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Master of Puppets

Location: Atrea -> Left -> Up -> Left -> Yolande -> Quests -> Puppets
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Nightmares
Release Date: July 13th, 2012

Objective: Wargoth has enslaved Xan himself! Will you be able to pull him out of his fortress for The Professor?
Objective completed: You've managed to capture Xan... but Wargoth won't be happy his prisoner is gone.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

As Xan:
(1) Veyla - Boss

As player:
(1) Bassault
(3) Fire Elemental
(6) Fire Imp
(2) Firebeetle
(4) Flamedance
(5) Flare Imp
(3) Inferno Vector
(7) Lava Glob
(2) Lavagoblin
(2) Sunwarrior
(1) Flare Imp - Boss

The Professor

Magma Cowl
Glowing Magma Cowl
Smoldering Magma Cowl
Molten Magma Cowl

Yolande: There has been a surge of magic on this world... something very dangerous is coming... or is here!
Yolande: Whatever you can do to help the Professor... you must do it or all of this world will burn as ours has!

  • Quest!
  • Back

  • Equips Xan class.

    *Wargoth is sitting on Xan's throne in Xan's lair. The Professor is in his hideout. They are talking to themselves.*

    Wargoth: This constant intrusion...
    Wargoth: I must end it.
    The Professor: I am in more danger now than ever.
    Wargoth: I cannot stand the constant... crawling inside my mind.
    The Professor: If I really am connected to Wargoth as I suspect though...
    Wargoth: I will crush the Professor and burn this world for hiding him.
    The Professor: ...
    The Professor: ...killing me could mean his end as well...
    Wargoth: But.. which one of my pets should I send to hunt him?
    The Professor: It could also mean the end of existence...
    The Professor: ...if he has as much power as I suspect. Hiding is no longer an option... we need to find out more.

    *Focuses on Wargoth. Xan arises from the pit at Wargoth's command.*

    Wargoth: Ahh, you are an interesting specimen...
    Wargoth: ... the fire that engulfs you also keeps you alive. How... evil.
    Wargoth: Every lick of flame must be agony for you.
    Wargoth: You love it as much as you hate it though... don't you?
    Wargoth: The power you wield... everything that makes you... is borne of hate though, isn't it?
    Wargoth: Even my minions seem to enrage you.

    *Wargoth unleashes Fire Imps onto Xan. Xan falls back into the pit.*

    Wargoth: Yet, your anger fuels you. You ache for revenge... for the power to do something beyond childish pranks.

    *Xan has arisen again. Veyla arises from the pit at Wargoth's command.*

    Wargoth: She is broken.
    Wargoth: She thought she had escaped... but I created and control the fire within her, just as I control the fire within you.
    Wargoth: I look forward to breaking you.

    *Xan and Veyla fall back into the pit. Xan attacks Wargoth, but the attack doesn't harm him. Focuses on Wargoth.*

    Wargoth: Do you think a simple country mage has the power to defeat me?
    Wargoth: Even the cursed power that you wield now was given to you by another, wasn't it?

    *Focuses on Veyla.*

    Wargoth: Veyla, my pet...
    Wargoth: ...give our country bumpkin something to fight against.
    Veyla: Y-- yes.

  • Battle!
  • Extreme Battle!
  • Heal
  • Run Away!

  • Equips player's default class.


    *Wargoth unleashes more Fire Imps onto Xan. Focuses on The Professor pacing.*

    The Professor: There has to be someone...
    The Professor: ... Who on this world bends fire like Wargoth?
    <Character>: ...
    The Professor: Who did you first suspect when Wargoth's minions started attacking, <Character>? Who else would send in minions of pure fire?
    <Character>: Xan....
    The Professor: Xan... Xan... but he hates imps....
    The Professor: !!!!
    The Professor: I... we must find him. I... I think he is important.
    <Character>: He's crazy.
    <Character>: He wouldn't help us if the world depended on it. He only cares about ending Warlic and Warlic has disappeared.
    The Professor: I think after we talk with him, he'll be overjoyed to help.
    The Professor: Konnan... Do you know where his lair is?

    *Konnan nods, enters Xan's lair. You fight your way through various monsters as you approach the main part of Xan's lair.*

    <Character>: (whispering): What should we do?

    *Shows Xan lying on the floor of his lair.*

    The Professor: Take him. We have much to discuss.

  • Complete Quest

    Other information
  • Lock pick solutions and contents:

    Western Door: Wiggle, Jab, Jab, Nick, Tap, Nick
    Contains: Potions, Clean Water, Beef Jerky, and Smoked Almonds

    Eastern Door: Wiggle, Jab, Jab, Nick, Tap, Nick
    Contains: Healing Pad

    North-Eastern Door: Wiggle, Nick, Nick, Jab, Wiggle, Tap
    Contains: Memorabilia; Pushie Warlic, Portrait of Jaania, and an Elemental Bouquet

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