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Grill Master

Location: Falconreach Guardian Tower -> Left -> Up -> Right, When

Quests given
Ration Runner

Shops owned

Falconreach Guardian Tower

Grill Master: Unless you are here to help, I suggest you leave. I've got an entire battalion of Guardians to feed.

  • I'm here to help!
    Grill Master: Thanks, I could definitely use your help. You see, we've had a bit of a problem.
    Grill Master: I was about to start cooking when I noticed some VurrMen found their way into the larder and ate all our rations!
    Grill Master: Could you go and hunt for some more food for us? I know just the place.
  • Good luck!


    Grill Master: Oh my... was that an earthquake?


    Thanks to Jay for image and corrections.

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