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1234567890k -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (7/15/2011 15:13:54)

Here's an idea. How about make Player Suggestion shops in Tek's? It's about time that the shop gets an update anyway, and I also secretly suspect that some players go back to AQW all the time just to check if there are new weapons in the Suggestion Shop.

Thiefboy109 -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (7/15/2011 15:29:52)

Not a bad idea, but once again, people have trouble balancing their own suggestions...
Well, back to grinding on AQW... need to get to level 40, cap raise =P

Selutu -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (7/15/2011 23:45:49)


On the Estate note, here's something that hasn't really been gotten at yet- colonies. Why not let SC's set up their own colonies, and have interactions such as coming back in each day to check on the colony and clear out the day's invasion of ShS raiding parties, with the consequence of losing colonists and losing morale, in which case you might miss out on some kind of shop or the like. Adding in supply missions would certainly get players to come back- after all, as much as I despise things like Farmville, it has a good gimmick- you have to "cultivate your garden". (Points for whoever gets the Candide reference.) Actually, there's something that could make MQ unique- Colonies would afford daily work, could have set amounts of ShS to fight like the Diner Challenge, y'know, scaled and healing in-between, could have implications for wars and such... the possibilities are endless with this. I mean, imagine getting to choose your own type of planet... with its own unique rewards and dangers, unknown to you till you go there.

Nice idea, but I really don't see the point, if people like things like that they would go and play Warcraft or Starcraft. MQ isn't suppose to be like that. And that's what makes it special, its unique.

nyamo -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (7/16/2011 3:37:35)

make a reset button for old quests. keep the player as is but reset the quest to incomplete. would give something to do while grinding for xp/credits. i would elaborate more but my previous post didn't sent

megakyle777 -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (7/16/2011 4:58:29)

I like the colony idea, especialy getting to pick your own planet. But AQ has a similar stystem in Estates. We need something unique for MQ.

Dicer -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (7/16/2011 5:01:48)

@Selutu: I thought maybe it could be one of those "bring you back every day" things, but with it being optional, for one, and maybe giving players a reason to farm without actually having to farm. For instance, maybe the longer you've kept it going the more credits you get from managing it, helping to mitigate the prices of equipment and mechs, but also helping to reduce the need to constantly farm. I think with all the players who complain about farming, it might help in that regard.

In terms of making MQ unique, every game has houses (or in our case, starships), but protecting a colony would make sense, right? Storywise, it'd make sense for the option of military outposts, and based on player effort, could have an actual effect on the story. I mean, Dragonfable has massive player interaction for wars, Treasure Hunts, etc. AQWorlds has their wars and events, thought the events draw more players at once. For another example, Dragonfable's Falconreach has a bank where players donated gold and then voted on town improvements. I just think Mechquest needs something like that, something that can have implications for all aspects of the game, something that doesn't just sit around as an annoying side project.

So, to recap: Farming spot w/possible increase in rewards over time, Story implications based on player efforts in said colonies, forum interaction on a greater scale, and other options. It'd be like a giant playground to test out ways help MQ, in any case.

megakyle777 -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (7/16/2011 5:15:22)

I LOVE the idea of Colonies. But rather then protecting one, why not RUN one? Say that the Queenadent is allowing you to make your own colony due to all your aid or something. Then you have to build it from scratch from a variety of planets, and find a way to get people interested in coming there. All the rest is good though and I would love having a good source of Gold.

Dicer -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (7/16/2011 9:17:37)

I meant run the colony and protect it. Like I said, you could do a bunch of things with Colonies. :) And thanks for the comment on the customization thing, I was thinking that you choose from a variety of planets, each with their own varying dangers and rewards, but you don't know what they are until you colonize them. Like the Dragon Eggs in Dragonfable, in that regard, but also with an outward indication of its potential, or a preview. It'd take a while to implement, but imagine! Options like that would be epic.

Edit: Oh, and the part about the Queenadent entrusting it to you for all your hard work was the idea I had in mind. Think I should plan it out with a little more detail? I could plan out a rough idea of how the Colonies would come to be.... first things first, though-

@Maegwyn- Just curious, would something on this scale even be feasible? If it would, let me know and I'll refine the idea a little more a structure it some.

megakyle777 -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (7/16/2011 10:42:18)

I don't know about the Dangers and Rewards being random. Maybe the dangers should be kept hidden since it's an unknown planet, and MAYBE there should be a few hideen secrets, but I think something to draw you in may be good. But then again, there are the fourms to tell you what's what... I dunno.

And I think more detail would be nice, although the staff probably won't use it and I don't know where it would fit.

Corinthian -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (7/17/2011 9:32:15)

This reminds me what kind of colony (mercantilism) benifits the mother country (world) or a colony that is independent from the mother country (world)., Democracy or Monarchy sounds like a good idea to me

Thiefboy109 -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (7/17/2011 14:39:10)

Eh, I don't think that colonies would be good for MQ.

Sneevil Slayer -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (7/17/2011 16:05:45)

The Estate system in AQ is pretty good from what I hear, and colonies sound like they would be good in MQ.

Calogero -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (7/17/2011 16:08:03)

those that know me know I used to be a Die Hard MQ player...

There used to be a time that everyone on the forum came together and thought about strategies etc.

Call me insane but I even liked the ' No details about the weapons '. Indeed It wasn't cheap but it gave
me a certain thrill to test a weapon and to find out what the specials are...

I don't know really... I really miss the thrill I had when the game was young, the releases Wednesday and Friday and every mech being unique.

I hope that feeling comes back eventualy ( perhaps with Armadas )... I really do

EvilOverLord -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (7/17/2011 20:35:20)

Alot of me not playing has to with the first screen I see. There is WAY TOO MUCH junk on the first screen. And its confusing to new players or if you haven't been around for awhile (like me)

Veral77 -> RE: =MQ= Preservation of dedicated players. (7/17/2011 22:39:06)

... Maybe add a name changing feature?

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