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Peachii -> Entropic Earth Boss (5/5/2011 8:29:57)

Entropic Earth Boss

Location: Hidden Blades -> Boss Fight!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Hidden Blades
Release Date: May 5th, 2011

Objective: A huge Entropic Elemental is after Valencia and the Blades of Aww!
Objective completed: A huge Entropic Elemental is after Valencia and the Blades of Aww!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Entropic Earth Boss - Boss

Entropic Elemental
Guardian Eckheart
Guardian Fortuna
Guardian Ria

Minor Axe-Blade of Aww
Major Axe-Blade of Aww
Legendary Axe-Blade of Aww

Minor Staff of Aww
Major Staff of Aww
Legendary Staff of Aww

Minor Dagger of Aww
Major Dagger of Aww
Legendary Dagger of Aww

Valencia: <Character>! Help!

Valencia runs to your character

Valencia: It's after the Blade!
<Character>: The Blade? But...
Valencia: Yes! The Blades of Aww!
<Character>: ...
Entropic Elemental: Bllaaaaaaaadeeeeee.....
Valencia: Defeat it, <Character>!

<Character>: So... is it over?
Valencia: Is it ever over?
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Good point.

Guardian Fortuna: Guardian.. are you alright?
Guardian Ria: I-- I think so.. We.. we didn't have time to react.
Guardian Eckheart: She'll live.. you got lucky this time.
Guardian Fortuna: Is it over, <Character>?
<Character>: Gorgok... the Entropy Dragon... is gone, though you may have to deal with some of these entropic earth elementals.
<Character>: I'm not sure what Gorgok's minions will do...
Guardian Fortuna: There have been reports of infighting amongst them, even though many still continue to attack Willowshire.
Guardian Fortuna: We have had an easier time repelling the attacks though. The southern squares in town have been retaken.
Guardian Fortuna: What about the Secret of the Thorn? Can we finally return the Earth Orb to the Willowshire Tower?
<Character>: No... Trey... We... We didn't get the Orb back from him.

Valencia shed tears

<Character>: Sepulchure now has the Earth Orb.
Guardian Fortuna: Then Willowshire will persevere without it.
Guardian Fortuna: I didn't lose the town to the dragon. We won't lose it to it's scattered minions either.
Valencia: I'm so sorry....
Guardian Fortuna: The Guardians of the Thorn will continue to protect Willowshire.
Guardian Fortuna: Now, you have to stop Sepulchure. With the Earth Orb in his arsenal, he's more dangerous than ever.
Guardian Fortuna: Go.

  • Complete Quest

  • Complete this quest to unlock Breaking Awe badge.
  • Complete this quest to unlock EnTropic! badge.

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    -- Voodoo Master for banner.
    -- Grandpa Oz for correction.
    -- Slayer Zach for correction.

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