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Braughlmurk Cape

Access Point: Travel Map (Books 1 and 2) -> Braughlmurk Cape -> Take me there!, Falconreach Inn (Books 1 and 2) -> Up -> Right -> Down -> San Robin & Roblos -> Adventure! -> Braughlmurk Cape
Level/Quest/Items required: None
Release Date: June 15th, 2012

Quests Available
Braughlmurk Crypts
Braughlmurk Dungeon
Braughlmurk Sewers
Braughlmurk Tower
Haunted Forest
Ship Graveyard


Binding Destiny
Shadow Doom


Ennwen: Hail, Hero. Why have you come to these haunted ruins?

  • Haunted?
    Ennwen: Braughlmurk was once a great paladin stronghold... until the Shadow Necromancers attacked.
    Ennwen: It's said the battle raged for decades... but historians tend to exaggerate.
    Ennwen: The land and harbor were poisoned for many years though. Only recently has nature begun to return to these ruins.
    Ennwen: The harbor is still a ghost of what it once was though.
    Ennwen: The bones and spirits of the paladins still try to stand guard in the depth of the ruins as well.

  • Who are you?
    Ennwen: I am Ennwen. Once, a very long time ago, my ancestors were part of the Paladin Order here. Now, I'm just a simple blacksmith.
    Ennwen: Shards of the order's armor and bones of the necromancers still litter and pollute the cape.
    Ennwen: As time passes they break down... but I'm trying to speed the process along.
    Ennwen: Enough knowledge of the Light and Darkness has been passed down... and I've heard of a set of weapons....
    Ennwen: The Doom weapons, and their purified counterparts, the Destiny weapons...
    Ennwen: ...the fragments of the battle left behind, if you collect them...
    Ennwen: I could forge the shards to those legendary weapons and make them stronger!

  • Doom
    Ennwen: I am loathe to empower something so... evil. I think it is the only think powerful enough to forge the Shadow Bone Shards to, though.
    • Doom Weapons
      Ennwen: Rumor has it, a mysterious merchant on the outskirts of Falconreach sells the original Doom weapons.

    • Powerful enough?
      Ennwen: I will only be able to forge the Shadow Bone Shards with a Doom weapon if it is of Dire (level 40) power level or above.
  • Destiny
    Ennwen: The light flows through the Destiny's! I will be able to forge them with the Braughlmurk Bindings of the ancient paladin order.
    • Destiny Weapons
      Ennwen: The great paladin, Artix, can Purify the original Doom weapons in Doomwood.

    • Powerful enough?
      Ennwen: I will only be able to forge the Braughlmurk Bindings with a Destiny weapon if it is of Pristine (level 28) power level or above.


    While doing Cure in Thyme from Mogloween Chapter 7 you can find Cat Item (Cat's Tail) as a temporary item. 2 Right -> 4 Up.

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