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Dragoon23 -> Eye of the Sacragon (10/7/2012 1:25:26)

Eye of the Sacragon

«Mastercraft Misc that provides Water resistance and Magic defence. Comes with Energy spell that can heal you. »

Also see: Insightful , Visionary's, and All-Seeing Eye of Sacragon

Level: 105
Power Level: 105, Mastercraft
MP Level: 105
Price: 276,274 Gold
Sellback: 138,137 Gold
Location: Taladosian Set! (The Power of Psionics!)
Element: Water

Activation: 0 turns
Cost: 48 SP for activation and for every turn with the item equipped.

  • -9% Water Resistance.
  • +6 Magic Defence.
  • Click Eye to activate Eye Laser (Treated as a Spell).
  • Mastercraft Bonus is free compression.
      Eye Laser
      Hits: 4
      Type: Magic
      Element: Energy
      Damage: 18 - 35 plus 99.13% Stats each
      BTH: +26 plus Stats each
      Cost: 408 MP

    • On each hit, if the hit connects, then the monster makes a save at a -10 penalty:
        Level: PowerLvl vs MonsterLevel
        Major: YourINT vs MonsterCHA
        Minor: YourLUK vs MonsterLUK

    • If it fails at least one save, then you form a Psionic Link between you and the monster. This is a Burn (Power: 2.08333, Level = 105, Duration = # of failed saves). You heal HP equal to the damage the burn deals.

    • If you burn the monster while it is already burned, then you upgrade the original burn:
        "Over time bonus" = 1 + ([Old burn's original duration] - [Old burn's current duration])/100
        OldTotal = [Old burnPower]*[Old burn's current duration]*("Over time bonus")
        NewTotal = 2.08333*[# of failed saves]

        New Power = (OldTotal + NewTotal) / [Old burn's current duration]
        New Duration = Old burn's current duration

    • This stacks with the Psionic Link from the Sacragon pet item series, using the same stacking rules that the Eye uses.

    *The blast sets up a psionic link between you and the monster!
    **The Blast enhances the psionic link!
    ***Not enough MP! «MP cost» MP required. Please charge ur lazorz more.

    So, this... "multi-fauceted crimson saphire"? (Is that a typo? Sorry, I'm new -- the old narrator had to go see a doctor.) Anyway, it gives you Water resistance and some kind of eye lasers. Cool.


    Numbers thanks to In Media Res. Additional thanks to In Media Res. Special message thanks to Xrai and CH4OT1C!.

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