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LeonVader -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/9/2013 11:27:37)

Acc: 124 movie plex token. A few more to go before i got the irony armor...

Chaosweaver Amon -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/17/2013 23:39:40)

ACC:Level 10, with a new set of some pretty sweet powers.

DeathGuard -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/11/2013 22:36:21)

ACC: 3 complete years has passed since I created my HS account :D

Sesura -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (4/3/2014 9:41:35)

ACC: Made my account during alpha and I'm an alpha tester
ACC: Have the chaos armor or commonly called as drakath's armor
DIS: Just played again and don't know how to play anymore XD

pikman4 -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (7/31/2014 1:15:56)

SuperAcc: Membership renewed for 50 years.
Acc: Got The Soul of the Oblivion
Acc: Halfway to getting Trader Clan Armor
SuperAcc: Got Llusions Mask!
Acc: Got Trader Clan Armor

Nick Pyro -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (10/26/2014 13:39:53)

Acc: Returned to my HS account.
Acc: Leveled up to Level 8.
Acc: Got Hottica's cursed shield.
Acc: Got The OmniKnight Blade
Acc: It looks awesome together, the blade and shield.

DragonUltraMaster -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (6/25/2015 9:23:18)

For the first time in a loong time, I logged in to HS. I was actually surprised to see that other players was actually in the same room :P Even some HS Founders

I'll problbaly not really play it again however. Wasn't my type of game.


Crystal Lion -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (6/28/2015 4:44:37)

Dis: It still feels like this game has been left in the dust.
Acc: Working on a sequel that ties the loose ends of the Park War together.

Arachnid -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (7/1/2015 0:19:16)

Acc: Finally came back to this game...
Dis: Aaaaaaaand it's been left to die.
Dis: The age of the story smashers (Gray Silhouette, Drakkoniss, ClownTheJester, Lady Zafara, etc.) seems to have died, which is a big shame.
Acc: I still like the game though :(
Dis: To see how dead it is here, this thread has six replies (including mine) since 2013.

Crystal Lion -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (6/18/2016 10:02:34)

ACC: Halfway to level 20 on all characters of my HS account.

Crystal Lion -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (6/22/2016 3:32:27)

ACC: Finally done getting to level 20 on all my characters.

Cherina -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (7/15/2016 7:48:09)

ACC: Finally logging in xD

Digital X -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (3/21/2017 10:51:23)

ACC: Logged in
DIS: I have missed so much, no idea what quests I need etc..
ACC: I has an Alpha Blade?!

Velmur -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (3/23/2017 20:36:49)

ACC: Logged in and even remembered my forum login.
DIS: The game is pretty empty.
DIS: I haven't been on this forum in over four years. It's so weird to look back at the old times. I do miss the "Golden Age of the Story Smashers," as Arachnid put it.

Crystal Lion -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (3/23/2017 21:00:45)

DIS: Still here, waiting, and playing another superhero MMO while wondering what HS could've been.
ACC: At least I no longer think it's solely my fault for the story smashers leaving.

Crystal Lion -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (6/3/2017 4:19:15)

Dis: Been just over 6 years after Pandora's malachite was lost.

Nightmare AQW -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/18/2017 21:43:48)

Did they game get shut down? I can't log in at all anymore

Crystal Lion -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (11/19/2017 4:27:34)

I could still log in.

Crystal Lion -> RE: =HS= (Dis)Accomplishments Thread (12/10/2017 6:02:23)

Happy belated alpha anniversary, I guess.

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