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Voodoo Master -> Breaking Crystal (8/3/2012 22:00:22)

Breaking Crystal

Location: Atrea -> Left -> Up -> Left -> Yolande -> Quests -> Breaking Crystal
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Master of Puppets
Release Date: August 3rd, 2012

Objective: Help The Professor and Xan break Jaania free!
Objective completed: Using magic and science you've managed to free Jaania from her crystal prison! Will she be able to help you though?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(10) Mana Guardian
(6) Swordhaven Knight
(1) Swordhaven Knight - Boss
(1) Crystal - Boss

The Professor

Frozen Blade (I-VI)
Frozen Edge (I-VI)
Frozen Staff (I-VI)

Yolande: Gather any allies you can, <Character>!

  • Quest!

    *Xan, The Professor and the character are in the Professor's hideout*

    The Professor: Do you even know where she is?
    Xan: The basement of the mage tower in Swordhaven.
    The Professor: If we're going to defeat Wargoth we need her.
    The Professor: Have you... have you tried to release her before?
    Xan: HAH! I cast probably the most impressive ice spell in Lore... and then...
    Xan: ...then Warlic covered me in magic healing fire.
    <Character>: But... ice is weak to fire....
    Xan: HAHAHAHA, thanks Captain Obvious!
    Xan: And what is fire weak to? HAHAHAHAHA!
    Xan: He cast the perfect spell so that I couldn't free her.
    <Character>: If it's an ice crystal... couldn't fire melt on its own?
    Xan: Can ice freeze my fire? Even the Ice Orb itself couldn't fully stop the burning in my skull, ahahahahHAHAHAAA.
    Xan: And my attempts at mastering ice magic as a human torch... were not successful, HAH!
    Xan: Her prison is more like mine than you know.... HAHAHA!
    The Professor: Do you mean... the ice that surrounds her... heals itself?
    Xan: HahahahaHA! The ice... and all the strains of other elements contained within it, HAHAHA!
    Xan: Do you know all the elements that a human body contains? That ice preserves.... while fire burns?
    The Professor: That... that was brilliant. If you had succeeded... you would have trapped... trapped him forever.
    Xan: If he haven't shoved me into the fire realm, I could have freed Warlic if my spell had hit... who it intended....
    The Professor: If we... if we align the elements properly then, we should be able to shatter the crystal....
    <Character>: But if it's all self-healing? Not even Warlic could figure out how to free her.
    The Professor: I... I'm still not sure if we can. We need to try though. It will take all three of us, though.

    *The Professor turns to Xan*

    The Professor: Will you come with us?
    Xan: I'll kill you if you try to stop me, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    You're now in the mage tower in Swordhaven. You need to find your way to the basement. When you get there:

    Loads The Professor as Guest A.

    *The trio enter the basement. Jaania is there, trapped in a crystal. Xan tries to touch her, but immediately a part of his hand freezes and he has to draw it back. He looks very sad*

    The Professor: If we can align the elements with the opposites... I can then send a shock through the crystal that should shatter it... I hope.
    <Character>: You hope?
    The Professor: Avatars help us if, if it doesn't...

    You now need to play a mini-game. In this mini-game you need to match opposite elements before your time runs out.

    Fight Crystal (either the normal or the extreme version). After you win:

    *The crystal glows brightly, then shatters. Jaania falls to the ground, unconscious*

  • Complete Quest

  • Complete this quest to unlock Crystal Breaker badge.

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