It's Not Easy Being Gold (Full Version)

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Stephen Nix -> It's Not Easy Being Gold (3/23/2012 23:57:57)

It's Not Easy Being Gold

Location: Lucky Day - Unlucky Escape! -> War Camp! -> Boss Fight! (second button)
Level/Quest/Items required: 100% War Meter None
Release Date: March 23rd, 2012

Objective: It's time to confront whoever is inside the hovel!
Objective completed: You... dont really feel that sorry for Zorbak.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Golden Zorbak - Boss

King Sneevrick

Lucky Katana (I-IV)
Lucky Naginata (I-IV)
Lucky Wakizashi (I-IV)

You follow the gold coins trail until you reach Zorbak's hut..

<Character>: ...

You enter the hut..

<Character>: Hello? Zorbak?

<Character>: Are you here?
Zorbak: Yeah I'm here.
Zorbak: What do you want?
<Character>: Well, I followed a trail of golden coins into the woods and found myself at your house.
<Character>: Did you let Au'Mydas out and give him back his power?
Zorbak: I gave him his power back alright... and got him to steal the Sneevilchaun gold.
Zorbak: But he double crossed me. He got his power back and then--
<Character>: He double crossed you?

Zorbak is shown from the darkness, and appears to be turned into gold...

<Character>: !!!
Zorbak: Yes. Then he KISSED ME! I'm Gold!
<Character>: Heh, so you're gilty by association?
Zorbak: Oh, shut up.

  • Battle!
  • Extreme Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

    Scene changes to Falconreach with the Baron in front of 5 Guardians and King Sneevick beside Ash and You...

    King Sneevrick: I use Sneevilchaun magic to make things right again.

    Zorbak rushes in...

    Zorbak: Hey you. You're a jerk.
    King Sneevrick: I take golden kiss from Au'Mydas and make grumpy moglin back normal.

    King Sneevrick throws a clover at the Baron changing him back to normal, and then punts Zorbak...

    Zorbak: WATCH IT!!!

    Zorbak changes back to normal...

    Zorbak: Oh...

    Zorbak: Don't EVER do that again.
    King Sneevrick: No more golden kissies... although grumpy moglin is still grumpy.
    Zorbak: Like, EVER.

  • Complete Quest

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