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star screamer -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (7/16/2012 18:23:25)

Acc: Met Dc-14 (Vulkan)


Dis: the non member armor doesn't match the hat...

Dis: Now my Jester suggestion has a slighter chance of getting in game...

plebster -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (7/17/2012 16:15:55)

Acc: rank 10 evil

Acc: 600,000 pvp score

Acc: soloed alligator man

vulkan -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (8/18/2012 18:02:35)

ACC-managed to complete luissions missions without being disconnected at last.
Big thanks to ro-bo vampire for the help.

Genov -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (9/11/2012 9:08:04)

Acc:Fanally started playing for real after a long time of waiting for a storyline

Acc:Made it to 100k PvP Score xD

lluther -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (9/22/2012 10:38:17)

Acc-Made it to 3rd place on monthly leaderbords.

Dis-Unfairly beaten by brotherman. -_-

Remnant the Unknown -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (9/23/2012 13:18:09)

DIS: Still suck at PvP
DIS: AE staff hate me
DIS: ClownTheJester owns Super City

Rock Dog -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (10/3/2012 17:20:44)

ACC: Using a battleon points code I kept for a rainy day, i was able to get the CC pirate captain!

zanathos -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/2/2013 20:51:13)

MEGAACC:Beat Hiro, the number 3 All Time PvPer, in 1v1 with my new and improved Energy Build (with not a single Legendary power on it)

linklink0091 -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/21/2013 15:56:37)

ACC:taken a low level newbie and wrecking pvp when im bored (while on dial up internet) this is the power of power understanding and many months of experince in build maken, 5 of those photos was in a row for matches...i know i dont come to this thread often cuase i cant find nothen worth overly braging or showing off in some way but i feel this was good enough

herosmashyumi -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/21/2013 19:11:46)

ACC: still holding the the highest mental crit ever made with proof

DIS: Getting hounded ingame by people who wanna know what i used.

plebster -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/27/2013 3:42:16)

Hiro did nearly as much damage with the same build minus one of the powers (the weakest buff). The build is obvious if you know what every power in the game does, but nice screeny.

Balu -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/29/2013 4:33:22)

ACC: Finally lvl 20 on my main! \0/

plebster -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/29/2013 12:03:21)

YES BALU! Gratz!

Balu -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (1/29/2013 13:31:55)

@^ thanks! :D

PvP ACC: The legend kept healing. Fine by me. I actually got 4 or 5 medals because of that match. Really surprized that I got 1st place. o.0

Azermyth -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (3/15/2013 13:19:38)

ACC: I am back! [:D]
DISS/ACC: There is so much to do!
DISS: Only 70 people online?!

Twighlight Sky -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (3/15/2013 16:59:48)

ACC: There's an NPC of me in-game.
DIS: People are still asking me how (and I still don't know).

Lord Noonien Soong -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (7/5/2013 15:13:58)

Acc: been a member for a while andve been leveling up :)

ACC: new liberty items!

Watziname WAT -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (7/25/2013 7:41:44)

???: I've returned. Meh, dunno.

Twighlight Sky -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (7/27/2013 0:34:02)

Dis: No entries from HeroSmash were chosen for the Lorepedia contest winners.

ratatak -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (7/28/2013 11:45:51)

Acc: Got most of the ledgendary
Dis: Game format updates 2x a month or everymonth. Old format is everyweek

LeonVader -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (8/9/2013 2:49:12)

ACC: Got the vampire outfit in marketstreet's new release.

onion knight

Lord Noonien Soong -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (8/9/2013 15:35:29)

ACC:Got a killer cowboy hat

DIS: While farming is easy, farming popcorn isn't, lol

Dual Thrusters -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (8/10/2013 2:11:18)

ACC: starting to play again after 2 long years!
DIS: My buddy list shrunk since then ._.

Aqwtiny123 -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (8/10/2013 12:41:38)

ACC: Got all the new armors >:D
ACC: Back in the game.
ACC: Got my name change
ACC: My return in PvP Is arriving.I will be champ
DIS: Im out of space! >:O

Twighlight Sky -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (8/10/2013 17:35:46)

ACC: Unlocked Chudling Rash.

DIS: I feel it's a really cheap move and thus won't be getting it. O_o

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