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Galanoth -> =WF= End of Regular Updates (1/20/2012 18:14:37)

Hello WarpForcers,

It has been a while coming, and it hurts a lot to have to do this, but I have decided to wind down WarpForce's regular releases. It is highly unlikely that new missions will appear in the foreseeable future. We will occasionally release new items to fill gaps, or for holidays (like Frostval). We may make other changes or bugfixes from time to time. We may even remake the Novus questline finale.

Unfortunately, WarpForce has been on a steady decline for most of its life so far. WF was a labor of love on the part of the AQ Team. We put a lot into it over the past couple years, and we highly appreciate everyone's support of the game, especially the WarpGuardians. But WF never took on a life of its own, as most of our other games have, and was therefore not able to feed into its own growth from a financial perspective. All of our games here at AE grow based on the response they get from their players (you)-- from the number of players and the financial support they provide. If there is enough of one or the other of those, then a game gets bigger and stronger over time. If there is not enough, a game will stagnate. WarpForce never grew in either of those measurements, and therefore we were never able to grow the AQ/WF team to a point where we could sustain the efforts it would take to keep up with releases for two games.

I know that many of you truly love WarpForce for what it is, and it is to you that my deepest apologies must go, as well as my deepest thanks for your continued enthusiasm and support. We tried our best, and so did you, and that is the most that anyone can do.


ArchMagus Orodalf -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (1/20/2012 18:18:29)


We all knew it was coming. Oh well. Thanks for the ride, Gal, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Manga Maniac -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (1/20/2012 18:24:18)

Oh, darn it.

Will there ever be any new quests?

Bu Kek Siansu -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (1/20/2012 18:34:50)

I'm sad to hear that, Gal. We really need more players to support WF. :)

Exodus Winter -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (1/20/2012 21:56:11)

Well, I'm going to keep playing. I have a fourth Warp-Guardian that I want to be level 100.
Remember don't judge the quality of Warpforce for how many players are online.

Kinzdor -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (1/20/2012 23:16:30)

Aww Warpforce,was a nice game! [:(]

Lord Hades -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (1/21/2012 1:00:34)

Aw, man... well, Warpforce, you had a good run... and look on the bright side: you're not getting scrapped.

megakyle777 -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (1/21/2012 1:03:46)

Why do I see this happening to MQ?

ALso, Alas poor Warpforce, we hardly knew ye.

Phantasma -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (1/21/2012 5:51:58)

This is very sad, I just started playing WF for a few weeks and enjoy it very much.

I hope WF will make a come back, some day that is...

May be, if staff keep filling lower level gaps and fixing bugs little by little, it will attract more new player.

sunblaze -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (1/21/2012 9:15:27)

Yes we saw it coming.
At least with the novus quest-line it reached a storyline good point to end.
A few leads are still open but I guess it is a good choice to stop now then in a completly new story.

So far great game a bit stony path especially with some very odd levels on weapons but all completly understandable.
It was fun and I'll still let my 3 chars reach level 100.

Master Merlin -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (1/21/2012 16:35:52)

Disappointing, but not entirely unexpected, and there is some good news to this:


We will occasionally release new items to fill gaps, or for holidays (like Frostval). We may make other changes or bugfixes from time to time. We may even remake the Novus questline finale.

This means that the Drakel tail bugs might finally be fixed (a personal quirk of mine) in addition to skills not working properly (Stun gun and the L.S.S Alteon's Ram ability comes to mind), and we might see new gap fillers that make it easier for new players to actually play through the story content to begin with. I haven't played through the Novus Finale (because of level requirement), but if Loremaster Orodalf says it is wrong storyline wise, it must be (it comes from writing every single quest entry in the Encyclopedia. Honesty, I'll never know how he can have the patience to do that...)

So, all in all, it's not as bad as it could be, and I am actually somewhat happy to see this news (as opposed to pretending that everything is fine and wearing your resources to a thread). Admitting you have a problem is the first step to a solution, and hopefully we'll see more small, quality game changing updates in the future.

blackelemental -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (1/21/2012 21:46:46)

I decided to become a WarpGuardian because I really thought that this game had a lot a potential. It still does, and who knows, it might even rebound a while from now. I can definitely say that WF has boosted my love for AE games, it was my first time ever spending some cash in AE ever. The regular releases will be missed. :(

Mordred -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (1/21/2012 21:54:33)

This is sad to hear. I'm not surprised, but saddened, and now wish I had played more. I probably would have, too, if not for the lvl restrictions.

Jakau Ryuu -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (1/22/2012 12:44:45)

I can't say I'm not disappointed by this news, but neither can I really say I'm surprised. WF had a good start, but I guess many people just weren't into playing what amounted to AQ-in-Space. Also, where AQ's team is strained to release AND fix one game, it was sadly only a matter of time before it fell through.

I'll still be playing occasionally, and I look forward to whatever items do come out & whatever fixes get carried out.

Nex del Vida -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (2/2/2012 9:58:04)

This is a pity. I've been around for all of AE's releases of new games... but I've never seen a game go under. Can't say I didn't see it coming--I myself stopped playing WF quite a while ago--but that doesn't mean it's not sad. Ah well. If it's best for the company, then it's alright with me.

Master K -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (2/2/2012 10:03:50)

Wow, that's actually quite sad. I remember I used to play Warpforce, but I left a long time ago...
So from what I gather from this, WarpForce updates are over. Meaning, this game has ended, but pre-maturely.

Mortarion -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (2/2/2012 10:06:22)

This is really sad, I hope that one day this might return, :'(

SIGMUND -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (2/7/2012 16:31:25)

I am not saddened to see an end to Warpforce releases.

As an expansion of AQ it never really worked.
There were too few crossover Events and there were too many bugs with each release.
The reward levels for playing were always too low.

However there were some great new game mechanic ideas in Warp Force. Some of them may even have made it back to AQ?

Please do not abandon the story of Novus.
Please, Please, Please, try to integrate the story into the AQ story and use it to expand the idea of Kingdoms and Mega World Portals within AQ.
The Network should also continue to crossover into AQ now that they know Lore is there in the Universe.

shemwell2 -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (2/12/2012 23:27:56)

honestly the only bad thing is I could of used the AQ points on a different AQ game meh I guess I'll cover my loses.

radioactivelemon -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (2/22/2012 11:33:48)


Aw, I remember when it first came out and you needed AQ guardian ship to use it. Really fun game. The art is pretty great for the most part, and the game play is addictive and just all around fun.

But I think its great that you guys have to focus on more things, making your other games even better. In this situation, I would have to say, quality over quantity. Great work.

steven11113 -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (3/3/2012 20:33:31)

I just wish they could just get lots of people plays but i guess they wanted chating game now.

EvilOverLord -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (3/3/2012 20:39:24)

Seriously this is a good thing. Warpforce wasn't very good, in any way. Hopefully now the extra staff can help improve the rest of the games, namely AQ. I expect HeroSmash to die next.

IsaiahtheMage -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (3/5/2012 11:31:05)

Oh no. I really need to get active and start playing WF again then. I don't want it to die. @EvilOverLord Why would HeroSmash die? It had over 300,000 players play within the last 24 hours. And it has over 41,000 people following in on Facebook. That seems pretty good to me.

EvilOverLord -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (3/5/2012 14:43:45)

HeroSmash has less than 500 people online right now. AQ has at least 1000 players at any given moment.

ArchMagus Orodalf -> RE: =WF= End of Regular Updates (3/5/2012 14:55:01)

Isaiah: The "300000 players" thing is for all AE games combined.

EOL, please don't bash the game. I feel that the story had the most potential out of all of the games-- WarpForce just wasn't given enough staff attention.

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