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Aika Village

Access Point: Travel Map (Books 1 and 2) -> Aika Village -> Take me there!
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: May 18th, 2012

Quests Available
Deep Neverglades
Deeper Neverglades
Deepest Neverglades

Aika Guard
<Character> (Aika Village)

Hut Junk
Witz's Store


Lilka: Hi there! Going to Sho Nuff Island?

  • Quests!
    Lilka: Are you brave enough to venture into the Neverglades? The shifting jungles are said to have no end! I can take you there.

  • Travel!
    Lilka: Certainly. On which end of Sho Nuff fo you want me to drop you?

    You can go to either Shadow of the Wind Village or Osprey Cove.

  • Talk
    <Character>: Hi, nice to meet you. I'm <Character>.
    Lilka: You too, <Character>, I'm Lilka. I run a small ship between here and Sho Nuff.
    <Character>: Really? You don't look like a captain...
    Lilka: No? Well. I'm kinda new to this. I grew up in a little village, but I decided I just didn't want that life anymore.
    Lilka: So, what better way to see the world than to snag a boat and explore, right?
    <Character>: Right! Speaking of, is Sho Nuff the only place you ferry to?
    Lilka: At the moment, yes. I'm pretty new to this area so I don't really know many interesting places.
    Lilka: If I find any, I'll gladly take you along though.
    <Character>: I'd like that. Thank you.

  • Sho Nuff?
    <Character>: What can you tell me about Sho Nuff Island?
    Lilka: It's a small island off the coast. If you're thinking about going, be careful.. the locals are not entirely friendly.
    <Character>: Oh?
    Lilka: Shadow of the Wind Village is home to a group of ninja, and Osprey Cove is swarming with pirates.
    Lilka: They don't really get along...
    <Character>: Ah, I see. Is there anyone else on the island?
    Lilka: I think so.. I see a plume of smoke or two from the middle of the isle once in a while.
    <Character>: Interesting. Thanks for the info.

  • Your weapon..?
    <Character>: If you don't mind my asking, what kind of weapon are you using?
    Lilka: This? It's a combination of stave and spear, called a minerva.
    Lilka: It's made from a certain tree in Dreamwood, my home village.
    <Character>: Neat. Where is this village?
    Lilka: It's.. a secret. I'm sorry, I don't think I'm allowed to tell you. Many wood elves do not care for outsiders.
    Lilka: Not me, though. That's kinda why I left.
    <Character>: That's alright. I'd love to visit sometime though if they should ever change their minds.

    Witz's Hut

    Witz: Hello, sir or madam. Would you like to... how you say... store?

    <Character>: Whoa, you're <Character>! I've heard of you... my name is <Character> too! Weird, huh?

    Mandi: Heehee, you have funny clothes!

    The Chief's Tent

    Upon trying to get into the tent:
    Aika Guard: This is the chief's tent. You do not have permission to enter.

    Crystah's Inn

    Crystah: Welcome, traveler. Would you like to stay for the night? Or maybe longer?

    Niak: Isn't it beautiful? ...Oh, I meant that pot over there.

    Fra-ki: Hey, wake up! Come on.. you said you'd teach me how to surf today!


    Kraola: You no allowed. Please to be going awaiz.

  • Talk
    <Character>: Hi, my name is <Character>.
    Kraola: Kraola no care. Is too close to dinnertime.
    <Character>: Oh, so your name is Kraola? Nice to meet you.
    Kraola: *sigh*

  • Try to trick him (1)
    <Character>: Actually, the chief sent me. Can you let me by please?
    Kraola: Chief no send you. I not dumb, just bad spellar.

  • Guard duty?
    <Character>: What are you guarding?
    Kraola: Is secret. Kraola no tell because chief no want outsiders to know.
    <Character>: So then it must be something either powerful, or embarrassing. Right?
    Kraola: !!!
    Kraola: Um.. Kraola is sleeping. Pleased to be coming back later.

  • The chief?
    <Character>: What can you tell me about the chief?
    Kraola: Chief no can has experience in battle, but has good experience in eating and asking for silly things.
    <Character>: Silly things?
    Kraola: Yes. Silly things.
    Kraola: Chief like to ask Kraola to dance or tell stories. Kraola respect chief, so Kraola do... but think there better things to do.
    <Character>: The chief sound like he doesn't respect you though.
    Kraola: No, chief respect Kraola. It difficult to explain... We family. Chief care, but is just silly some times.

  • Where is he?
    <Character>: Where is the chief? I'd like to meet him.
    Kraola: Um.. chief.. went to beach.
    <Character>: Oh? I didn't see him.
    Kraola: Chief.. uh.. sneaky.

  • Falconreach?
    <Character>: Have you ever been to Falconreach?
    Kraola: Kraola not really travel. Many do work in village.
    <Character>: Aika Village seems pretty laid back. Can there really be that much to do around here that you can't leave?
    Kraola: Aika seem like easy place but we have to build again many times after storms or big wave.
    <Character>: So.. why not move further inland?
    Kraola: What? ... Have you no seen beach?
    <Character>: ... Good point.

  • Try to trick him (2)
    <Character>: Hey ol' buddy, where can I find the nearest heavily guarded secret building?
    Kraola: Oh, is behind Krao-- hey, ...
    Kraola: Wait.

    Kraola: Wait...

    Kraola: Hey. Kraola no like your think trick.
    <Character>: Almost had you though!
    Kraola: Kraola not think funny. Kraola no more talk.

    The Shore

    Monkey: *Screech!* (Dude, you're blocking my sun!)

    Utu: Hehehe, that's my girl!

    Boogmoog: Sloosh?

    Other Information
  • Power Truffle food item can be found in one of the pots.

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