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Location: Falconreach Auction House -> Nati -> Quests! -> Yeah, let's go!, Tower of Brightmist

Quests given
Tower of Brightmist
Malich's Sorrow

Shops owned


Falconreach Auction House

Gris: Lookin' for a job, eh?

Tower of Brightmist

Gris: I've learned of a tower in Arborvale forest. It's smelly and old, but my sources tell me that it has not been raided.
Gris: A long time ago, it belonged to a mage. A light mystic by the name of Friedrik.
Gris: Now, I'm told he was a crazy old bean, but he was working on something big. A shining elixir, something alchemical and very powerful.

Gris: Because I paid a LOT of money for it, hah!
Gris: Being the businessman I am, I'll make you a deal. Go to the Tower of Brightmist, bring me the shining elixir, and I'll trade you something nice.
Gris: Do we have a deal?

Gris: <Character>, how have you fared?

Gris: Oh, yes.. it's quite beautiful. Excellent!

Gris: Aye, of course... I don't do business with shady customers. This elixir can also do some good in the right hands.

Gris: Ah, yes. You'll find this useful, I believe. And I'll even let it go for cheap.

Gris: Hey, I'm a businessman. I'm giving you a discount here, take it or leave it.

Malich's Sorrow

Gris: I have heard tales of a tower near Amityvale that has fallen into disrepair.
Gris: The tower is reputed to be the location of a special necromantic formula.

Gris: Rumor has it, the tower fell into disuse a long time ago.
Gris: The owner of the tower disappeared centuries ago. Nobody knows what happened to him.
Gris: Rumor has it that he ventured into some sort of cavern and was never heard from again.

Gris: We'll work something out.


Thanks to Jay for image.

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