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Peachii -> Malek (7/29/2011 23:54:17)



Location: Falconreach Guardian Tower -> 2 Left -> Up -> Right -> Up -> Right

Quests given

Shops owned

Malek: G'day, <Class>.

  • Set Starting Items
    Malek: Equip the items you would like to have automatically equipped when you start the game and press SAVE.
    • SAVE - saves equipped items.
      Malek: Alrightey! The next time you login you will be using everything you have equipped now.
  • Talk
    Malek: The name's Malek, and I'm the new Loremaster for this here Guardian Tower. Just let me know what I can do for ye.

    If you are unlocking your 1st Guardian class skill:
    Malek: You want to know about what we do? Here, read this.
  • Read - opens scroll.


    "Guardians are the sworn protectors of the lands and innocent people surrounding the Guardian Tower to which they are aligned."

    Guardian Pledge:
    "I promise to defend the innocent; to wield my Guardian Blade with honor; to stem the tide of evil forces; and to always protect the secrets of my Guardian Tower.


    Thanks to Jay for image and corrections.

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