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Maegwyn -> =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 11:35:39)

Art-wise, what are your favorite mecha models?
The deadline-sensitive initial tally revealed Vladic Knight to be the overwhelming favorite. See this post for details.

I'm still interested in hearing what your favorite art has been for player mechas. You can now include SCMMs and promos and one-day rares.

Preferably not something that was an SCMM or promo so for example not the Skullcrusher and not Steve Skysplitter.

I will lock this around 1:30-ish server time.


Terosin -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 11:54:13)

I'll start! ..hihi..

  • Steampunk Series
  • Drakel Armor Series
  • V-Hunter Series (preferably Dark Hunter)
  • Lord Mechula Series
  • Vladic Knight Series

  • War Ram Series

  • f001 Series
  • Clown Series

    Nostalgia - Honorable mentions:
  • Mecharoni

  • Miracyrina
  • Nephyrisis
  • Constantine

    Enemy Nostalgia - Honorable mentions:
  • Delivery Boy
  • Hot Dog

    I might have missed some, but there ya go.

  • Hoggs Bison -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 12:07:37)

    Vladic Knight, it's hard to find a floating mecha in this game...

    LoKi takes the cake though.

    megakyle777 -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 12:07:42)

    Aside from the sword made of feathers, i quite liked the Arthurian Eagle. The Vladic Knight and Seppy Mecha were awesome. I liked the IDEA of a tank style mecha like the 4th July but not the iomplementation of such. ALL the Shadowscythe mechas are good, but some need more weapons or whatnot, and I like the idea of more Shadow coruppted stuff. Finally, i liked everything Terosin has above.

    THIS_IS_SPARTA -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 12:12:09)

    The Resplendent eagle.

    When you think about it, even the really old Mechs like the Battle hammer v1.0 and Star Gladius v1.0 look pretty nice.

    The Kurosawa.
    Th Ultra-Wrangler.
    Drakel power armor
    The Anchorman
    The Navigator.

    Gamemastersam -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 12:19:07)

    I enjoy:

    • GLaDERP models
    • valkyrie prime
    • Lightshow
    • Loki
    • Hunter Eidolon
    • any mecha from lagos
    • AHMs
    • Mechula
    • V-Hunter
    • Steampunk
    • Nubertron
    • Milziiga Sniegapika
    • The latest of the ShS models
    • Sysero's mecha
    • The clown
    • Vladic Knight
    • Drakel power armor
    • Hammerhead
    • Guardian
    • Riptide Loyalis

    Hard question. might post more later.

    Blackshock -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 12:30:11)

    SDF Delta
    Shadow E3
    f001 and clown series
    classic runehawk
    The dinomechs
    The police mechs
    SDF rebel

    Glais -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 12:31:13)

    Non-SCMM (Since those usually have my favorite designs)

    Drakel Power Armor/Corrupted Drakel Power Armor
    Astounding Arachnid (though I guess that doesn't count*
    Milziiga Sniegapika
    GlaDERP Security A
    Pirate Admiral (I think that's its name...the war rare with the Sword, not the Claws)

    whackybeanz -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 12:51:45)

    GlaDERP Security - All of them were pretty neat. I loved the cyber feel to them.
    Arthurian Ram / Eagle series - I liked the contrast of colors, considering how they resembled the animal pretty well, that was a plus for me.
    Lightshow series - Really, really impressive design.
    Jameson series - The one that was initially released, the design for that was lovely.
    Anchorman - Portrays the image pretty well IMO.
    Headless Horse - Creepy, cool, and great in design.

    And last but not least...

    Derpmachine! - Colorful, but the entire design just seems to fit even with all the eyes.

    Postmaster General -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 13:04:49)

    Mecha Bases:


    Aura Knight -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 13:05:31)

    SDF Rebel
    Arthurian Eagle
    Decimator Mech
    Advanced Mystraven
    Deputy Mech
    Drakel Power Armor
    Vampire Hunter (original with machine gun coffin attack)
    Vladic Knight
    Derpmachine [:D]

    .R.M. -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 13:29:03)

  • GlaDerp A/B
  • Advanced WolfBlade
  • Shadow Wolf/Raven/Hawk
  • Derpmachine
  • Vladic Knight
  • Doom Rider (HHM)
  • Jameson
  • Lightshow Series
  • Clown Series
  • Loki
  • Lord Mechula Series
  • SPD Mechs

    There are surely more, but that's all I can think of for now...


  • All of them except for Steve Skysplitter xD

  • Maegwyn -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 13:33:49)

    Noted through .R.M. so far. (Note to myself to start here on the spreadsheet.) Probably only about 20 more minutes or so before I need to close it up & tally it. Thank you SO MUCH!

    Gamemastersam -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 13:38:31)

    Whats this for?

    megakyle777 -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 13:45:23)

    Yeah, what IS this for? Is it tied to the major MQ announcment? And I swear to God if it's, say, a 3D mecha MMO I WILL BE DISSAPOINT.

    .R.M. -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 13:49:13)

    Now, I guess some enemies. :3

  • Gummer
  • Miracyrina
  • Mino-Ton
  • EC01/2/3/4/5
  • Mr. Z
  • Yeti
  • Maria mechs
  • Dark Ice Harvester
  • Lucky Warrior
  • HoverScythe series
  • Hot Dog

  • Gamemastersam -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 13:49:29)

    i would like to see these mecha in 3d. just not in 1st person

    Balu -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 13:49:50)

  • Burning Steampunk Model A-S2 ( moar please! :-P )
  • V-Hunter
  • Flavescent Chrono
  • Frankenmecha
  • Jameson Avenger
  • Viking
  • Milziiga Sniegapika Complete
  • ShS Behemoth
  • Raging Bull

  • Hoggs Bison -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 13:49:57)

    Maybe it's a surprise, possibly a revived mecha?

    .R.M. -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 13:52:26)

    Maybe this is more information for another update for Chrono Span in AQW?

    Maegwyn -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 13:59:30)

    I have added in the rest to here - you can still post about your favorites but I got the overwhelming favorite as Vladic Knight! I will tell you what this was all for but I needed to make that post so I knew where my tally ended.

    megakyle777 -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 14:03:57)

    Glad to know you will tell us what it's for Mae.

    THIS_IS_SPARTA -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 14:11:49)

    hmm, maybe they'll remake it? or make a new mecha that looks a lot like it

    Hoggs Bison -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 14:17:49)


    In that case they might be remaking the Vladic Knight into some kind of AQW armor.

    Maegwyn -> RE: =MQ= Favorite Mecha Art? (7/16/2012 14:18:08)

    You guys just chose the reward mechas to be made in the AQW ChronoSpan chaos zone!

    Before you go all [:@] and [:'(] let me explain.

    Alina has mentioned this elsewhere, but in case you didn't see it, she & the AQW team are using the journey of your MechQuest hero as a lesson for the AQW Hero, to teach them how awesome the MQ one was. So when Jemini came to me this morning to ask about your favorites, I came to you to find out. She is converting your top pick, the Vladic Knight. Alina is also using this for the artists.

    And I decided to go ahead and not lock the thread yet because I'd still like to hear from more of you about this even though the AQW choice had a tight deadline. I really would also like to know for MQ purposes what your favorite art styles are out of the mecha models we've had in game.

    So now I'm going to edit the first post and say you can include promos and SCMMs.

    You guys are the best - thank you so much!

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