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Koree -> Illuminated Solaris Blade (5/28/2011 6:58:01)

Illuminated Solaris Blade

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    Level: 10
    Power Level: 10, Mastercraft for Guardians
    Price: 350 36
    Sellback: 175 18
    Location: Solaris!

    Type: Magic
    Element: Light
    Damage: 4-9
    BTH: 1

    Hits: 2
    Type: Magic
    Element: Light
    Damage: 126% Base and Random each
    Stats: No normal stats; 83% Lucky Strike damage each
    BTH: +5
    Rate: 20%

    If you are a Guardian, the above special deals *7/6 damage* (147% Base, Random, and 96.8% Lucky Strike damage per hit instead).

    *The blade channels the sun's power!

    This powerful blade powers up even more for Guardians!


    Image thanks to BlackAces. Name and description thanks to bszoke88. Numbers thanks to In Media Res.

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