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Astroking112 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/12/2012 21:49:24)

Notice: I'm going to just go ahead and begin accepting characters (But they will be judged on OP), and begin the game on monday. Blazing Eagle and Infinity have been accepted so far, but the rest are still in question.

The Pimancer is overpowered. Terra-Firma is simply too powerful unless it's nerfed extremely, and please choose either Pyromancy or teleport (limited), maybe with the addition of those air blocks. Please don't select a SL, that will be determined by the size of the crystal, and the strength of your powers.

Shadow still seems too powerful. I would suggest removing the ability to change day to night (But still be powerful in night), nerf Shadowcontrol, and also remove the Shadowblade, but keep the Shadowlaser. Your abilities could grow in power when you're critical.
Edit: Just noticed that your SL is 8... The nerf may have to be a little more extensive. Maybe you should decide on a general "idea" for Shadow, like downsizing the crystal and making him great at stealth, or focus more on strength.

@Lord Darkblade:
Not really sure what you'd do with more voices inside of your head, but that's the general idea. The powers are growing, and people can't control them forever. Also, please update your app (With the 3 SL), since I'll be copy & pasting accepted ones.

Limited control over metal, maybe? Moving small metal objects might work. Although, you sound kinda close to invincible. Maybe have the Steel Skin ability last for a certain amount of time, or just make it weaker-but-permanent? I'm leaning towards 6-7 for your power level.

@random fun 12:
I guess having a demonic sword (As long as it is only slightly stronger than a normal blade (You can regrow it, right?), not unbreakable), and a shield isn't too OP. However, the gun will require ammunition, which you cannot start off with. Your SL is 4.

And as for the SL, the max is 10. So this means that a small pebble is 1, and a room-sized crystal would grant a 10. However, the SL does effect my decisions on how much to nerf your powers.

kim346 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/12/2012 22:15:46)

Name: The Pimancer
Allegiance: Hero
Inventory: Empty
Crystal: Red colored and about the size of a tennis ball.
Pyromancy (limited),
Terra-Firma: Ability to control gravity (extremely limited) aka I walk like I was on the moon. That's it.
Barricade: Ability to make blocks of air that are HARD.
Stability: 100%
Strength: n/a
Appearance: An Asian ninja type of dude, with T-Shirt and Jeans
History: Was born, studied Math, and then played with Chemistry.

[b]Name:[/b] The Pimancer
[b]Allegiance:[/b] Hero 
[b]Inventory:[/b] Empty
[b]Crystal:[/b] Red colored and about the size of a tennis ball.
[b]Power: [/b] 
Pyromancy (limited), 
Terra-Firma: Ability to control gravity (extremely limited) aka me being able to walk like I was on the moon.
Barricade: Ability to make blocks of air that are HARD.
[b]Stability: [/b] 100% 
[b]Strength:[/b] n/a
[b]Appearance:[/b] An Asian ninja type of dude, with T-Shirt and Jeans
[b]History:[/b] Was born, studied Math, and then played with Chemistry.

Is this ok then?

Astroking112 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/12/2012 22:35:24)

Okay, so with a SL of 2, I think that you'll be able to have some extremely limited gravity control. However, we need to specify how it is limited. Would you like to simply be able to walk as if you were on the moon, or jump like John Carter (Which counts as using your powers)? Also, I feel that in order for the game to be fair, you should only be able to effect yourself with terra-firma, with the powers still being extremely limited. This may let us loosen up your pyromancy a little.

kim346 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/12/2012 22:39:48)

Ok then, your first example is just what I meant.
And yeah, being to slow others would be too OP.
So as long as everything else is fine, I'll edit my previous post.

Rez -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/12/2012 23:02:33)


Limited control over metal, maybe? Moving small metal objects might work. Although, you sound kinda close to invincible. Maybe have the Steel Skin ability last for a certain amount of time, or just make it weaker-but-permanent? I'm leaning towards 6-7 for your power level.

Largest thing I wanted to move was a metal rod...critical maybe car. And my skin is invincible to small attacks but superpowers still damage me, and small caliber bullets(Pistols and low powered rifles) hurt but don't do alot of damage. And the shielding is only skin thick, go through this and it's just me.

Kosefira -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 4:46:06)

I dont suppose the game was meant to open last month, was it?

Name: Satoshi Takenaka-Sullivan
Allegiance: Unaligned, but leans towards Hero
Crystal: A transparent ring; it fits perfectly on Satoshi's finger. It also appears to have a star-like symbol etched into its flawless surface.
  • Healing
    • Physical: Satoshi can regenerate living cells in plants an animals
    • Emotional: Satoshi is able to mentally calm people and ease pain
  • Light
    • Shield: Satoshi can create translucent panes of light that block physical matter, but they can be destroyed when struck with enough force. Satoshi can run on these walls since he's so light
    • Orb: Satoshi can fire weak orbs of light that can damage enemies physically, but they aren't very strong
Stability: 100%
Strength: 1
Appearance: At just 12 years old, Satoshi is only about 1m tall (3'4") and is fairly light with a small physique. He has big brown eyes, dark brown hair and a light pinkish-olive skin tone. He has a small star-shaped birthmark on the right side of his neck. He wears black shorts, a white shirt, a dark red hoodie, a white scarf, and brown boots with white socks.
History: Satoshi is an orphan who attended Oak Valley Boarding School. His English father was a soldier and was killed while posted overseas and his Japanese mother died a few years after from illness. Satoshi doesn't speak and is sensitive, but also a good student and is extremely polite. He is unrelentingly bullied because he doesn't talk; constant retreat has made him an excellent sprinter.
One day, during a class excursion to a cave site, a strange man with a large red stone appeared and began torching the place. As S.W.A.T members arrived, Satoshi ran into the caves and got lost. While searching for a way out, Satoshi found and picked up another crystal. As the power was bound to him, he heard footsteps approaching. Satoshi ran deeper into the caves, terrified at what the future would bring for him.

random fun 12 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 4:57:24)

OK, I took some of your advice and re-did it. Here's the revised version:

Name: Thomas Trenklin
Allegiance: Neutral until further notice
Crystal: Semi-Large, Opaque Obsidian, about twice the size your fist and smooth. Carries it in a small case in his bag.
Power: He has two arms -
1) The first is Infected with Demonic Powers, and grants him the ability to utilize it as a Blade.
2) The second is Bio Mechanical and can transform to a Shield and to de-activate most machinery. If this comes into contact with extreme high frequency Sound Waves, it tends to fail to work.
His abilities are transmitted only via his arms, and any other body parts cannot transmit these abilities. He can only use the Shield and Blade one at a time, and not together.
Strength Level: 4
Stability: 100%
Appearance: Has a black Hood with specks of Navy Blue. His pants are black jeans which are slightly looser than normal for easier moving. His Infected Arm is bandaged since it is blackened and charred, and he hides it to prevent attention, while his Robotic one is normal but if the skin layer is peeled away, you can see the mechanical infrastructure of it.
History: Has Amnesia and can't remember anything further than the time when he woke up in a scrapyard aged 14. He is now currently 17 years old, and is attempting to recover his memories, no matter the cost. He has grown to become Street-Wise, knowing all the back alleys and tricks and turns of every nook and cranny. However, he's also slightly mentally unstable - he can often attack people for no reason and get himself in needless trouble. Also he doesn't bother to memorize anything that he doesn't think is worth his time, like information such as "The Earth orbits the Sun". Stiff he does bother memorizing is stuff like laws to avoid trouble, and the rules of the Criminal Underworld to fend off gangs and Mafias.

Superemo -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 5:13:21)

Name: Steve
Allegiance: Villain
Inventory: Empty
Crystal: Black coloured, in the shape of a 10-pointed star, about the size of a Frisbee.
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Visual Perception
Dull Water Weakness (Dull Water lowers stability, as well as rendering powers unusable)
Stability: 100%
Strength: n/a
Appearance: A sophisticated man, who feels the need to underdress for the part. Typically wears a pair of black jeans, black athletic shoes, a green shirt, and a black jacket. Has long black hair, a beard on his chin, and a confident look on his face.
"What use is there in discussing my history? I feel it... insignificant, in the long run.
"Fine. If you must know, up until two years ago, on my twentieth birthday, I 'lived' in a small town in a midwestern state. I shall name neither town nor state, as it will be wiped from the map soon enough. In case you could not tell, I lack any jealousy of my past self. I feel that most of my life was wasted in that place. Now that I'm out of there, I'm free to live.
"And now, I have time to do so."


kkutwar -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 6:17:19)

Superemo, I'm pretty sure Astro is not going to allow bullet time... Or time manipulation much at all. First, you can avoid way too many things. Second, unless the S.W.A.T drug you first there is little worry for them getting you. Third, you're moving at a far greater speed than everyone else. Either way you'll get the first hit, and being a villain does not excuse you. Personally, I thought up a little combo that goes something like this: Slow Time (Twenty-five percent), Super Speed (Twenty-five percent), Super Strength (Twenty-five percent).

Astroking112 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 8:24:57)

Notice: If anyone feels like an already accepted character is too strong, feel free to point this out before the game begins. It's possible that I misjudged something, and I don't want all the other players to suffer because of it.

Thanks for pointing out the typo in the date.
Satoshi seems a little too powerful. A suggestion that I have is to lower the SL to 1 (It'll be up to 4 at 25% and under (And 5 at Critical)), and keep the powers the same. Or, if you'd prefer, we can limit the healing and empathy.

@random fun 12:
That's better. You're accepted.

If you can't move the metal extremely fast (Flying rods could be somewhat dangerous), then that'd be fine. Please either update your app or specify anything else you want changed.

kkutwar is right, even though your power is small, it is too abusable. And to worsen things, I cannot see how to limit time manipulation enough to make it usable.

Not really sure what that combo is...

Kosefira -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 9:43:10)

I wasn't planning on instant bone fusion or regrowth of limbs. The healing should take some time, 10 seconds for an open flesh wound, (which in the heat of battle is a lot of time) and maybe up to an hour for really severe injuries. Proximity is also a contributing factor; physical contact would increase the speed of recovery. It would probably take weeks for Satoshi to heal a minor cut over the phone. And a week long phone call on Satoshi's current plan would cost about $30,000.

If that's still too powerful and we're going with SL 1, then the crystal should probably be a ring rather than a wristband to make the size more relevant.

For Superemo's time skill, perhaps change it so he can alter the flow of time by 20% in each direction. So he could make 3 minute noodles in 2 minutes 24 seconds, or he could cut his time for the 100m sprint from 12 seconds down to less than 10 seconds

PBlades -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 11:08:47)

Name: Marcus Karrde
Allegiance: Neutral
Inventory: Empty
Crystal: Indescribable. The closest approximation would be a green-yellowish purple. About the size of a pebble.
Telekinesis: Able to move objects freely as if with an invisible hand with roughly the same strength as his own. Alternatively, sacrifice control for power and move it in one general direction, "throw" it, with force twice his own strength.
Mind Trick: Wave his hand theatrically in front of a person, allowing him to plant an idea in their head. They'd think that it was their own idea, and act upon it unless it especially contradict their personality. For example, a guard might be convinced to go have a cheeseburger ,but not to shoot himself.
Stability: 100%
Strength: n/a
Appearance: A ragged, haggard-looking man. Wearing grimy-plain cloth with yellow teeth, black gum and a deranged look in his eye.
He want to be a super hero. As such, he helped people. From holding old grandma hands' and helping them across the street to braving into a fire-wrought house to finding a lost puppy, he was always with an open palm, always reaching out to help others.

He want to be a super hero. Nevertheless, fate dealt him a poor hand. He was fired. He was left. He was struck. He was beaten. He was driven away. He was, is, repulsive, and people hated him for his appearance.

He want to be a super hero. And he is, but once people are done with him, he is not wanted.

.R.M. -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 14:28:42)

Ok Astro, I'm remaking him now.

Fixed (again) version:

Name: Shadow
Allegiance: Villain
Crystal: Shadow crystal, in the shape of a skull. A medium sized crystal, about the size of a bed.
Shadow control: Has limited control over shadows
Shadow blade: Can create a sword or dual daggers out of pure, yet breakable shadow.
Shadow laser: Shoots beams, like a laser made from shadow.
Note:Obviously his powers are stronger during night.
Strength Level: 6
Stability: 100%
Appearance: Tall with a long flowing dark robe, though he seems to be muscular underneath. He has a deep cowl with his face not being visible. No one really knows what he looks like, though rumor is he has a dark scar over his right eye.
History: Grew up immersed in dark arts. He was always strange. One day, during a walk, he found a dark crystal elsewhere in a cave. Rumor is that this was his "private" cave, where he studied dark arts. He had a small power of controlling shadows before touching his crystal. Now he his more powerful than most other villains. He now uses his powers for evil, though other villains go to him for help. He is one of the few ultimate villains. Mostly focusing on stealth, like an assassin, he is strong. As he gets stronger, so do his powers.

kkutwar -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 14:58:55)

That combo equals something like this: He slows time by twenty-five percent, so everyone else perceives time at seventy-five percent its normal speed. You have super speed making you twenty-five percent faster than any man, which coupled with the time slowing gives the appearance of moving at fifty-percent normal human speed. Speed equals force, which coupled with twenty-five percent superhuman strength makes you capable of killing any normal human. Use all three, and you'll be a dangerous enemy. Thus, more lethal than they sound.

Well, the problem with time-altering powers in this game is that everyone grows stronger over time even doing nothing. So, someone who can rewind or fast forward time by twenty percent would eventually reach hundred percent and beyond once dropping from zero percent. Admittedly he would be horribly underpowered like that with only twenty percent at 100 stability.

Astroking112 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 16:42:37)

That significant nerf on the healing does change things. However, I doubt that you'll character will be using his strength that much, since he can create weak orbs (Which may be handy for blinding people), and barriers. So, for the sake of balance, I do believe it'd be best to reduce the SL to 1, and the size of the crystal to a ring.

Telekinises coupled with Mind Trick are a little abusable. However, since your strength would be 1 with the size of your crystal, and the strongest you could throw it with you "Sacrifice Control" is 2 normally, it isn't too bad. However, at Critical you'll be able to throw something at the strength of the hulk... Maybe don't double strength, unless you particularly like that ability. Alternatively, we could limit your Mind Trick to small feets and leave your telekinises as is.

Now Shadow seems to be more on par, but I do have a question. What do you mean by shadow control? Being able to make them appear/change shape would be fine, but if it's not specific, I can't accept you.

As for the topic of the time, kkutwar is (Once again) right. Time control is as powerful as power-theft, even if nerfed extremely, Superemo could purposely use up his/hers stability after finding some Dull-Water, hugging 0 for too long with that power. Then there's still the possibility of, "Oh, my stability decreases, and I ran out of Dull-Water? Well, since I'm slowing down time, it won't decrease as quickly, right?"

kkutwar -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 17:25:01)

Oh, just realize but abilities that are passive should probably use up less than four percent. Because it would really suck to be flying around for five updates and lose fifty/twenty points in all when say you're in a heated battle using it as an aerial dodge system. So, for activated powers with passive effects the following turns with it still being used should be less to avoid making this too awesome yet impractical.

.R.M. -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 17:43:22)

@Astro, Well, shadow control could result in increased strength/speed, being able to make shadows/darkness hard (projectiles, walkways, etc.) and begin able to camouflage.

kkutwar -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 17:49:37)

So... Wall Crawling, Instant Armor, Enhanced Strength/Speed, Hard Shadow, Invisibility in Darkness... Admittedly that is better off from what I figured before, since you could of just skewered everything in the city for the evulz.

Astroking112 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 19:21:34)

Maybe remove increased speed/strength, but retain making shadows 3-Dimensional (Like Shadowblade) and being hard to see while in shadows?

Well one of the ideas is to get people to try and land as soon as possible, but maybe losing 8% normally is too powerful. However, in-between 5% and 8% doesn't leave that much room for a new number...

.R.M. -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 20:28:09)

@Astro, Sounds good to me :D

Astroking112 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/13/2012 21:26:11)

Okay, I'll add Shadow to the game.

Superemo -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/14/2012 0:58:43)


Astroking112 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/14/2012 11:43:41)

Please define "Enhanced Visual Pereption." Being able to see well is the first thing that comes into my mind when I read it, but I don't want to assume something, accept it, and find out that it really lets them "control matter." If it is being able to see better, you may want to increase the size of your crystal a little, just so you'll be able to defend yourself better without some weaponry (Which you'd need to scavenge).

kkutwar -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/14/2012 13:07:19)

I think he means super-sight, as in "Being able to see further, fuller details, etc".

The ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.
The state of being or process of becoming aware of something in such a way.

Definition for visual perception:
Web definitions:
perception by means of the eyes.
Visual Perception. Oh yeah, you should ask him what he intends to use Super Speed for. The implications of Super Speed is like the implications of a Green Lantern ring. Time Travel? Sure. Wind Cannons? Alright. Hyper-advanced speed rendering you in Bullet Time? Perfectly functional. Defying the normal laws of gravity through sheer speed? What speedster doesn't? Super-Swimming? You have super muscles. Then, there is the Infinite Mass trick. How it goes? Reach infinite speed, and since speed equals force... It actually is an easy enough trick to understand for a speedster assuming they are A) Fast enough and B) Don't get stopped by anything. Which, combined with Super Reflexes, possibly implies using high-speed strength is going to be a recurring element. Superemo is a very intelligent and clever person, but so am I. I honestly doubt Supes didn't have some of those things in mind, so by combining Super Speed/Super Reflexes/Enhanced Visual Perception he would be capable of dodging attacks pretty easily along with being able to preemptively dodge anything in his path. There's also the Vibrate Molecules to phase through stuff and killing people via sheer speed/fiction. Also, Super Speed can be used as limited flight. That, and has quite a bit of components for Wind Manipulation.

Before anybody bothers, I chose Beast Mastery/Creation of Life/Animal Empathy as a Mook Maker/Master type of role. Trying new things, you know? Very much focused on Magikarp Power, but the current time is meant as being surprisingly lethal. Rats can chew through metal apparently, and squirrels... Well, they're squirrels. Though, most of the things he can command/create should be easy enough even for a normal human to kill and he has a small command range currently anyways. My character was made very much in mind to be able to take advantage of the Stability system without being inherently too powerful or weak to start off. Sure I could sic demonic cats of the sky, but do you realize how easy it would be to snap a cat's neck? Plus the fact they would have to get in close, which would leave them very vulnerable to close-range attacks. There is as well the fact Eagle's creations aren't too smart on their own, and trying to manipulate a "perfectly normal" pigeon through the sky to places he can't see wouldn't be very effective. Thus, he relies on sheer numbers, stealth, sneak attacks, distractions and whatever he has himself to defeat enemies. Basically, he has to use what is at his disposal to defeat enemies. Plus the fact he doesn't actually understand animals so their purpose as scouts or spies is greatly limited. Along with the fact they don't have very much innate loyalty to him so they wouldn't exactly come back anyways. Flight only had three main purposes: The first, looking cool as Eagle pulls up his arms to look like he has portal powers when a horde of alien locust fly at his target. Two, for following any animal scouts he creates. Third, for usage regarding combat/general events. The size of the creatures I imagine being about the size of a housecat or less at this time while the horde control would be less than fifteen. I think I generally meant for King Astro to decide the animal control number limit. Yes, there is a lot of potential to the Creation part but frankly I know very little about animals (and weaponry/martial arts/how-to-use technology/etc) that I would be barely using it right.

EDIT: Also forgot, but he can only have a limited number of creations out at a time. One has to die first before a new one can be made. So he can't snap his fingers, make the ratbird disappear and replace it with a mini-rhino. Also, I would presume for some stability he has a limited pool innately of what he can create and combine. If I was gonna be a munchkin, I wouldn't even point out and suggest balance for my abilities. I'm a very impulsive person.

EDIT 2: I just realized... "Satoshi can regenerate living cells in plants an animals" Humans are animals, which has been acknowledged but what would stop him from healing himself? There's also the proximity factor, and since the closer person to you is yourself he would be able to heal himself quicker than others. Also, how would powers like that affect Stability of supers?

EDIT 3: Sorry, forgot about that passive thing. Well, if the ability is passive by nature or is activated with continuous passive effects I guess it should be two percent less than normal. So Flight would go from eight to six, and anything else goes from four to two. Passive abilities tend to have less restrictions than activated powers in media. I mean, it would kind of be bad if one of your powers is being fireproof yet you drain Stability every update even when you're doing nothing. I guess the passive abilities would function by need, so if you're fireproof but there is no fire it isn't on. But, if fire is suddenly around it triggers in no time to protect you. Thus, I figure passive abilities would function like this:

"Timmy the Anti-Fire walks around town on a rainy day, losing no stability for the lack of fire. Oh no, its Bob the Immortal Blaze! His fire can't be put out by water, and shoots a fireball at poor little Timmy! Timmy's fireproof skin activates negating the fireball, and draining two points of stability."

Astroking112 -> RE: Super-Powerd (NY) OOC (Game under construction) (4/14/2012 19:36:37)

I thought that passive abilities would be passive, not detracting any extra stability (Everyone still loses 5% passively).

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