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Miss Fixit - Go Fly a Kite!

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5/21/2010 3:27:14   
Times Silent Keeper

Go Fly a Kite!

Location: Battleon » Click on Miss Fixit » Kites!

Note: Text that are grayed out represent dialogue that is not available now.

Aelthai: «You», hi there! I'm Aelthai - also known as Miss Fixit, among many other names.
Aelthai: I bet you're wondering why I'm here! I'm one of the Knights of Order (or KoO if you prefer). We are responsible for making sure Lore retains the balance intended by Lorithia.
Aelthai: I'm also the AdventureQuest Bugs Head Moderator - and so I was elected spokesKnight for this.
Aelthai: I'm here today to announce the recent changes, updates, and improvements - fixes, even - we have made.
  • What did you fix this time?
  • What's that flying thing?
  • Back to Town!

    What did you fix this time?
    Aelthai: Rewriting reality takes a lot of time, but we have made good progress! This batch of fixes includes:
    Aelthai: Some weapons are having their base and random damage or their accuracy adjusted, so you may notice a few changes from time to time!
    Aelthai: We've made available the mid-war scenes of the wars in the Bizarre Flecks saga, and continued our repairs to the fabric of both this Lore and Regeirk's.
    Aelthai: Maurinelle's Melody, the Zardwart Wands, and Carnation Doll pets have been adjusted to properly use the item's power level for the save to resist their Control effect.
    Aelthai: The Willow Plate has been adjusted to react properly to healing spells -- that is, negative damage.
    Aelthai: The Zale Broadswords will no longer attempt to paralyze if the special attack deals no damage.
    Aelthai: Finally, Master Terror has been barred from the streets of Krovesport during Jypley's undead chimera exhibit, much to his dismay.

    «Clicking on various things laying around the screen leads you to previous Miss Fixit quests as shown below.»

  • Blue Moglin - Slay Bells!
  • Scroll beside Moglin - Quest for the Viridian
  • Sword emitting purplish aura (Zale) - Quest for the Zale!
  • Aelthai's staff (held on her hand) - Miss Fixit Returns!
  • Mini Creptus - Quest for the Creptus!
  • Helmet beside the potion bag - The Nefadon Scout
  • Dragonfly hovering around - Missing: Teenage Dragon!
  • Shapeshifting Flying Kite - Go Fly a Kite!
    What's that flying thing?

    Miss Fixit: That is a "kite." It flies based on the principle of lift. You see, the air above it and the air below it are...
    Miss Fixit: ...you know, talking about them isn't nearly as much fun as flying them. It's Lorian Kite Day! Everybody is out in the fields outside town, playing with their own kites!
    Miss Fixit: Would you like to go out and join them? We can even get you a kite of your own to fly!
  • Sounds like fun!
  • Sorry, I'm allergic to fresh air. - Return to Quest Log

    «Scene: Plains»

    Aelthai: Here we are! Like I said back in the town square, it's Lorian Kite Day, and all over Lore, people are spending the day making and flying the biggest, fastest, most... most...

    «In the background, a kite soars through the sky... carrying Warlic who is controlling the kite up and away!»

    Valencia: Ooooooooooooohhhh!
    Aelthai: ...most magical kites you can possibly imagine!
    «You»: I don't know about that. I've got a pretty good imagination.
    Artix: Haha-- Look over there!

    «The scene switches to a confrontation between Galanoth and a Fire Dragon... but both are holding a kite in the shape of their opponent! The scene then switches back to the plains.»

    Lyra: Ahhhhhhh!
    «You»: ...Okay, maybe I wouldn't have imagined that.
    Artix: Would you like to try my kite, «You»? Just be careful not to get it tangled up in any trees!
  • Sure!
  • Not now, maybe later! - Proceed to the dialogue below this side-part


      CONTROLS: Use mouse to move. Dodge the treetops without moving outside of the blue box area. Survive 60 seconds to win!
    • Fly a Kite!

    • «You begin the minigame. Should you fail the game through any method, below is what you will see.»

      Game Over

      «No. of seconds lasted»

    • Try Again!
    • Give up

      «If you give up at this point of time...»

      «You»: Thanks, Artix. I'll have to be more careful next time... I think it can be fixed with some glue. As a matter of fact, I think I saw a glue schtick around here somewhere...

      The dialogue continues below.
      «If you succeeded in the minigame...»



    • Continue

      «You»: Thanks Artix! That was fun!

      The dialogue continues below.
    Falerin: Would you like a kite of your own? Cysero has a kite booth right by those trees.
    «You»: Cysero?! Are you sure a kite made by Cysero is safe?
    Falerin: Absolutely. I was just going to go over and get one myself.
    «You»: You fly kites?
    Falerin: Kite flying is an ancient and well-respected art, friend. In fact, it is an activity that is rivaled only by Plagsnort for its popularity throughout the known worlds.
    «You»: Plagsnort?
    Falerin: Of course, not nearly as many heroes die flying kites as they do Plagsnorting.
    «You»: Well, naturally.
    Falerin: Ah! Here we are!

    «Scene: Cysero's Kite Booth»

    Cysero: Ah! Falerin and «You»! Here for a kite? I've got a great selection!
    Cysero: I've got kites that produce electricity, kites that explode, kites that travel across dimensions, kites that are jet-powered, sentient kites, trained attack kites--
    Falerin: *sigh* Do you have any that come attached to strings and fly up in the air when you run with them?
    Cysero: Hmm. Kites that just... fly? I... um... maybe. Let me check in the storeroom.

    «Cysero leaves the scene and looks for a kite.»

    Jamog: Did he say he has kites that produce electricity?
    Adamog: I think I'd need to see that in action before I'd believe it.
    Jamog: I think he was pointing at this one!

    «Jamog begins flying a kite laying on the table. Less than a few seconds later, a lightning bolt strikes the kite, which of course, strikes Jamog, causing him to get burned and his spectacles destroyed.»

    Adamog: Okay, guess that myth's true.
    Jamog: Maybe we should get Twig if we're going to do any more busting of myths...
    Adamog: Yes, and we'll probably want to stand further away from the very dangerous girl when we're testing high-voltage myths.

    «Shii smiles.»

    Shii:Shockingly astute. *giggles*

    «Jamog and Adamog slowly retreat from Shii, and then flee from the scene. Shii stops smiling, while Cysero returns from his search.»

    Cysero: Sorry to say, all of our "normal" kites are sold out. Either that, or I changed them all to, um, abnormal kites.
    Cysero: But, please, go ahead and pick any of the kites you see at my table! Who knows-- the kite might even choose YOU!
    «You»: Ooh-- like magic wands?
    Cysero: No, like kites! What kind of fantasy world are you living in?!?

    «You are given a choice of the many kites on table to choose from! After you pick the kite of your choice, regardless of which kite you chose, you meet with Lyra, Falerin and Cysero on the plains, flying the kite on your hand.»

    «You»: And it just flies?
    Cysero: Yep.
    «You»: It won't blow up in my face, or try to eat my brain, or beam me to the other side of the world, or shoot ice rays, or...
    Cysero: It just flies.
    «You»: Well, okay...
    Cysero: Here, let me start the engine for you.
    «You»: Engine?
    Lyra (in unison): Uh-oh.
    Falerin (in unison): Uh-oh.
    Cysero: 3........... 2............ 1.............

    «In an instant, you jet up right into the sky, but slow down all of a sudden and stop. You're high enough to see a bird flying around you...»

    «You»: *gulp*

    «Of course, what goes up must come down. Just that you drop much faster after the engine stopped, but you land on a cloud.»

    «You»: Whew! That was a close one!

    «Back down on the plains...»

    Jamog: I didn't know kites could break the sound barrier!
    Cysero: Did I forget to mention the nuclear-powered quanta-gizmo extrapolator I slapped on that baby?
    Falerin: Gizmo is the technical name for it, no doubt. Why do I suddenly picture small furry moglinlike creatures suffering from indigestion after midnight?
    Cysero: Because you are a strange duck. And of COURSE it's the technical term. The common name would be a Super Whatsit.
    Lyra: I hope «You» is okay, wherever that kite may have gone...

    «Up in the clouds, Humidious meets you!»

    Humidious: My! What are YOU doing up here?
    «You»: I bought a kite from Cysero. Where am I? What do you mean, "up here?"
    Humidious: You've landed on Cumulus Humilis, where all wind monsters go to rest. We have a great spa package.
    Humidious: We're near the Isle d'Oriens right now - you can see it if you just look down.
    «You»: Can you give me a lift down to Vince's workshop? If I can get there, I'm sure he'll send me home.
    Humidious: Oh, getting home isn't your problem.
    «You»: Huh? Then what is?
    Humidious: Getting past all the wind monsters who saw you land!

    «Humidious floats away.»

    «You»: Eep!
  • Fight!
      3 BATTLES
      Full Heal after battles #2 and #3
    «Humidious returns to the scene.»

    Humidious: You handled yourself pretty well there, «You»! Vince's workshop is right over that hill.
    Humidious: You shouldn't have any problem getting home now!
    «You»: Thanks for warning me, Humidious. You've been really helpful. I'm sure that if you weren't a wind elemental yourself that you would have helped me fight them.
    Humidious: Well, ahem, no problem, friend. See you around!

    «Humidious floats away.»

    «You»: Hey... wait a.... Aren't clouds made of water?

    «You return back to earth, on the plains. In the background, Shii is flying around, pulled by the kite. Wallo sees this and... shoots her down with his gun! Wallo flees the scene and Shii retaliates with her dagger.»

    Jamog: Well, look who's back! Another myth proved!
    Adamog: What myth is that?
    Jamog: What goes up, must come down!
    «You»: Cysero! You nearly got me killed!
    Cysero: I really want to thank you for helping me prove that my nuclear-powered quanta-gizmo extrapolator works! Let me make it up to you! I've got another kite here that I know you'll love!
    «You»: *groan*

    «Scene: Battleon Town Square»

    Miss Fixit: Cysero felt really bad about that, so he told me to give you these from his workshop. You're welcome to try them out!
    Go Fly a Kite!

  • Kite Z [L. 9 Z]
  • Guardian Kite [L. 27 G]
  • Astounding Kite [L. 54]
  • Astonishing Kite [L. 84]
  • Surprising Kite [L. 114]
  • Guardian Shocking Kite [L. 131 G]

    Miss Fixit: Good luck with your new kite, and remember not to hold onto that string!
  • Replay Quest
  • Back - Return to Quest Log
    Monster List
    Levels 1-24
    Griffin Scout (14)
    Mantik (6)
    Baby Wind Dragon (6)

    Levels 25-44
    Seedy Sparrow (25)
    Griffin (34)
    Hirroo (30)

    Levels 45-64
    Velocigobbler (45)
    Wind Spirit (40)
    Miscreant Mocker (45)

    Levels 65-84
    Velocigobbler (65)
    Great Wyvern (61)
    Wind Spirit (65)

    Levels 85+
    Pernicious Pheasant (85)
    Ancient Wyvern (81)
    Pink BrainProdder (85)

    Guardian tag thanks to battlesiege15 and In Media Res.

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