - Thoru the Weather Master!

Location: Battleon » Click on Miss Fixit » What's with the weather?

Note: Text that are grayed out represent dialogue that is no longer available.

Aelthai: «You», hi there! I'm Aelthai - also known as Miss Fixit, among many other names.
Aelthai: I bet you're wondering why I'm here! I'm one of the Knights of Order (or KoO if you prefer). We are responsible for making sure Lore retains the balance intended by Lorithia.
Aelthai: I'm also the AdventureQuest Bugs Head Moderator - and so I was elected spokesKnight for this.
Aelthai: I'm here today to announce the recent changes, updates, and improvements - fixes, even - we have made.
  • What did you fix this time?
  • ...What's up with this weather?
  • Back to Town!

    What did you fix this time?
    Aelthai: Rewriting reality takes a lot of time, but we have made good progress! This batch of fixes includes:
    Aelthai: Many, MANY of the first weapons Yulgar forged ceased doing damage with their special attacks. A lot of these are the earliest weapons that are available to new adventurers, so fixing them was important!
    Aelthai: Some of these weapons have been fixed already, and some of them will be fixed soon. If you know of weapons that are not working, please let us know on the forums!

    «Clicking on various things laying around the screen leads you to previous Miss Fixit quests as shown below.»

  • Blue Moglin - Slay Bells!
  • Scroll beside Moglin - Quest for the Viridian
  • Sword emitting purplish aura (Zale) - Quest for the Zale!
  • Aelthai's staff (held on her hand) - Miss Fixit Returns!
  • Mini Creptus - Quest for the Creptus!
  • Helmet beside the potion bag - The Nefadon Scout
  • Dragonfly hovering around - Missing: Teenage Dragon!
  • Shapeshifting Flying Kite - Go Fly a Kite!
  • Mini Centaurion - Return of the Centaurions!
  • Mini Lightning Storm - Thoru the Weather Master!
    ...What's up with this weather?

    Miss Fixit: Huh... you know, now that you mention it, I guess that lightning storm that sent the whole Lolosian fishing fleet into drydock for repair WAS a little more powerful than most storms you see.
    Miss Fixit: And that blizzard in the Skraeling Desert and those floods in Greenguard are a LITTLE odd...
    Miss Fixit: Well, let's see. I can tell from here that all of those storms are based in a lot of Energy. That should make it easy to track...
    Miss Fixit: Yyyep. Eastern Dwarfhold Mountains... specifically... Kirin Peak.

    «Several lightning bolts flashes in the top right-hand corner of the screen.»

    Miss Fixit: ...Oh dear. He seems to have figured out that we've figured out where he is. And I don't think he's friendly. Fortunately, I can tell you a little bit about him.
    Miss Fixit: He calls himself Thoru, and he's wearing... some odd combination of the Fujin and Asgardian armors. And he has some kind of control over both Energy and Wind.

    Miss Fixit: I think it might be a good idea to go meet Thoru and find out what he wants, and see what we can do to stop him from wreaking more havoc with the weather.
  • I'm ready! To Kirin Peak!
  • I think I'm going to go find shelter... - Return to Quest Log
      8 BATTLES
      Refer to Monster List below

      Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6 and #8
    «With swirling black clouds in the sky and lightning striking every so often, you arrive at Kirin Peak. Thoru enters the scene.»

    «You»: You must be Thoru.
    Thoru: What gave me away?
    «You»: We've traced a lot of problems back to you. Ships capsizing in waves 30 feet high. Ice crystals the size of chickens crushing roofs in Skraeling Desert.
    «You»: Floods smashing away entire crops in Greenguard. Lightning catching rooftops in Granemor on fire. You have to know you're the cause. WHY?
    Thoru: They all have it wrong. Every wizard and archmage, every paladin and necromancer and ninja. Even great conquerors like Drakonnan. All wrong.
    Thoru: True power lies not in mastery of one domain, but in mastery of two. There you find power far beyond both of them. I brought together energy and wind, and Lo!
    Thoru: -- I am able to control ALL 4 weather elements, because Water and Ice are so connected with the sky that enough control over the sky exerts control over all it embraces.
    Thoru: With enough time, I may even learn to control the Earth, which falls under the sky, the Light which passes through it, and the Fire which needs air to burn!
    «You»: Another megalomaniac? Great. I really don't need this, okay? You have to stop practicing this "control" on these areas. People will get hurt.
    Thoru: What good is this power without FEAR? Some must get hurt, and then ALL will obey.
    «You»: Okay, you're a bad guy. You need to go enjoy the weather somewhere else, where no one can get hurt. How about the Moon?
    Thoru: Silly. There is no weather on our moon. How fun could that possibly be? Maybe YOU should be the one to go...
  • Battle!

  • Boreal Bolt Plate Z [L. 15 Z]
  • Boreal Bolt Plate [L. 30]
  • Guardian Boreal Bolt Plate [L. 45 G]
  • Boreal Bolt Plate [L. 60]
  • Boreal Bolt Plate [L. 75]
  • Guardian Boreal Bolt Plate [L. 90 G]
  • Boreal Bolt Plate [L. 105]
  • Boreal Bolt Plate [L. 120]

    Miss Fixit: Thoru developed quite an interesting armor. It holds much power and potential. Hopefully it stays out of the hands of more people who would use it like he did!
  • Replay Quest
  • Back - Return to Quest Log

    Entry by Archmagus Orodalf. Guardian tag thanks to battlesiege15 and In Media Res.
    Monster List
    Level 0-35
    Baby Ice Dragon (6)
    Baby Wind Dragon (6)
    Braken (8)
    Dirty Snowman (10)
    Energy Mantik (6)
    FlibbityGibbit (1)
    Glayser (8)
    Mantik (6)
    Sarkanian (5)
    Selkie (7)
    Trobble (8)
    Zzott (4)

    Level 36-55
    Aerodu Clan Member (30)
    Dirty Snowman (25)
    Flying Brainfish (15)
    Frost Trooper (11)
    Griffin (34)
    Lightning Zard (18)
    No-Eyes (12)
    Sea Squirt (20)
    Seedy Sparrow (25)
    StormZard (15)
    Young Energy Dragon (10)
    Young Ice Dragon (19)

    Level 56-75
    Baby Energy Dragon (22)
    Katharine McSeaweed (26)
    Lectro (27)
    Quadrus (50)
    Red Herring (40)
    Sea Squirt (30)
    Steppe Mastodon (30)
    Two-Bear (40)
    Velocigobbler (45)
    Wind Dragon (39)
    Wyvern (34)
    ZapZard (35)

    Level 76-95
    Chiken (60)
    Flying Cranial Carp (55)
    Frost Trooper (56)
    Griffin Queen (54)
    Ice Dragon (71)
    Sea Squirt (50)
    Selkie (42)
    St. Elmo's Fire (50)
    Steppe Mastodon (63)
    Thunder Cat (40)
    Wasp Zards (51)

    Level 96+
    Dirty Snowman (85)
    Energy Mantik (60)
    Frost Wraith (80)
    Herdmaster (55)
    No-Eyes (72)
    Red Herring (60)
    Sea Titan (64)
    St. Elmo's Fire (70)
    Sylphiend (75)
    Wind Dragon (71)
    Wind Spirit (65)
    Yeti (73)

    All Monster Lists credits to In Media Res.

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