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Summon Memet IV

Also see Summon Memet II Z, Summon Memet I, Guardian Summon Memet III, Guardian Summon Memet V, Summon Memet VI, Summon Memet VII Z

Level: 69
Power Level: 69
MP Level: 69
Price: 30,350 4,718 Gold
Sellback: 15,175 2,359 Gold
Location: Today's Event Meet Memet or Meet Memet
Element: Neutral
Cost: None
Effect: Summons Memet IV as a guest.

Call Memet the Moglin to aid you in battle!


Numbers thanks to Dev. Price, level and names thanks to Nex Del Vida. Image and write-up thanks to UltraGuy. Description thanks to Karmakas. Additional thanks to BlackAces and battlesiege15.

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