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Guardian Warm Orb Sword

Also see Hot Orb Sword, Adventurer's Boiling Orb Sword, Steaming Orb Sword, Guardian Burning Orb Sword, Flaming Orb Sword, Fiery Orb Sword

Level: 32
PLevel: 38
Price: 1505 125 Gold
Sellback: 753 62 Gold
Location: Limited Time Items Shop! The Burning Sands!

Type: Magic
Element: Ice
Damage: 6-16
BTH: 5

Hits: 1, 1
Type: Magic
Element: Ice, Fire
Damage: 418.8% Base and Random , 349% Base and Random
Stats: 210.6% , 175.5%*
BTH: 16
Rate: 10%

*Stat damage only applies when a LUKy Strike occurs.

The Orb Swords are ice weapons that make use of the power of Fire Orbs to greatly enhance their special power. Unfortunately this has 2 side effects, firstly it makes the special rare and secondly it causes the special to partially deal fire damage. (Guardian Only)

Numbers thanks to in Media Res. Write-up and image courtesy of ArchMagus Orodalf. Rarity error fix courtesy of greenlegend.

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