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Brilliant Solaris Helm

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    Level: 70
    Power Level: 70, Mastercrafted for Guardian characters
    Price: 20,000 1309
    Sellback: 10,000 654
    Location: Solaris!
    Element: Light

    MP Level: 70
    Activation cost: 0 turns, 40 SP
    Upkeep: 40 SP per turn
    • +7 Melee defense
    • -7% Light resistance

    GUARDIAN BONUS: The item is Mastercrafted for Guardian characters, and gains the following bonuses:

    • Blindness Resistance +10
    • If you become Blinded, you heal 3-21 damage at the end of your turn.

    The helm of the Solaris Set offers Melee and superior Light protection - and for Guardians it can protect against Blind... or heal you if you do become Blind!


    Numbers from In Media Res. Description and tier names from bszoke88. Image from BlackAces. Write-up by Jakau Ryuu.

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