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Random Sampling

Location: BioEngineering Room --> Nurse Helia --> Mission
Objective Completed: You neutralized the zombie mob!
Requirements: Completion of Zombie Outbreak
Release Date: February 10, 2012

  • Zombie Girl
  • Zombie Guy
  • Random mecha

  • Nurse Helia

    Nurse Helia: They just detected an outbreak in sector Y3! Hurry and we might be able to get a sample before it's too late!
    Nurse Helia: I just saw a report- an infected in H9 hijacked a mecha! Go stop it - and get a sample if you can!

    If you encounter a mecha:
    Nurse Helia: Quck! Subdue the pilot! We need that sample!

    After a successful roll:
    Nurse Helia: Stupendous! This sample is in perfect condition for me to run my tests. Thank you, <Character>.

    Reward Shops:

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