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Voodoo Master -> Bad Hare Day (4/7/2012 7:11:25)

Bad Hare Day

Location: Grenwog 2012 -> Grenwog -> What happened?
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: April 6th, 2012

Objective: Can you find all the Grenwog eggs?
Objective completed: Can you find all the Grenwog eggs?

Scaled Yes/No: No
Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Giant Pip
Guardian Richtor


Somewhere in Cysero's magic garden...

*A dark figure runs from tree to tree staying mostly hidden*

???: Just need to find a few more good spots...

*The figure is revealed. It's the Grenwog Hare*

Grenwog: That's the last of the items hidden.

*The Grenwog Hare hides a little golden pip*

Grenwog: They're gonna love these yummy marshmallow pips!
Grenwog: *giggle* This should be a memorable Grenwog for the people of Lore!

*The Grenwog Hare leaves the scene. After that, the little pip flashes in green and grows up until its head is above the trees. He tries to fly, but falls to the ground and makes a little earthquake*

Grenwog: What was that?!

*A large branch falls on the Grenwog Hare, causing him to faint*

Giant Pip: BOK.

*Meanwhile, in Falconreach*

Twilly: What?

*Camera zooms out. Now we can see that Twilly sits on Ash's head. The character stands near them*

<Character>: Really? You're going to make me ask twice?
Ash: He wants to know why you're sitting on my head.
Twilly: Oh! Thanks, Ashy. It's kinda hard to hear at this attitude.
Twilly: Ash lost a bet. And now he has to be my tree stump for the day.
<Character>: *snicker* What on Lore did you bet on?
Twilly: We--
???: <Character>!!!
<Character>: Hold that thought...

*Guardian Richtor enters the scene*

Guardian Richtor: <Character>, I bring word from Guardian Kain.
<Character>: Let's hear it, soldier.
Guardian Richtor: We're getting reports of large earthquakes from North of here. Somewhere in the vicinity of Lymcrest!
Ash: Oh no! Could they have unearthed something dangerous at the mine?!
<Character>: Wait, isn't Cysero's garden around there somewhere?
Guardian Richtor: Why yes, I believe so..
<Character>: Want to lose another bet, Ash?
Ash: *Groan*

*Back at the garden, the character finds the unconscious Grenwog Hare*

<Character>: Uhhh...
<Character>: Hey there... um, you, Are you alright?
Grenwog: ...
<Character>: HEY WAKE UP!

*The Grenwog Hare wakes up*

Grenwog: WAAAAHHH-- What?!
<Character>: Are you ok?
Grenwog: I... Don't know.
Grenwog: I know I'm the Grenwog Hare, and I think I was out hiding my eggs for you heroes to find.
Grenwog: ...But I can't remember where I hid them!
<Character>: Ooh, I love egg hunts!
Grenwog: I spread them all across Lore. It's going to take some careful searching to find out where I hid the eggs.
<Character>: Oh... uh, that's kinda overkill don'tcha think?
Grenwog: Well, there are more heroes than just you, y'know...
<Character>: Maybe, but it doesn't matter because I'm gonna find all the eggs and keep 'em for me!! Muaahahaha! *cough* I-- uh, I mean...
Grenwog: ...
Grenwog: I was gonna give you a hint, but now I don't know if I should...
<Character>: Aww, come on! I saved you! Well, I woke you up at least.
Grenwog: Alright, I guess. The eggs locations are marked by marshmallow chickcalfs!
<Character>: Sweet!
Grenwog: They taste great, but you'll have to defeat them first.
<Character>: Woot! Time to work up an appetite!

*The character starts running but then stops and comes back*

<Character>: Oh right. Hey, you haven't noticed any earthquakes or anything, have you?
Grenwog: Um... nope, can't say I have. ...Why?
<Character>: Cool. Oh, just a giant monster or something again probably. No big deal I'm-a gonna go find eggs ok bye!

*The character leaves the scene*

Grenwog: s/he's kinda weird.

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