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Miss Fixit - Missing: Teenage Dragon!

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4/22/2010 23:42:08   
Times Silent Keeper

Missing: Teenage Dragon!

Location: Battleon » Click on Miss Fixit » Talvan?

Note: Text that are grayed out represent dialogue that is not available now.

Aelthai: «You», hi there! I'm Aelthai - also known as Miss Fixit, among many other names.
Aelthai: I bet you're wondering why I'm here! I'm one of the Knights of Order (or KoO if you prefer). We are responsible for making sure Lore retains the balance intended by Lorithia.
Aelthai: I'm also the AdventureQuest Bugs Head Moderator - and so I was elected spokesKnight for this.
Aelthai: I'm here today to announce the recent changes, updates, and improvements - fixes, even - we have made.
  • What did you fix this time?
  • So... what's gone wrong now?
  • Back to Town!

    What did you fix this time?
    Aelthai: Rewriting reality takes a lot of time, but we have made good progress! I even took a trip out to the LSS Alteon to give them a hand. This batch of fixes includes:
    Aelthai: All Melee and Ranged weapons are now 33% stronger! This means mages do very high spell damage and lower magic weapon damage, while warriors deal higher weapon damage.
    Aelthai: The Lycan Slasher and Dualight weapons have had their specials adjusted to remove the percentile effects, so they have the same power as a normal special.
    Aelthai: The Gunblades can now only be toggled if they are equipped, not while in the shop. The summoned Paladin guests have had their costs against non-undead reduced.
    Aelthai: The mummydas and poxcorpse pets can now sense when they are fighting other undead that would be immune to the statuses they inflict.
    Aelthai: The Snide Transformation potions-- erm, formulae-- properly remove the stat boosts when unequipped.
    Aelthai: Finally, Th'rix Na'thaar, the leader of the Nefadons assaulting the WarpForce, is properly encounterable and the Zero-Point Energy generators used by the WarpForce will deal Light damage.

    «Clicking on various things laying around the screen leads you to previous Miss Fixit quests as shown below.»

  • Blue Moglin - Slay Bells!
  • Scroll beside Moglin - Quest for the Viridian
  • Sword emitting purplish aura (Zale) - Quest for the Zale!
  • Aelthai's staff (held on her hand) - Miss Fixit Returns!
  • Mini Creptus - Quest for the Creptus!
  • Helmet beside the potion bag - The Nefadon Scout
  • Dragonfly hovering around - Missing: Teenage Dragon!
    So... what's gone wrong now?

    Miss Fixit: I have an unusual situation on my hands and would really appreciate your help. We have a teenage dragon on the loose.
    Miss Fixit: Now, I realize this news doesn't sound all that unusual, since we seem to have our share of dragons running about Lore.
    Miss Fixit: It's just... this particular dragon isn't exactly from around here, and she seems to have run off without her human companion.
    Miss Fixit: To make matters worse, she has resumed what she and her human companion do where they come from... seeking out "mythical" creatures.
    Miss Fixit: I am afraid that this young dragon will come into contact with some very bad creatures and get herself hurt.
    Miss Fixit: I need you to meet up with her human, Chrysa, and search for the creature before she does something rash.
    Miss Fixit: They are here to visit Eukara Vox, as Chrysa and she are very good friends. I would like to make sure that Ms. Vox and the duo meet under favorable circumstances.

    Miss Fixit: There will be a lot of mythical monsters on your way, so prepare yourself well!
  • A myth-crazed dragonteen? Fun!
  • No teenage dragons! Just... no! - Return to Quest Log«Chrysa enters the scene.»

    Chrysa: Thank goodness! I will have to stop by and thank Aelthai profusely for sending you my direction.
    Chrysa: By the way, do sphinxes and griffins just roam around this place randomly?
    «You»: Those and most other creatures.
    Chrysa: Seriously? And to think, I have to go seek them out at home.
    «You»: You... seek them? But... why?
    «You»: ...You know what? Never mind. That question never brings anything but trouble. So, um... what do you need from me? Aelthai made it seem like this was a major ordeal.
    Chrysa: Well, that all depends. My dragon is very dear to me. But... I worry more for Lore than I do for her.
    «You»: What?
    Chrysa: *Groan* Trust me, you will soon learn what I mean by that. I love her, but sometimes...
    «You»: So, I am here to protect Lore from your... teenage dragon. *Sigh* We should be going.
  • Search on!

    You continue your journey with Chrysa by your side. It isn't long before the two of you encounter more mythical monstrosities!
  • Battle On!«Scene: Meeting with the MogBusters»

    Chrysa: Woah! We just battled a Wyvern and a Phoenix. I mean, how unreal was that?!
    «You»: Not very, considering I do this on a daily basis.
    Adamog: I told you!
    Jamog: That's usually my line... Who are you?
    «You»: You don't remember me? I helped you fish out Charlie some time ago when you were testing the dragonwing gliding myth.
    Adamog: The dragonwi-- Oh! The story about the dragonslayer that made it safely to the--
    Jamog: I don't think we need to retell the story. It's already been heard, Adamog.
    Chrysa: But... I haven't heard it. I love myths!
    Adamog: Oh, well then! See, a long time ago, there was this dragonslayer who fought a dragon to the death high up in the sky--
    «You»: We really don't have time for this. We're looking for a juvenile dragon. Blue-ish purple hide, white spots...
    Chrysa: And wings like a dragonfly. She is a one of a kind.
    «You»: Um, yes, for many reasons it seems. Have either of you seen a dragolescent like that?
    Adamog: Why yes! She came through here not long ago. Delightful little dragon. We had the most wonderful conversation.
    Jamog: Speak for yourself. She was loud and seemed to enjoy hearing herself speak. She kept going on and on about how important she was where she comes from.
    Jamog: Some kind of hunter. Then she compared herself to us. As if.
    Adamog: Well, she said that she helps prove or disprove the existence of creatures people where she comes from consider "mythological."
    Chrysa: Yes *sigh* that is Talvan. Did she mention where she was headed?
    Adamog: Well, after we confirmed for her that all the creatures on her list roam freely through our lands, she got really excited and took off.
    Jamog: Actually, she went west. Adamog said something about how lovely the singing of the banshee was and she got all excited.
    Jamog: So excited, mind you, that she bungled up our next mogbuster project. That took months of research to prepare!
    Jamog: Now Lore may never know how the Unlucky Blades are really made. I am sure the crashing attracted something that will come and mess stuff up.
    Jamog: All those jar of substance, strewn about the ground...

    «Scene: Farm»

    «Some undead vegetables are running across the farm...»

    Chrysa: Hmmm, I don't like this place. Is that... Are those vegetables? ...Undead vegetables?
    «You»: Of course they are. Well, I think the tomato might TECHNICALLY be a fruit. But more importantly, why are they running away from us instead of attacking?
    Chrysa: Oh dear... I think I see what they're running from!
  • !!!«You»: Where did those come from?
    ???: I'll tell you where they came from!
    Chrysa: Who are you?

    «Seahawk enters the scene.»

    Seahawk: I am Seahawk, ebil necromancer. I am going to assume that you are the owner of the dragon that just... ripped through here?
    Chrysa: In a manner of speaking. What did she do?
    Seahawk: "What DIDN'T she do?" is a better question. First off, she comes barreling through, with no concern for anyone else. Then... THEN she stirred THEM up!
    «You»: Them? Them who?
    Seahawk: Yes, them. The banshees! She chased them as if they were puppies on a play date! One does not CHASE banshees! And as she was doing this, somehow--
    Seahawk: -- Hellhounds were attracted to the whole fiasco and they joined in the chase. So here I have a dragon and hellhounds and banshees chasing each other in my fields!
    Chrysa: I am so sorr--
    Seahawk: Oh no, just wait, there's more. Then she rounds a corner, the banshees and hellhounds chasing her. Of all the things she does... she trips! TRIPS!
    Seahawk: Which launches her into a full barrel roll aimed at my wagon of freshly harvested vegetables. The ensuing explosion... all those vegetables... all my hard work...
    «You»: Well, that explains why we were attacked by a banshee and hellhound before finding you.
    Seahawk: Those aren't the only things that will be attacking you. I was in the middle of an experiment, and with my garden ruined, I have to start from square one!
    Seahawk: I was trying to determine if feeding the remains of undead vegetables to the ANIMATED undead vegetables would have any unpleasant side effects.
    Seahawk: Oh, how I hoped it did. I would have been the first to discover the mythical mad corn disease.
    Seahawk: But now, I'll need some fresh organic matter to restart a new compost heap, what with my old one being set on fire... you should do nicely.
    Chrysa (in unison): Oh, you're searching for mythical things, too? I'm--
    «You» (in unison): --just leaving. That's our cue to exit. Seahawk, it's been a pleasure... again. Do take care of those veggies.
  • Search on!

    «Scene: Meeting with Lady Tomo»

    Lady Tomo: Where are all of them coming from? Lines of creatures, none of them here as a result of a battle. But these injuries...
    «You»: I'm surprised to see you so far from the Isle. What's going on here?
    Lady Tomo: I am not sure. Talk of strangely injured creatures reached my ears and I felt compelled to seek them out to heal their wounds.
    Lady Tomo: Yet, these injuries could not have resulted from battle. Their origin is unknown to me.

    «The cat beside Lady Tomo gets snatched away in a blink of an eye.»

    Chrysa: ...Talvan.
    Lady Tomo: Talvan? Who is that?
    Chrysa: Talvan is my young dragon. All these creatures... she must have come into contact with them. She went searching for what is considered mythical where I am from.
    Chrysa: And, I think she may have been a bit over... excited.
    Lady Tomo: Surely... one small dragon cannot cause such destruction, injury and chaos.
    Chrysa: *sigh*

    «YOWWL! appears from the side of the screen.»

    Lady Tomo: Gur'aal!

    «A short cutscene shows Talvan chasing Lady Tomo's cat, Gur'aal. RROAR! then appears on the side of the screen...»

    Chrysa: Oh, Talvan...
  • Fight!Chrysa: Talvan, seriously, what were you thinking?
    Talvan (thought bubble): They are everywhere! All the creatures we seek out at home... everywhere. I just thought...
    Chrysa: No... we don't waltz onto this world and create havoc. Do you realize the amount of chaos you have caused?
    Talvan (thought bubble): I am sorry. The cat smells like chocolate...
    Lady Tomo: Oh here... let me heal her of her injuries. Next time you chase a cat, Talvan, remember--
    Lady Tomo: --they have better reflexes than you and that trees are not something dragons should try climbing. And... work on your turns before you take out a building.
    Talvan (thought bubble): Chrysa... Chrysa! I see a selkie!!

    «Chrysa slaps her hand on her face.»

  • Summon Talvan I [L. 20]
  • Summon Talvan II [L. 45]
  • Summon Talvan III-Z [L. 55 Z]
  • Summon Talvan III [L. 70]
  • Summon Talvan Guardian IV [L. 95 G]
  • Summon Talvan V [L. 120]

    Miss Fixit: I'm sure that Talvan really appreciates the chance to look for "mythological" creatures here! It's probably a pretty good thing summoning spells are only temporary, though...
  • Replay Quest
  • Back - Return to Quest Log

    Monster lists by In Media Res. Additional thanks to Nova Gryphon and In Media Res. Guardian tag thanks to battlesiege15 and In Media Res.

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