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6/12/2011 14:10:24   
Legendary AK!!!


Location: Battleon » Warlic's Shop » Mastercraft Sets » Solaris Set!

«Scene: Outer space. The sun rises above Lore and strikes it with Light. Scene changes to the various stricken places, where there are large smoking holes. New Scene: Battleon»

Warlic: «You»! Just the brave soul I've been looking for!
«You»: Greetings, Warlic! Nothing warms my heart like the greatest archmage in the land singing my praises.
Warlic: I wasn't singing. I don't think you'd want to hear me sing, anyway.
«You»: I'm sure you are a very good singer. If you aren't, then I'm sure you could make everyone THINK you are a very good singer.
Warlic: Good point! Anyway, I was wondering if you have noticed any large smoking holes lately?
«You»: ...................
Warlic: In the ground? Anywhere?
«You»: No, no holes.

«Scene zooms in on Warlic.»

Warlic: Well, uh, there are a number of them. Huge bolts of solar energy created them recently. It was unlike anything I've ever seen before.
Warlic: Because our sun is capable of destroying Lore in an instant if something is terribly wrong with it, I need to continue to study it. Meanwhile, I need YOU to see where these holes lead--
Warlic: -- and try to find out if the cause of the sun's "tantrum" lies here on Lore.

«Scene zooms out.»

«You»: Don't worry, I'm on this problem. You just... uh... make sure the sun doesn't explode.
Warlic: I'll... do my best.
«You»: No pressure.
Warlic: You'd better go find one of those holes. I believe the nearest is 10 miles west.
«You»: Teleport me?
Warlic: No time... Have to make sure the sun doesn't explode.

«Warlic disappears.»

«You»: Thanks.

    3 BATTLES: random Earth, then Wind, then Earth monsters.
    Full Heal after each battle

«You»: There we are-- Not as big of a hole as I expected for the result of a cosmically-powered blast.
«You»: Well, time to take the plunge!
  • Jump down!

      1 BATTLE: random Darkness monster
      Full Heal

    «You»: Hmm... So that sunbolt must have carved this tunnel down into the ground!

    «Scene after clicking the right arrow: Underground, spiders surrounding a large yellow crystal cropping.»

    «You»: SPIDERS!!!

    «The spiders scatter.»

    «You»: What on Lore is THAT? Or, more appropriately, what UNDER Lore is that??
    «You»: I'm not going to be able to move that whole chunk... Maybe I CAN take a little piece back to Warlic.

    «Scene zooms in on the crystal and a small piece flies into your backpack.»

    «You»: Now to get out of here and see what Warlic thinks of this.
  • Leave

    «Scene: Different part of the tunnel with spiderwebs.»

    «You»: Why did I have to get lost NOW of all times??

    «A giant spider enters.»

    «You»: !!!!!
    Arakkna: Ooooooo... Hhhhhuman... You sssscared my ssssspawn.
    «You»: So. A talking spider.
    Arakkna: Not sssspider. Arrakkin!
    «You»: I'm only passing through on a little quest. So if you just step out of my way, I'll get out of here and--
    Arakkna: You took ssssomething. Ssssomething from my lair.
    Arakkna: No one can leave with ssssomething that belongssss to me.
    «You»: I only took a tiny, little piece of something, really. And for a good reason. I'm out to save the world!
    Arakkna: Ssssave YOUR world. MY world lasssstssss forever in the darknesssss...
    Arakkna: Now, you will feed my sssspawn... HISSSSSS!!!!
  • Fight!

    «You»: *shiver* I'll gladly go the rest of my life without seeing another spider. Now to get back to town!!
  • Go!

    «Scene: Battleon»

    «You»: Warlic! You look like you were expecting me.
    Warlic: I've got a crystal ball, haven't I?
    «You»: I found something at the bottom of one of those hole burned by the sun. Check it out!

    «Crystal flies to Warlic.»

    Warlic: Ahhhhh. Interesting. This is suncrystal.
    «You»: Really? Someone thought really hard to come up with THAT name for it.
    Warlic: Sorry. Its real name is crystalus solis.
    «You»: Much better.
    Warlic: It is a pure elemental realization of Light. You'll find that the Lucian castle on Paxia is formed of this material as well.
    Warlic: However, that is an ancient construct. Only NEW crystalus solis contains a large amount of pure mineralized light.
    Warlic: This explains a lot. Suncrystal can only be created by directed magic, which means--
    «You»: -- someone MADE it. But why? I imagine it's valuable, right?

    «Scene zooms in on Warlic.»

    Warlic: Very. But if this someone wanted a LOT of it, it would have made more sense to turn the sun's power on a mountain, as was done to form the Lucian fortress.
    Warlic: No, this individual was doing something else. And I fear I may know-- Calling down the power of the sun in such a manner likely means someone has liberated the Solaris items of power.

    «Scene zooms out.»

    «You»: Liberated? Solaris? I've never heard of these items...
    Warlic: An armor, weapon, shield, and helm that were forged by Keian Phosphos, blacksmith and Communicant to the Light Lord who lived 430 years ago.
    Warlic: The Solaris items were made in the Light Lord's honor, and were made to pull power directly from the sun. Legend tells that they were sealed within the Light Temple--
    Warlic: -- on the eastern slope of Urontu Mountain. THAT is where you must go. Find whoever is behind this, and determine if they mean to use the Solaris set for good or ill.
    Warlic: Beyond the INTENT, however, is a disturbing side effect. The set was sealed away because its power caused a noticeable increase in perturbations in the sun's rotation.
    Warlic: There is a good chance that unless I can recalibrate the armor's magicks, it could cause the sun to either explode or extinguish.
    «You»: So... We die or we die. I don't like those odds. I'll handle this, Warlic.
  • To Urontu!

      4 BATTLES: random Earth, then Wind, then Wind, the Light monsters
      Full Heal after each battle

    «Scene: Temple of Light. Solaris Set-wearing individual enters.»

    «You»: You! You're wearing the Solaris set, aren't you?
    ???: I am. You say that as if it were unlawful. But this is my birthright, friend. I am Rigel Arcturus, last remaining descendant of Phosphos the Communicant.
    Rigel: I may have broken the seal on this temple, but I did it only to claim what is rightfully mine.
    «You»: There's a little problem with that, Rigel. The Solaris armor is going to destroy the sun unless it's sealed up in this temple or I get it to the Archmage Warlic so he can fix it--
    Rigel: Ha! You can't fool me. The great Phosphos would never create a gift for the Lord of Light that was-- defective!
    «You»: Phosphos sealed the Solaris set up in the temple in the first place! Why would he do that unless he knew--
    Rigel: You dare drag my ancestor's good name through the mud? I know why you're here. You want the Solaris items for yourself! Well, you can't have them!
    «You»: Please, use some common sense here--
    Rigel: Taste my steel!
    «You»: ..............I don't plan on that, but if you want to fight, so be it!
  • Fight!

    «You»: Birthright or not, those are too dangerous. So, are you going to hand over those items so I can have Warlic make the appropriate adjustments?
    «You»: ((thought)) ... and while he's figuring out how Keian Phosphos made this one, maybe he can make me a copy...
    Rigel: Ugh... yes, yes I will. Though I must ask you to please turn around. All I'm wearing are some purple pajamas.

    Shop Weapons:
  • Illuminated Solaris Blade
  • Incandescent Solaris Blade
  • Luminous Solaris Blade
  • Brilliant Solaris Blade
  • Dazzling Solaris Blade
  • Radiant Solaris Blade
  • Blazing Solaris Blade

    Shop Armors:
  • Illuminated Solaris Plate
  • Incandescent Solaris Plate
  • Luminous Solaris Plate
  • Brilliant Solaris Plate
  • Dazzling Solaris Plate
  • Radiant Solaris Plate
  • Blazing Solaris Plate

    Shop Shields:
  • Illuminated Solaris Shield
  • Incandescent Solaris Shield
  • Luminous Solaris Shield
  • Brilliant Solaris Shield
  • Dazzling Solaris Shield
  • Radiant Solaris Shield
  • Blazing Solaris Shield

    Shop Misc:
  • Illuminated Solaris Helm
  • Incandescent Solaris Helm
  • Luminous Solaris Helm
  • Brilliant Solaris Helm
  • Dazzling Solaris Helm
  • Radiant Solaris Helm
  • Blazing Solaris Helm
  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower
  • Leave

    Quest entry thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf. Location update thanks to Archlist and RMC.

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