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Spidercliff -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/20/2011 2:02:06)

No offense to whoever designed the Chronomech D: but if you could possibly get the artist who designed the Chronomancer armors in DF, AQ, and AQW to re-design the one here in MQ, that would keep me here for ages. Right now I've suddenly gone back to DF and stayed there because SoulWeaver and Chronomancer are such cool armors, and they look beautiful. Design has a lot to do with appeal. =3

seventy two -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/20/2011 2:42:31)

@spidercliff Personally I prefer the original design of the ChronoMech as opposed to copying the design the other games used. Plus in my opinion the way the Chronomancer was done in the other games, its design is a bit too magical for MQ.

@Dicer I saw your post, and chose to elaborate on my own opinion because of a couple differences in the two. I will admit I did not see your link, and have now read your suggestion. I do like the idea of ranks, though I think that if ranks were to persist between wars there should be some decay on the rank to encourage constant activity. For example if the top rank is 1000 total kills each war should reduce someone's rank by 50, and this can be regained by fighting waves in the war. Also a part of me would prefer to see variety as a reward for war effort, as opposed to increasing effect value of weapons.

@PD I agree with stealth that balance does not really change the minds of dedicated players. And while balance has it's place, the amount of effort it takes to develop an effective balance standard is more than MQ can currently afford to expend. As for your price system, it has it merits, but I think that by creating it the balance issues may become worse, and I can see the potential for a negative impact on future balance attempts should they happen.

I agree with the concept a few people have mentioned, of focusing more on the SHS and less on the side ventures. It is clear that we are angering the SHS based on story events, but there really has not been much to show of it.

Spidercliff -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/22/2011 0:08:19)

@72 I kinda get what you're getting at, with it being too magical for MQ, but mechas like RuneHawk, and Psychic Wing debunk that in a way. I just feel it looks too blocky and 2D. I feel it should have artwork similar to the weapons that get released with the Traveler. The person who designs those should design the artwork for the ChronoMech. Some of the specials look fine. It's really only the artwork of the actually body. The ink is one of my problems, but I suppose there's really no other way to draw ink. I like the Head attack, looks polished. Don't like the head. That's my problem.

1234567890k -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/22/2011 17:15:13)

A return of old rare mechas would be great, but maybe there is a reasons why they're called "rare". If the old SCMM mechas were to return, I'd like to have them available to NSCs as well, maybe with nerfed abilities.

Zanzibaarus -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/22/2011 17:24:35)

If they were to become NSC, there would be no point in returning them. SCMMs were created for SCs and to get NSCs to become SCs. If they were released to NSCs that would jepoardize the entire reason of making SCMMs.

Selutu -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/22/2011 19:05:56)

Perhaps if they were to return SCMM, they should start with the newer ones the first being Steve.

Zanzibaarus -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/22/2011 19:57:01)

As long as the balance them and they stay SC since they're supposed to be SC in the first place, I'm okay with it.

BumFoolingGuy -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/22/2011 20:01:45)

So, how about creating knock-offs of any part of SCMM. except ones that are agreed among the players and etc.. to not include?

1234567890k -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/22/2011 20:51:16)

True. The whole point of SCMMs is to make NSCs become SCs. As said earlier in the discussion, maybe there could be new wars and better war rewards. Also, raising the level cap, finally using some of the ideas in the Mecha Bases Suggestion Box, and creating new planets and events would be great. The only question- Don't people eventually run out of ideas?

Maybe, just like the way they knocked off some parts of the NG Ice Harvester Mecha, they can also take off certain SCMM parts, or at least the weaker ones. That would still balance the system of NSCs and SCs, and the Free Players can experience some SCMM weapons.

Please do not double post, use the edit feature instead. ~Gibby

master mix -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/22/2011 21:17:05)

Personally, I would like to see a LOT of storyline!

I know that it may not be possible with the understaffing, but nobody wants to play a game where you run around willy nilly!

forumlogin -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/23/2011 0:30:52)

The problem with new wars is, if there aren't enough players participating in the war, it just becomes another excuse to stop playing.
Maybe the never-ending war idea could work, but simply throwing in new wars won't.

mechquestlord -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/23/2011 1:01:43)

an eternal war? hmm...

maybe there could be some sort of infiniland that got infested with evil creatures such as giant zombies! or maybe skeletal archer armies! or even... GHAST AIR-RAID SQUADRONS!

(+10 lol if you know the game i am referencing!)

Plasma Charge -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/23/2011 9:04:20)

MQ wars just need more originality

kind of like DF's they need other ways to do waves and Valor rewards.

black knight 1234567 -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/23/2011 9:38:00)


Returning the old SCMMs can be a small start, sure they'll have to balance most (if not all) of them, but that takes less work than designing, coding and animating a completely new one.

The SCMM's are what I take pride in, seeing my precious Mohawk return is something i cant forgive. Not one wepapon of the SCMM's should return, specially not for NSC, I dont hate NSC's, but lets face it, what do we have other than monthly mechas? level 20 weapons? or a old Sumarai mecha?
Dracopyre's idea is brilliant tho.

master mix -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/23/2011 10:29:13)

@black knight

I agree.

They should just make more powerful NEW scmms

black knight 1234567 -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/23/2011 11:09:34)

Master mix@ Yeah, I mean, I kept some of the most underpowered SCMM's for they're rarity (Steve) not exactly the best idea too backstab SC's.

#13 -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/23/2011 13:30:28)

^ And we must keep in mind that Star Captains are not only the dedicated players. :)

All we need is "CHALLENGE!". Yeah, more challenging quests like other games, especially DF, has. I don't care about the "best" items,because it doesnt mean anything. If you get better items, price gets inflated as well as the enemy gets better.

It will still be fun to play MechQuest below level 5, if there are more challenging quests.

forumlogin -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/23/2011 13:57:35)

Funny to read stuff about moar high-level shtuff after pushing for more low-level shtuff for so long. XD

@black knight
While I agree SCMMs should not ever become NSC available, bringing back SCMMs could easily help provide more nonrare content and also help players get something to work for.
Although moar quests are still needed.

black knight 1234567 -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/23/2011 15:47:23)

Think of this scenario: A vertran of the game takes pride in his rares, he worked hard for them and they prove that he has been with the game for quite a while, and then they just suddenly break they're promise (MQ staff) and everything returns.

Zanzibaarus -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/23/2011 16:49:41)

They could easily code the names of the Mechas so that it tells them what year they got it.

stealthwings -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/23/2011 17:50:01)

That would still defeat the purpose of the rares.

And what does this have to do with preserving dedicated players? That would attract new ones, but not dedicated ones.

forumlogin -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/23/2011 17:52:12)

Good point. Who brought it up, anyways? :P

IN ANY CASE. Leaving the SCMMs to the other 2 or 3 threads they already have...

Less wars could be helpful, or at least help me since wars are boring now.
They're all seen it, done that now. XD

BumFoolingGuy -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/23/2011 18:48:23)


So probably at least/try to complete/tie up at least one plot-hole INSTEAD of WARS as one of the things needed right now, so the main storyline won't be hindered right? about again visiting the previous place of Derzion planet destruction to search,salvage any valuable technology/materials instead of just going into another world

Undal -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/25/2011 23:58:06)

Well the comic book publisher IDW did a cross-title event called "Infestation" where zombies invaded the Ghostbusters, StarTrek, and Transformers universes. Maybe AE should think about doing a cross-game event like that, but where events in one game (like a won or lost war) would have effects in the other games.

Schwarzbart -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (6/26/2011 2:34:06)

For me was the point reached where I sayed good bye to this game when there was more and more of this action mini games instead of regular fights released especial when this mini games block the path for a questline.
And no loosing to advance is no resonable answear to this dislike of my to this action mini games or timed fights.
Also MQ dont have something like the Estate in AQ that manage to bring me back every day.
(Beside that the neglacing of the Starship from the team side was/ is also a bigh thorn in my side)
I still watch this forum from time to time to see when the rework is done to have then a look again to see what they have improved. (But I hope this will then be anounced in the other forums/ballyhoo also)
Edit: Btw if my by then "old" Token Mech/Items are unusuable (again) thanks to powercreep you can expect it was it for me for ever. (Token Mechs and items should get obsolent by level as it states in the description and not by RL time)

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