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Boltavolt's Lair

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7/22/2011 20:00:33   

Boltavolt's Lair

Location: Zargon Wormhole Saga -> Boltavolt's Lair
Objective: Congratulations! You discovered the Hideout of Billy Boltavolt! (You may want to go back to search for the key if you have not yet found it.)
Requirements: Completion of Zargon Arrives
Release Date: 22nd July, 2011

  • Rebuilt Geekatron
  • Guard Drone (A/B/C)

  • Dr. Benner
  • Mecha Bat
  • Sys-Zero
  • Jemini

    A few days later [one day before destruction of Zargon]

    Dr. Benner: Ah, there you are. I have good news.
    Dr. Benner: Wayne Bryce, formerly Mecha Bat, may have found Dr. Boltavolt's base! I'll let you talk to him...

    Mecha Bat: Bat to base, are you still there?
    Mecha Bat: Took some investigating, but I'm sure I've located the lab.
    Mecha Bat: It's deep in the Abandoned Warehouse District.
    Sys-Zero: Mecha Bat, did you just say you have an Abandoned Warehouse District?
    Mecha Bat: Of course! Where else would criminal scum and villainy gather? Warehouses don't just abandon themselves.
    Sys-Zero: Um...
    Sys-Zero: sigh... Never mind. Just keep going. You were saying?
    Mecha Bat: I'm sending you the coordinates. I... don't think I can get in though.
    Mecha Bat: I'm detecting some automated defenses and... well... without my bat powers... I don't think I can get past them.
    Sys-Zero: Understood, Mecha Bat. We've got it covered. Over and out.
    Sys-Zero: <Character>? Can I speak to you a moment?

    Sys-Zero: I know we're supposed to report back, and I know what Dean Warlic said about getting involved, but...
    Sys-Zero: But this may be our chance to stop the destruction of Zargon.
    Sys-Zero: I'm not going to pretend I understand chrono-whatevers, but maybe... we were supposed to go back and fix things?
    Sys-Zero: This planet has no idea it is going to die tomorrow unless something or someone changes what happens.
    Sys-Zero: I can't order you, but... I think stopping Boltavolt is worth the risk. You with me?
  • I'm with you. Let's go.
  • No, it's too risky.

    If you choose "No, it's too risky":
    Sys-Zero: ...All right. If you change your mind, I'll be at the base. Wish me luck.

    If you choose "I'm with you. Let's go.":
    Sys-Zero: Good to hear it. And, don't worry... if we do destroy time itself, I'll say it's my fault, okay?

    Mecha Bat: Good to see you again <Character>. Here's what I've been able to find out.
    Mecha Bat: There are two viable entrances. They're both too small for mecha, so you'll have to go in on foot.
    Mecha Bat: Sys-Zero has the north entrance, you'll take the south entrance here.
    Mecha Bat: There are automated security drones guarding the facility so be sure you have a good Energy Blade.
    Mecha Bat: Oops! It looks like we have some company. You... might want to use your mecha on this one.
    Mecha Bat: Finish it quickly and slip into the lair before others show up. You're a true hero <Character>, old chum. Good luck.

    Battle one Geekatron

    Once you've found Jemini:
    Jemini: Hey, over here!

  • What are you doing here?
    Jemini: Isn't that one of the great philosophical questions of our time? Who are we? Why are we here? What's for lunch?
    Jemini: The truth is that Billy Boltavolt thinks I tried to STEAL something from him! Can you believe it?
    Jemini: Okay, I was in his lab, which was only sort-of locked, JUST admiring all his shiny technology. I was going to put it back...
    Jemini: But for no reason whatsoever, he got mad, took my stuff and locked me in here!

  • Where are the things you stole from us?
    Jemini: You mean the small shiny thing with the crystal? Or the shiny glowy tube thing? Or the shiny-
    Jemini: Oh. Most of them are around... somewhere... out there... well except for one component.
    Jemini: That Billy Boltavolt guy took it from me before he tossed me in here! Can you believe it?
    Jemini: Anyway... He did seem really happy about getting it though. Even better than his Proto Resistor, he said. Go fig.

  • What's Boltavolt up to?
    Jemini: Is it just me, or has he got a "mad scientist" thing going?
    Jemini: He's always talking about his BIG complex plan or working on that weird ray gun or practicing some victory rant.
    Jemini: Not really sure. I think he made some deal with the Shadowscythe for some parts, and he used that part he took from me...
    Jemini: Dunno. He talked so much I stopped listening before my brains melted out of my ears.

  • Boltavolt's working for Shadowscythe?
    Jemini: Oh, he's not working with the Shadowscythe.
    Jemini: Well he kinda is, but just to get some tech from them. Some stuff he couldn't get here.
    Jemini: Dunno, but once he gets - what was it...Ultimate Cosmic Power? - he's going to kick them off the planet and take over.
    Jemini: Too bad you just missed him.
    Jemini: He took his new gun thingee and went to find someone named Starstorm and...
    Jemini: Hey, where are you going!? Come back!

    Jemini: Um! Hello, still stuck here!

    Secret Room:
    If you have a Keycard
    <Character>: Wow, that's a big computer. Now how do I turn it on... Maybe if I push this button?
    <Character>: Hm, key card... didn't I find something like that earlier? This slot looks about the right size. Let's try it out.
    <Character>: That's it, I'm in! These look like plans for some sort of weapon. I bet if I download them and bring them to StarStorm she can make me one!
  • Get One!
  • Go Back

    If you don't have a Keycard
    <Character>: Wow, that's a big computer. Now how do I turn it on... Maybe if I push this button?
    <Character>: Oops! I guess that's not it. Without that key I guess I can't do anything here.
    <Character>: I'll have to come back here later if I find one to see what this computer has on it.
  • Go back

    Get one opens the Secret Shop. Go back returns you back to the quest.

    Guard Drones have chance to drop a Mysterious Key Card, which can be used to unlock the Secret Shop

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