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Meet Memet

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1/11/2012 23:34:55   
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Meet Memet

Location: Battleon » Warlic's Shop » Quests » Meet Memet

«Scene: Sila's tower»

Warlic: Hello, «You»-- Thank you for meeting us here.
Twilly: Hiyas!
«You»: No problem at all, guys. Other than all those stairs. So... many... stairs. WHY are we up in Sila's old tower, anyway??

«Xarymandias enters»

Xarymandias: *huff* Sorry... I was... so late, everyone! Whew....
«You»: Why didn't you just teleport here?
Xarymandias: Oh-- I forgot I could do that! Ha! Oh well, the exercise should do me good.
«You»: So why are we in Sila's tower?
Xarymandias: Because it's where I live, now!
«You»: So no bad memories about Sila holding you captive anymore?
Xarymandias: Oh my, yes, but luckily some HERO rescued me from her clutches. This is such a nice place that I just had to have it for myself, though.
«You»: Back to my original question-- WHY are we here?
Warlic: Twilly met someone in Greenguard Forest and his description of her piqued our interest.
Xarymandias: Indeed! What did you say her name was, Twibby?
Twilly: It's Twilly. And she said her name was Memet!
Xarymandias: Ah yes... thank you. So according to Tilly, Memet appeared to be a Moglin, but a Moglin different from any other he has seen before.
Warlic: Based on the description, Xarymandias and I believe that this Memet is something never before seen on Lore. It is either not a Moglin, or is the ONLY Moglin of its kind.
«You»: ........ Do I REALLY have to go find out? I mean, we're talking about a MOGLIN, or a MOGLIN-LIKE CRITTER. Not exactly something a HERO like me should be concerned with.
«You»: No offense, Twilly.
Twilly: Some taken.
Xarymandias: Need I remind you of the trouble a single Moglin can cause? ZORPAK, anyone??
Warlic: ZorBAK. Perhaps we need to perform another memory incantation for your benefit, Xarymandias.
«You»: Okay, good point. I'll go see what I can see. Twilly, can you lead the way?
  • Go!
      4 BATTLES: Forest monsters
      «See below for list. Full heal after the second and fourth battles»
    «You»: Are we getting close to the place where you met this Memet?
    Twilly: Yeahs! Well, I think so....

    «A Void Dragons enters»

    Twilly: I'm not so sure now...
    «You»: What on Lore is a Void Dragon doing here?!
    Twilly: Maybe he wants to have a picnic?
    «You»: No, Twilly, I don't think he wants to have a picnic.
  • Fight!

  • Battle with Twilly's help!
  • Battle on your own!
    «You»: It's never a good sign to run into a Void Dragon. The only way one of those can BE here is if someone MEANT for it to be here.
    Twilly: *sniff* Oooh! I smell her!!
    «You»: What?!
    Twilly: Memet!
    Twilly: Come on, «You»!

    «Twilly runs off»

    «You»: *eye roll*

    «You follow.»

    «You»: So, Twilly, I don't see OR smell anyone. Are you sure that--

    «Memet teleports in»

    Twilly: Memet!
    Memet: ............. You! Again!
    Memet: You brought a friend along this time? Hm... Really tall. And with small ears. Just what IS that thing?
    «You»: You think I look weird? I'm a human. Hey, do DO look very Moglin-y, but something about you just doesn't fit...
    Memet: I'm not a Moglin from Lore. I'm a VOID MOGLIN. At least, for now. I rather like this form.
    «You»: Wait... You ARE a Moglin or you AREN'T a Moglin?
    Memet: I'm a dream creature, actually. I live off of others' dreams.
    «You»: Interesting... How does that work?
    Memet: YOU dream. I eat your dreams. Oh, and I can use your dream energy to power my magic.
    «You»: Crazy! So how did you get here from the Void, anyway?
    Memet: *sigh* Some girl named Nythera summoned me from the Void. That's why I'm here. It's not like I really felt like a vacation to boredom and monotony was in order...
    «You»: Hey, my life here is FAR from boring! I'm always saving the world from some ultimate threat or I'm off questing for mounds of treasure!
    Memet: That might not be boring, but it sure sounds monotonous.
    «You»: ...............
    Memet: Hmmm... But you're USED to fighting massively powerful foes and coming out on top, you say?
    «You»: Generally speaking, yes.
    Memet: So YOU must be pretty tough yourself, then, huh?
    «You»: Some would call me a hero.
    Memet: Like I said, I'm bored. Sooooo.... You'd better defend yourself!
    «You»: WHA???
  • Fight!

  • Battle with Twilly's help!
  • Battle on your own!
    Memet: Okay.
    «You»: Okay what?
    Memet: So you weren't lying. You MUST be some kind of hero.
    Memet: Quite impressive indeed!
    Memet: You know what would be REALLY impressive, though?
    «You»: What?
    Memet: If you could find a way to get me back home!
    «You»: Well... I admit, I AM a great warrior. But, uh, I can't open up a void portal.
    Memet: Why? I thought you were more than just some great warrior...
    «You»: I am, yes, but portals aren't my specialty. Hmmm... I know someone who CAN, though!

    «Scene fades.»

    After hours of begging and pleading with Warlic to convince him that he would have time to dust his magic shop later in the week, you finally manage to get him to open a portal to the Void for Memet...

    «Scene: Greenguard Forest.»

    Memet: So where is this "Warlic" fellow? Is he always late?
    «You»: He might have been a little busy when I contacted him...

    «Warlic teleports in.»

    Warlic: Busy?? That's what you call it? I was preoccupied with a little thing I like to call "redirecting the lava flow of a volcano away from a populated village."
    Warlic: Now, what is so pressing that I had to stop doing that?
    «You»: Could you... um... open a portal to the Void for our little blue friend here?
    Warlic: ............
    Warlic: Sure. Can I then return to saving the village?
    «You»: That would be good.
    Warlic: Great. I wouldn't want to inconvenience you.
    Memet: You know, Warlic, I really like you.

    «A portal opens.»

    Warlic: How's that for you?
    «You»: Looks like a void portal!
    Warlic: It had better. Now, can I go?
    «You»: Th-

    «Warlic leaves.»

    «You»: -ank you.
    Memet: I like him.
    «You»: Well, you're all set now. Good luck back in the Void, I guess.
    Memet: Actually, I could use one more little favor... See, the girl who put me here is still in the Void. She needed to summon me here to get me out of the way.
    «You»: Out of the way for what??
    Memet: I believe Nythera was trying to get an artifact called the Void Gauntlet. I don't like it when outsiders try to take stuff from my Void so I and she were fighting over it.
    Memet: Not sure what she wants it for, though. Oh-- I need you to help me get past all the Void Dragons she has out hunting for me.
    «You»: "You" Void. Okay. Great. More Void Dragons.
    Memet: You're not SCARED, are you??
    «You»: Not... in... the... slightest. Let's go!
  • Jump into the Void!

    «Scene: The Void.»

  • Battle with Memet's help!
  • Battle with Twilly's help!
  • Battle on your own!
      2 BATTLES: Void Dragons (as above)
      «Full Heal»
    Twilly: Where is your friend, Memet??
    Memet: She's not the kind of person you can really PREDICT real well, Red-Ears. And she is most definitely NOT a friend.
    «You»: Cool it, you two.

    «Nythera enters.»

    Nythera: Well isn't this unexpected...
    Memet: Nythera! Stop sending those Void Dragons after me!!
    Nythera: I will, but only if you stop bothering me! All I want is a simple little object of power, and you've been acting like EVERYTHING in the Void belongs to you. Hmph!
    Memet: What's made in the Void should stay in the Void! It causes-- trouble-- if removed! You know that.
    «You»: Very true. Just by tossing Memet onto Lore, you completely ruined my day, Nythera.
    Nythera: Well, we seem to have come to an impasse. I want to take whatever I need, and you want to keep me from taking it.
    Memet: I guess the only thing to do is-- A FIGHT TO THE FINISH!
    «You»: Can this fight be just between the two of you? I really don't want to pick sides here...
    Twilly: Me too! Twilly wants to fight!
    Memet: Not in THIS match you don't, crimson clod. Nythera would have you for LUNCH!
    Twilly: Oh goodie! Can we have tea sandwiches??
    Nythera: ??!! Can you two just leave already Memet and I can tear each other to bits??
    «You»: Most certainly! Twilly, come with me if you want to not die!
  • Go!

    «You leave through the Void portal and exit in Greenguard Forest.»

    «You»: Whew... That's enough Void for one day! Memet was interesting, but all that seems to come out of the Void is trouble.
    Twilly: I like her a lot, too. I think she's cute.
    «You»: I... didn't say that I LIKED Memet. I said she's interesting. And you think she's cute??
    «You»: She's pure mayhem, Twilly!
    Twilly: Twilly is looking for a partner in crime.
    «You»: Egads... She's not even really a Moglin.
    Twilly: I just hope I can see her again sometime...
    «You»: Don't get your hopes up.

    «Memet enters.»

    «You»: ... why me?
    Memet: I kind of... lost. And she kicked me out again.
    «You»: You have no idea just how sorry I am to hear that.
    Memet: It's going to take me a while to figure out a way to get around Nythera's traps. I may need to stay here for a while.
    Memet: Do you know anyone whose mind I might be able to take residence in, so that I can recharge by feeding on their dreams?
    «You»: Definitely NOT ME.
    Twilly: ME!!!!!
    Memet: Really? I get to feed on whatever is going on in the brain of Red Runt?
    «You»: Yes! Lucky you! Buh-bye.

    «You run out.»

    Memet: Looks like it's just me and you.
    Twilly: Yeeeaaahhhh....

    Reward Chest: Memet

    Summon Memet II Z
    Summon Memet I
    Guardian Summon Memet III
    Summon Memet IV
    Guardian Summon Memet V
    Summon Memet VI
    Summon Memet VII Z

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf.

    Appendix: Random Forest Monsters

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