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Location: Aika Village

Quests given
Deep Neverglades
Deeper Neverglades
Deepest Neverglades

Shops owned

Lilka: Hi there! Going to Sho Nuff Island?

  • Quests!
    Lilka: Are you brave enough to venture into the Neverglades? The shifting jungles are said to have no end! I can take you there.

  • Travel!
    Lilka: Certainly. On which end of Sho Nuff do you want me to drop you?

    You can go to either Shadow of the Wind Village or Osprey Cove.

  • Talk
    Lilka: You too, <Character>, I'm Lilka. I run a small ship between here and Sho Nuff.

    Lilka: No? Well. I'm kinda new to this. I grew up in a little village, but I decided I just didn't want that life anymore.
    Lilka: So, what better way to see the world than to snag a boat and explore, right?

    Lilka: At the moment, yes. I'm pretty new to this area so I don't really know many interesting places.
    Lilka: If I find any, I'll gladly take you along though.

  • Sho Nuff?
    Lilka: It's a small island off the coast. If you're thinking about going, be careful.. the locals are not entirely friendly.

    Lilka: Shadow of the Wind Village is home to a group of ninja, and Osprey Cove is swarming with pirates.
    Lilka: They don't really get along...

    Lilka: I think so.. I see a plume of smoke or two from the middle of the isle once in a while.

  • Your weapon..?
    Lilka: This? It's a combination of stave and spear, called a minerva.
    Lilka: It's made from a certain tree in Dreamwood, my home village.

    Lilka: It's.. a secret. I'm sorry, I don't think I'm allowed to tell you. Many wood elves do not care for outsiders.
    Lilka: Not me, though. That's kinda why I left.


    Lilka: Don't be fooled by the edge of the jungle. It is still vast and confusing!

    Deep Neverglades

    Lilka: You conquered the edges, but do you think you're ready to venture into it's depths?

    Deeper Neverglades

    Lilka: You really want to go deeper into the Neverglades?

    Deepest Neverglades

    Lilka: The deepest depths of the Neverglades have never been explored!


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