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Location: Atrea -> Left -> Up -> Left -> Yolande -> Quests -> Nightmares
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Dreamscape
Release Date: June 29th, 2012

Objective: Wargoth is throwing all sorts of fire monsters at you to get you out of his head!
Objective completed: Just who is The Professor?!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Ashen Knight
(2) Ashen Squire
(1) Fiendshroom
(2) Fire Imp
(2) Flamedance
(3) Flare Imp
(2) Mana Elemental
(1) Konnan - Boss

The Professor

Psychosis Bag
Icy Orb
The Answer
Salve Vial
Twisted Gears
Wooden Shard

Yolande: Wargoth must be stopped!

  • Quest!

    Loads Apprentice as Guest A.

    *Konnan and our character are still in the Dreamscape. Wargoth just appeared*

    Wargoth: Who invades the mind of Wargoth?
    Wargoth: It's you... isn't it?
    Wargoth: I will find you, you pathetic human, and burn away the rest of your flesh... the metal imbedded in your body will melt off your bones!
    <Character>: Not if I can help it, Wargoth?
    Wargoth: And who might you be?
    <Character>: I am <Character>, a hero of Lore!
    <Character>: I defeated the minions you sent after the Ateala, took down your General, Veyla, and I will stop you!
    Wargoth: Hahahahaha, you think I sent those for the Ateala?
    Wargoth: As a challenge for you?
    Wargoth: Amusing.
    Wargoth: Since I have come into being my thoughts have constantly been invaded by this... insect.
    Wargoth: I will end him. Slowly. Then burn this world to a cinder for sheltering him.
    <Character>: Since he's come into being... ? The Professor isn't that old... I thought Wargoth had attacked the Ateala before...
    Wargoth: Do you think you have any power here, little one?
    Wargoth: It is the sanctity of my mind you're invading. You're nothing more than a puppet on strings for me.
    <Character>: This was such a great idea.
    Konnan: Brace yourself, <Character>. We have no idea what he's capab--

    *Wargoth makes Konnan hover in the air in front of him*

    Wargoth: Such a weak little flame in this one.

    *Wargoth telepathically shakes Konnan in the air*

    Konnan: *Hgrk*
    Wargoth: Pathetic!
    <Character>: !!!

    *Wargoth telepathically throws Konnan at the character*

    Wargoth: HAAAHAHAA! In this realm, I can do as I please!

    *Still under Wargoth's control, Konnan hits the character a few times*

    Wargoth: Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourhhaahHAAHAHAAAAHAAA!
    <Character>: Argh! You'll pay for that!

    *Flames surround Wargoth*

    Wargoth: No one can stand against ME, peon!

    *Wargoth attacks Konnan and the character with fire*

    Wargoth: You think my fiery armies brought pain on Lore?
    Wargoth: You know nothing of pain.

    Again, you have to fight native elementals and Wargoth's minions until you get back to Wargoth.

    Wargoth: Interesting. Very interesting.

    *The character stands in front of Wargoth while Konnan is on his knees*

    Wargoth: What keeps you fighting, <Character>.
    <Character>: ...
    Wargoth: What makes you rage against the scraps of subconscious, Konnan?
    Konnan: ...
    Wargoth: What makes you two... fight together?

    *Konnan is standing again*

    Konnan: ...
    <Character>: You... you're the greater threat.
    Wargoth: I know what <Character> did to you...
    Wargoth: Your whole family. Decimated.
    Konnan: I--
    Wargoth: Can you still hear their screams?
    <Character>: No! No! It wasn't like that!
    Wargoth: Why was your own family less important, Konnan?

    *Konnan looks angrily at the character*

    Konnan: You...
    Konnan: How could you?
    <Character>: Konnan, don't! He's playing you!

    *Konnan's eyes water*

    Konnan: SILENCE!

    Apprentice is no longer your Guest.

    You now need to fight Konnan. After you win:

    *The Professor appears and start fighting Wargoth*

    Wargoth: Get out!
    The Professor: Enough! Get out!

    *The dream shatters*

    <Character>: Wh-- What happened? Is it over?

    *The Professor, Konnan and the character are back at The Professor's cave*

    The Professor: ...
    <Character>: You haven't told me everything... Just how old are you?
    The Professor: ...
    The Professor: I... I don't know.
    <Character>: How can you not know how old you are? When did Wargoth start invading your dreams?
    <Character>: Why on Lore does he think you're invading his mind?
    <Character>: And how in the blazes does he know about things that happened to... things that happened during the Fire War?
    <Character>: Can he see into our minds as well?
    The Professor: I... I must sit.

    *The Professor sits down on a chair*

    The Professor: The first thing I remember... is waking up on Somorah.
    The Professor: Well... that's not true.
    The Professor: I remember pulling. Tearing.
    The Professor: Then waking up in the care of the Ateala.
    The Professor: Wargoth has haunted my dreams since then. The connection is only between us through. I... I think...
    <Character>: You think what? What is going on?
    The Professor: I think I am Wargoth.

  • Complete Quest

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