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Icy -> Planet Romero (2/10/2012 22:38:14)

Planet Romero

Location: Multiverse
Directions: Soluna City -> Travel -> Planet Romero

Locations Available:
  • BioEngineering Room
  • ICU

    Missions Available:
  • Zombie Outbreak
  • Zombie Sample Tissue

    Shops Available:
  • Vend-O-Tron Weapons Shop
  • Vend-O-Tron Energy Blades Shop
  • Vend-O-Tron Mod Shop

  • Artix
  • Vend-O-Tron
  • Dr. James Johnson
  • Dr. R. Johnson
  • Larry
  • Victoria
  • Tom
  • Samantha
  • Richard
  • Nurse Helia

    Artix: You faced those zombies like a true hero, <name>. The universe could use more people like you.

    Nurse Helia: You faced those zombies like a true hero, <name>. The universe could use more people like you.

    Larry: I don't feel very well.... Maybe I should take my medication early.

    Victoria: My date sneezed on me late night. I spent all night disinfecting myself. So gross!

    Tom: I won't let any zombies get to me. I'm taking double-doses of Poozom!

    Samantha: My boyfriend is disgusting. And he's got the flu!

    Richard: I'm sure this epidemic will pass soon enough. Ebilcorp Medical is on top of it.

    Vid terminal

  • Contact EbilCorp Medical
    Dr. J. Johnson: Now, how can we help you?

  • Ask about Artix
    Dr. R. Johnson: That would be Captain Artix of the S.S. Paladin.
    Dr. J. Johnson: He is the head of the Galactic Undead Terror Slayers.
    Dr. R. Johnson: The GUTS, if you will.
    Dr. J. Johnson: His ship arrived here a short while ago. Apparently he somehow got word of our recent... problems with H1Z1 virus.
    Dr. R. Johnson: While he has been helpful in several situations....
    Dr. J. Johnson: ...he seems to believe that we aren't able to contain the threat.
    Dr. R. Johnson: Preposterous, don't you think Doctor Johnson?
    Dr. J. Johnson: Indeed Doctor Johnson.
    Dr. R. Johnson/Dr. J. Johnson: Will there be anything else?

  • Ask about H1Z1
    Dr. R. Johnson: H1Z1 it is sometimes referred to colloquially around here as "Zombie Flu".
    Dr. J. Johnson: Symptoms include massive fatigue...
    Dr. R. Johnson: ...body temperature drop...
    Dr. R. Johnson: ...and in the late stages..
    Dr. J. Johnson: ...the subject reverts to a mindless necrotic state.
    Dr. R. Johnson: In other words...
    Dr. R. Johnson/Dr. J. Johnson: A zombie.

  • Ask about EbilCorp Medical
    Dr. R. Johnson: Look around, This is the product of EbilCorp Medical, the leading medical production company in the system.
    Dr. J. Johnson: This entire city is a near-perfect controlled environment for all our workers and all our factories.
    Dr. R. Johnson: Currently we are test marketing our latest wonderdrug, Poozom.
    Dr. J. Johnson: It's the wonder drug that cures all your ills.
    Dr. R. Johnson: At the moment, Poozom is available only here on Romero-
    Dr. J. Johnson: -where we've conducted our largest clinical trial to date.
    Dr. R. Johnson/Dr. J. Johnson: We hope to have it ready for system-wide distribution within the next few months.

  • Leave
    Dr. R. Johnson: If you have any further questions-
    Dr. J. Johnson: -you may contact us via any vid terminal in the city.

  • Contact Soluna
    Warlic: Hello <name>. Do you have anything else to report on your mission?

    A few minutes later....
    Warlic: I see... This H1Z1 virus is very troubling. A contagion that creates zombies can't be allowed to continue to spread.
    Warlic: I'm sending Nurse Helia Qinn to Romero as soon as possible.
    Warlic: Her medical knowledge should be very useful under the circumstances. She should arrive at the spaceport in a few hours.
    Warlic: In the meantime, continue your search as long as your are able.
    Warlic: Good luck to you, <name>!


    Vend-O-Tron: Hi! I'm Vend-O-Tron 5K1PPY! How can I help you? Have you had your Poozom today? Poozom makes everything better!

  • What are you?
    Vend-O-Tron: I'm a happy automated shop service. Think of me as your plastic pal who's fun to shop with!

  • Poozom?
    Vend-O-Tron: Yes, the wonder drug that cures all your ills! Here, try some today!
    (Are these pills moving?)
    Vend-O-Tron: That means they're working!
    (I'll pass)
    Vend-O-Tron: Too bad. You don't know what you're missing!

  • Shop
    Vend-O-Tron: What can I help you with? Keep in mind I'll be getting even more stuff soon!

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