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Icy -> Enemies (6/18/2012 20:28:24)

Please check the previous posts in this thread to make sure the information you have requested to have added or updated is not already here. Remember to link to the current entry for an entry update, or state that it is a new entry. All entries in this thread should be submitted within [quote][/quote] tags.

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For Mech Enemies:

(Include Tags here if applicable)

[size=2][b]<Name of Enemy>[/b][/size]

[b]Resistances:[/b] (Include Immobility, or any resistance listed)
[b]Enemy Type:[/b] (Non-Equippable/Equippable, if applicable - Shadowscythe/EbilCorp/Vampire)
[b]Default Special Abilities:[/b] (Include stats such as Boost/Bonus/Defense)

[b]Attack 1:[/b]
[i](Place description and number of hits of the attack here)[/i]
[*]List special effect(s) with bullets
[b]Attack Image:[/b] [link=]Attacking![/link] (if one attack has multiple images, use Attacking 1!, Attacking 2! etc.)

(continue the list if applicable)

[b]Image:[/b] [link=]<Name of Enemy>[/link]

For Energy Blade Enemies:

(Include Tags here if applicable)

[size=2][b]<Name of Enemy>[/b][/size]

[b]Default Special Abilities:[/b]

[b]Attack 1:[/b]
[i]<Attack description>[/i]
[*]Use bullets for special abilities (continue if applicable)
[b]Attack Image:[/b] [link=]Attacking![/link]

(List all attacks)

[b]Image:[/b] [link=]<Enemy Name>[/link]

Thiefboy109 -> RE: Enemies (1/20/2013 15:50:44)

The following needs to be added as causing Overdrive for Simu-Desmodus:
  • Boost buffs and Defense nerfs will activate Overdrive, causing Simu-Desmodus's attacks to greatly increase in power.

    It should be added into the Default Special Abilities area.

    Done, thanks! ~golden

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