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Taladosian Prequel!
Teasers of a Lost Civilization

Location: Travel Map » Sail East » Sail Southeast » Taladosian Set

«Scene: Falerin's Library»

Falerin: The more things change, the more they stay the same... as the cliche goes. So you've returned home to Lore more or less permanently then?
???: More or less. Things are complicated...
Falerin: When are they ever anything else?

«Thorne Lorin enters the scene.»

Falerin: Thorne... to what do we owe the pleasure of your visit?
Thorne Lorin: Good evening Loremaster... I'm sorry, I was unaware you had company. And from one of my new neighbors no less.
???: Neighbors?
Thorne Lorin: You recently began work on a storefront not far from me in Deren, did you not?
???: Ah. I'm not set up quite yet, but I guess that qualifies.
Thorne Lorin: My call is not social I am afraid, Loremaster. I am here to call in some of the favors that you owe me...
Falerin: If the Order of Lorithia is calling in favors this must be serious. What is this about?
Thorne Lorin: The past.
Thorne Lorin: You will have to forgive me Loremaster, but I do not feel at all comfortable discussing this issue in front of your guest. Given its nature...
Thorne Lorin: ...And his.
Falerin: I see...
Falerin: Well if it is too sensitive to be discussed with a friend of mine I am not sure I can be of any help to you. I would...
???: Don't worry about it, Fal. I have to meet with the contractor anyway.

«The mysterious man walks away to leave the scene. Right before he leaves...»

???: How very curious...

«The mysterious man leaves the scene.»

Falerin: So what is this about?
Thorne Lorin: We have found Talados.
Falerin: What? Really. Who is we...
Thorne Lorin: Zephyros and I. Though it starts much earlier.
Falerin: So it is not just Lorithia's order that is interested in this...
Thorne Lorin: Indeed not. Talados and its fate are a critical part of history, they must be preserved. Unfortunately, we have a problem.
Falerin: What sort of problem?
Thorne Lorin: The Surehunters have learned of our discovery as well.
Falerin: And you are concerned that they will ransack Talados with an eye toward profit.
Thorne Lorin: Given Valencia and her father, that is not even a question, you know that. It is not a matter of if, but of when.
Thorne Lorin: They will ransack the ruins regardless. But we have found evidence that the Taladosian master craftsmen created a particularly interesting and powerful set of equipment.
Thorne Lorin: Other than information linking toward Carnax... Well, there is perhaps no more singularly important discovery and record of Taladosian society.
Thorne Lorin: Though the final two sections involve a manual on animal training and a suit of psionic armor that appear to have been buried in the ruins.
Falerin: I am not sure how this involves me. I certainly cannot interfere between the Surehunters and you archaeologists, however sympathetic I may be to your cause.
Thorne Lorin: You may not, Loremaster... but the Chosen can. Last I knew, the two of you were in fairly close contact.
Thorne Lorin: The set must be gathered before they fall into the Surehunters' hands, so that the museum may preserve them.
Thorne Lorin: In exchange, I can turn the resources of the Memorial shop toward their reduplication.
Thorne Lorin: Well, at least a limited reduplication.
Falerin: So... what do you want «You» to do?
Thorne Lorin: And keep this close to the vest...
Falerin: Very well, I will do what I can.

«The scene pans right and reveals that the mysterious man was eavesdropping on the conversation all along!»

???: Talados found. Now, isn't that interesting?
???: Time to make some inquiries of my own...

«He leaves the scene...»

«You proceed directly to the Taladosian Relics! quest.»

Update thanks to zippy2010.

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