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Miss Fixit - The Robocockatrice!

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1/14/2011 16:22:11   

The Robocockatrice!

Location: Battleon » Click on Miss Fixit » Who's Kamui?

Note: Text that are grayed out represent dialogue that is no longer available.

Aelthai: «You», hi there! I'm Aelthai - also known as Miss Fixit, among many other names.
Aelthai: I bet you're wondering why I'm here! I'm one of the Knights of Order (or KoO if you prefer). We are responsible for making sure Lore retains the balance intended by Lorithia.
Aelthai: I'm also the AdventureQuest Bugs Head Moderator - and so I was elected spokesKnight for this.
Aelthai: I'm here today to announce the recent changes, updates, and improvements - fixes, even - we have made.
  • What did you fix this time?
  • What's this ruckus in Greenguard?
  • Back to Town!

    What did you fix this time?
    Aelthai: Rewriting reality takes a lot of time, but we have made good progress! This batch of fixes includes:
    Aelthai: Some weapons were fixed for freezing you or doing improper damage (usually zero): Zulian Blowgun, Book of Death, Drakel Tube, Gumblade, Platinum Edge, TromBone, and Volcano Mace.
    Aelthai: the Terror armor's Fear attack properly checks your own stats when the monster attempts to save against the status. The WarpForce's DarkSeeker armors have had some damage bugs fixed.
    Aelthai: If you go to Wallo and Shii's from the Counter-Assassin quest, you'll no longer be stuck in Krovesport. The Carnax monsters disturbing Zorbak's wedding have been... dealt with.
    Aelthai: A bug allowing the temporary Dragon Forms to be taken out of the war against the Doom Dragons has been fixed.
    Aelthai: A freezing rift has been removed from one branch of the mystery at Willow Creek. The temporary ElBhe guest consumes a proper amount of SP per turn based on his preferred foes.
    Aelthai: Finally, Fenris has had HP scaling removed, the Chimera Rider monster has had his SP costs adjusted, and bugs in the Forest Demon's shield were fixed.

    «Clicking on various things laying around the screen leads you to previous Miss Fixit quests as shown below.»

  • Blue Moglin - Slay Bells!
  • Scroll beside Moglin - Quest for the Viridian
  • Sword emitting purplish aura (Zale) - Quest for the Zale!
  • Aelthai's staff (held on her hand) - Miss Fixit Returns!
  • Mini Creptus - Quest for the Creptus!
  • Helmet beside the potion bag - The Nefadon Scout
  • Dragonfly hovering around - Missing: Teenage Dragon!
  • Shapeshifting Flying Kite - Go Fly a Kite!
  • Mini Centaurion - Return of the Centaurions!
  • Mini Lightning Storm - Thoru the Weather Master!
  • Mini Krunder and Antlertops - Krunder and the Antlertops!
  • Mini Robocockatrice head -
    What's this ruckus in Greenguard?

    Miss Fixit: I'd like to introduce you to a friend and colleague who could really use some help from someone with your adventuring expertise...

    «Kamui enters the scene.»

    Kamui: Hello! I'm Kamui, another member of the Knights of Order. Glad to make your acquaintance.
    Kamui: Besides my Knightly work, I'm a researcher and inventor. I spend 40 or more hours every day creating theories, building new things, and experimenting.
    Miss Fixit: There are only about 24 hours in a day, Kamui.
    Kamui: Oh, right-- I suppose I need to sleep more often.
    Kamui: Anyway-- One of my recent project, uh, ESCAPED when I took it for a little jaunt in Greenguard Forest to see how it would interact with living things.
    Miss Fixit: Oh my... You forgot to mention that part. Um, which project was this about?
    Kamui: The... er, the robocockatrice. You see, «You», I created a robotic entity that actually contains the magical properties of the extremely rare cockatrice.
    Kamui: Unfortunately, I... mmm... MISREMEMBERED to set up the invisible restraining boundary prior to allowing the Robocockatrice to roam free.
    Miss Fixit: Yes, you probably DO need to get more sleep.
    Kamui: I need someone reliable to hunt down and capture my project while I return to my laboratory and retrieve the restraining boundary.
    Kamui: I need you to get the Robocockatrice back. You see, it doesn't have any natural predators in Greenguard. I guess I could INVENT one and introdu--
    Miss Fixit: -- I don't really think that's a good idea.
    Kamui: ... You're probably right. With one specimen it's probably easier to capture it. Anyway, if you can bring it back, great, but... well, I haven't finished the food chain module.
    Kamui: And in the language I'm using, the default is "top." Weird, I know. But I don't make the compilers, I just use them. And I guess it's better than defaulting to bottom.
    Kamui: So anyway, he's probably going to be... aggressive.
    Kamui: If you can't bring him back in one piece, can you at least bring me back the pieces? I can turn them into a weapon for you.

    Kamui: Can you retrieve my Robocockatrice?
  • I'll find that big robo-bird!
  • Maybe some other time... - Return to Quest Log

    (simultaneously) Kamui: Great! Now, before you go, I've got this contract here. Don't mind the fine print, it's all pretty standa--
    (simultaneously) Miss Fixit: -- I think it might be a healthier choice if you just... head on out to Greenguard.
    Kamui: But... But I need a new tester.
    Miss Fixit: After what happened to that last batch, with the goldfish and nachos? The ones that survived still haven't recovered their sanity. WHERE was that portal to, again?
    Kamui: But it was for SCIENCE!
    «You»: Goldfish? Nachos? Insanity? SCIENCE? I'm going to go somewhere safe. Like Greenguard, where there's a giant out-of-control robot with the powers of some strange beast.
  • Quickly!
      8 BATTLES
      1 random Light monster
      1 random Wind monster
      2 random Earth monsters
      1 random Light monster
      1 random Earth monster
      1 random Wind monster
      1 random Earth monster

      Full Heal after battles #2, #4, #6 and #8
    «Scene: Greenguard Forest clearing. The Robocockatrice enters.»

    «You»: Whoa there, big fella--
    «You»: I don't suppose you giant robot chickens like corn just as much as your smaller feathery counterparts?

    «You toss an ear of corn at the Robocockactrice. Nothing happens.»

    «You»: So that's a no then?
    Robocockatrice: BAKAWWWKKK!!!
  • Fight!

  • Robocockatrice Blade [L. 5]
  • Robocockatrice Blade [L. 35]
  • Robocockatrice Blade Z [L. 48 Z]
  • Robocockatrice Blade [L. 65]
  • Robocockatrice Blade [L. 95]
  • Robocockatrice Blade [L. 125]

  • Experimental Robocockatrice [L. 1 Z]
  • Robocockatrice [L. 1 Z]
  • Experimental Robocockatrice [L. 30 Z]
  • Robocockatrice [L. 30 Z]
  • Guardian Experimental Robocockatrice [L. 50 G]
  • Guardian Robocockatrice [L. 50 G]
  • Experimental Robocockatrice [L. 60 Z]
  • Robocockatrice [L. 60 Z]
  • Experimental Robocockatrice [L. 90 Z]
  • Robocockatrice [L. 90 Z]
  • Experimental Robocockatrice [L. 120 Z]
  • Robocockatrice [L. 120 Z]

    Miss Fixit: Nice work! Kamui really made you a nice weapon as his thank-you for getting his invention back. Use it wisely!
  • Replay Quest
  • Back - Return to Quest Log

    Entry thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf. Monster list from In Media Res. Guardian tag thanks to battlesiege15 and In Media Res.

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