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Deep Underground

Location: Khaeldron Prophecy -> Arin-Ha -> BOSS FIGHT
Objective: You defeated a great creature known as Dragyron, the Guardian. It appears that it was protecting an ancient Shadowscythe Starship deep below the surface of Westion!
Requirements: 100% War Meter
Release Date: 23rd July, 2008

  • EC01
  • EC02
  • EC03
  • Wrangler
  • Monster Scorpion
  • Purple Monster Scorpion
  • Gold Monster Scorpion
  • Monster Ant
  • Black Monster Ant
  • Gold Monster Ant
  • Dragyron
  • 49er

  • Lisa
  • Qjik'Han
  • Valoth

    Qjik'Han: <Character>, that passage is very narrow. you should get out of your mecha and explore on foot!

    After you've solved the puzzle:
    Qjik'Han: Excellent work! Now the hangar doors should be open!

    Before the Boss Fight:
    Qjik'Han: <Character>! I'm reading a HUGE lifeform just ahead of you! Please be careful!

    Incoming signal from Ensign Lisa Mayes Starship:
    Lisa: <Character>! This is amazing! It's an ancient Shadowscythe starship!
    Lisa: I am going to see if I can hack into it's computer filesystem.
    Computer: Flibble Gloopy Klaatu Flobble... bleep bloop bleep...
    Lisa: Ah - Looks Like I'll need to activate the Universal Translator... Calibrating linguistics engine now...
    Lisa: There we go! I got it! This is an ancient and forgotten language know as Doomtongue!
    Lisa: Haha! This machine's firewall is waaaaaay out of date! This is going to be easy! Okay I'm tranferring the files now!
    Computer: Data Transfer in Progress... 12%... 45%... 99%... 99%... 99%... 99%... Connection to remote host timed out.
    Lisa: That's strange. It just hangs on 99% complete. I can't download the data... I am going to do a full sector scan.
    Lisa: Oh.. very interesting... There's a hidden file here... It has no filename or extension but there is definitely data there.
    Lisa: I am going to attempt to parse the data now... perhaps I can determine the filetype...
    Computer: Unauthorized Access! Security Protocol 13 activated!
    Lisa: This is NOT good. The ship is tranmitting a hailing frequency across all subspace channels!
    Lisa: It has activated some sort of emergency beacon!
    Computer: Hailing Captain Valoth! Please report to these coordinates for immediate assistance...

    Incoming Signal: Lord Valoth Shadowscythe

    Valoth: What is this? Who dares to address me as Captain?
    Valoth: Wait... I see... That was so long ago... Ha ha... HAHAHAHAHAHA Excellent work, <Character>.
    Valoth: It seems you have recovered one of our relics from the past...
    Valoth: Originally I was going to ignore that barren rock, Westion. However, I really shouldn't ignore an emergency signal...
    Valoth: I'll send help immediately! MUAHAHAHAHA!

    Incoming Signal: Qjik'Han

    Qjik'Han: <Character>. It appears that the Vul'Kharim prophecy has been fulfilled...
    Qjik'Han: Although, not quite in the way we were expecting. You are the visitor from the prophecy.
    Qjik'Han: The Vul'Kharim believe in a destroyer known as Val'Athoth that will destroy this world. I believe now that Lord Valoth is the destroyer.
    Qjik'Han: Westion has a lot to prepare for. Khaeldron and Alamonia must resolve our differences and unite against the Shadowscythe!
    Qjik'Han: Luckily the armor from this ship is infused with Crystallized Dragon's Breath... It's created an entirely new alloy...
    Qjik'Han: I can use this to create my new Drakel Power Armor. Perhaps this new technology will help us defeat the Shadowscythe!

    Incoming Signal: Lisa Mayes Starship

    Lisa: Oops!

    *Thanks to Knightstar2001 for dialogs, Sir Gnome for original entry! Thanks to ArchMagus Olodalf for title correction!*

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