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Stephen Nix -> Professor (Atrea), The (5/26/2012 0:48:35)

The Professor

Location: Atrea -> Left -> Up -> Left -> Yolande -> Quests -> Professor
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of North
Release Date: May 25th, 2012

Objective: You've found the Professor and his... "assistant", but you've also led one of Wargoth's imps right to him!
Objective completed: You caught the imp, but you're going to have to be careful and try to keep the Professor safe!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Darkness Elemental
(4) Dirt Beetle
(3) Earth Elemental
(5) Skeleton Guardian
(3) Tarantula
(2) Yygrigal

Flare Imp
The Professor

Copper Gears
Tech Toolbelt
Imp's Sash
Blacksmith's Leather Satchel
Runed Warrior Belt
Technician's Tools

Yolande: Please, <Character>, we need The Professor's help to defeat Wargoth. It's imperative you find him and keep him safe!

  • Quest!
  • Back

    Konnan and the hero have a stare down...

    <Character>: What are you doing here?

    <Character>: could you have survived the lava?
    Konnan: You... I remember you....

    Hits you with his hammer....

    ???: STOP.
    <Character>: ...?

    The Professor is revealed...

    The Professor: I'd prefer if you didn't kill my apprentice. He's useful.
    The Professor: More so then you.
    <Character>: Are you The Professor?
    The Professor: I've been called that, yes, and just who do you think you are?

    The Professor: Who are you working for?
    Konnan: ...he--
    The Professor: Let him speak for himself.
    <Character>: I've come from Atrea. The Atealeans are under attack, Wargoth has been sending his armies through portals... he might even be in Lore already!
    <Character>: You have to help!
    The Professor: I don't have to do anything.
    The Professor: All I want is to be left alone. I barely escaped Somorah with my life.
    The Professor: I searched for safety and a hiding place on this world and you've managed to shatter that safety with your blundering!
    <Character>: I'm not your enemy! I've been searching for you to ask for your help!
    The Professor: Do you think you're the only one who's been searching for me?
    The Professor: LOOK!

    Flame Imp: *squeak!*

    In the cave a Flame Imp appears...


    The imp runs away....

    The Professor: Catch it before it escapes or I'll find somewhere to hide where you'll never be able to blunder across me again.

    After searching and finding the Imp...

    <Character>: ARGH! Come back here you little--

    A bucket is put over top of the imp and a hammer on top of the bucket to make sure the imp doesn't escape...

    Konnan: ...
    The Professor: ...

    Scene ends with The Professor placing his hand on Konnan's shoulder as Konnan closes his eyes in sadness...

  • Complete Quest

    Pop-up headlines during the quest:

  • You don't hear anything..must not be close
  • There, you heard something...are you closer?
  • Wow, really close now, you can definitely hear it!

  • Next Up: Dreamscape

    Thanks to Occavatra for pop-up headlines.

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