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Ello -> Find Starstorm! (7/29/2011 20:53:53)

Find Starstorm!

Location: Zargon Wormhole Saga -> Starstorm?
Objective: Oh no! It was not possible to find Starstorm! Thank you for trying!
Requirements: Completion of Boltavolt's Lair
Release Date: July 29, 2011

  • Rebuilt Geekatron
  • Bloodhound
  • Centaur
  • Shadow E1
  • Shadow E2
  • Shadow E3
  • Shadow Quadraped
  • Shadow Scorpion
  • HoverScythe Model A
  • HoverScythe Model B

  • Dr. Benner
  • Sys-Zero

    Sys-Zero: <Player>, I can't believe we missed Boltavolt!
    Sys-Zero: If he's going after Starstorm, then we may be too late to save Zargon!
    Dr. Benner: What's that about Starstorm ...and what do you mean by "too late to save" Zargon?
    Sys-Zero: Dr. Benner, where is she? We have to know, now!
    Dr. Benner: I'll send you her location, but what-
    <Player>: There's no time to explain! Please give Sys-Zero the coordinates and we'll go now!
    Sys-Zero: Coordinates uploaded - thanks! I'll explain later, Dr. Benner!
    <Player>: Okay, let's get going before we miss our chance!

    Sys-Zero: <Player>! This is a race against time!
    Sys-Zero: Your mecha model is faster than mine.
    Sys-Zero: See if you can get to Starstorm before Boltavolt does!
    Sys-Zero: The district is full of Shadowscythe and possibly some of those Rebuilt Geekatrons as well.
    Sys-Zero: This is dangerous, <Player>! Are you sure you're ready?
    Sys-Zero: Remember, <Player> - thw future or is it the past depends on us! Hurry!
  • Onward!

    *After fighting through a few waves*

    Sys-Zero: <Player>! Watch out for the -

    *Fight Rebuilt Geekatron*

    Dr. Benner: Oh <Player>! Thank goodness you're here!
    Dr. Benner: The Shadowscythe suddenly launched a massive invasion against us!
    Dr. Benner: I've done what I can here, but it's too dangerous to use Galactimecha in the city.
    Dr. Benner: Starstorm took off on her own to deal with the Shadowscythe in the east part of town.
    <Player>: Wait, she's alone?!? Dr. Benner, she's in more danger than any of us!
    <Player>: I don't know, but Dr. Boltavolt is planning to steal her powers! We need to find her now!
    Dr. Benner: He's what? You better hurry and get to her then. She's just a few blocks east of here, I think.
    Dr. Benner: What was THAT? I've never seen anything like it from StarStorm!
    <Player>: That cannot be a good sign. Thanks for your help Dr. Benner - but I have to get going!
    <Player>: I just hope I'm not too late.
  • End Quest

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