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Sir Valance

Location: Oaklore Keep, Fires Over Oaklore

Quests given
The Root of All Sneevil
Sneevil Box Fort
Sneevil-Jitsu Dojo
The Keep Invasion
Sneevil Boxopolis

Shops owned
Ironwood Box

Sir Valance: We must be ever vigilant! Sneevils, the vile box obsessed creatures have been stealing every box in the area!

  • The Forest
    Sir Valance: Sneevils are box crazed goblins which can be found in nearly every forest. Searching their forest might yield a new weapon.

  • Treefort
    Sir Valance: Sneevil tree forts are nearly impenetrable! It is said that they sometimes empty their boxes there. It would be worthwhile to investigate!

  • Ninja Dojo
    Sir Valance: The Sneevil Ninja Shogun has many spies in the forest. Head to their Dojo where he trains his army and see what we can find out!

  • Defend the Keep!
    Sir Valance: While you were gone they started raiding the keep! They must be after the special Ironwood Boxes that were delivered this morning!

  • The Boxopolis
    Sir Valance: King Splurt has gone too far this time! Travel to infamous Boxopolis and confront the leader of these evil creatures. Recover the stolen box!

  • Reward Chest
    Sir Valance: At last! This box contains a shipment of enchanted rings given to us by Good King Alteon. It cost him a fortune but worth every coin to defend this keep.
    Sir Valance: It cost him a fortune but it will be worth every gold coin. These rings are just what we knights need to better defend Oaklore Keep.
    Sir Valance: Here, you've earned one. As far as i'm concerned, you're an Honorary Knight of the Pactogonal Table, <Class>. Thank you.

  • Sir Vey's Camp!
    Sir Valance: Sir Vey is one of the kingdom's best naturalists! He studies all the plants and wildlife in Oaklore forest.
    Sir Valance: Thanks to you, we have the sneevil problem under control. Would you go help him at his camp?

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