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Mritha -> =OS= Screenshot and Video Thread (3/26/2013 6:18:48)

Got an awesome screenshot or video of OS you would like to share? Post and discuss them here!

Keep in mind the forum rules when posting, any and all inappropriate content will be removed and warnings given if necessary. When posting a video in this thread, it MUST be either quietubed or youtube repeat to prevent inappropriate comments from being leaked into the forum. Videos or music not using either of these sites will be removed without notice.

Edited screenshots are allowed, only as long as you say they are edited in your post.



Thank you WhiteTiger, Drakkos, and SMGS for the thread suggestion!

Reizo -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/4/2012 18:38:41)

  • The Dance of the Shadow Blades...
  • Vampire Lord's 5 Hit Combo...
  • Torturing a Spear Native...
  • Torturing a Recruit...

  • WhiteTiger -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/4/2012 18:47:26)

    My OverSoul Videos:
  • OverSoul Alpha - Random PvP Battles (As Alpha Pirate)
  • OverSoul Alpha - PvP Battles (feat. Klunk)
  • OverSoul Alpha - Random PvP Battles (As Fire Klunk)

  • DoomBlitz -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/4/2012 19:00:24)


    Level 20 Frost Void
    Climatic Moment


    ShadowDance Showcase

    Shadowkiva -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/4/2012 20:33:24)

    Wierd moment

    vampire is bugged so bad...............

    LightsG -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/4/2012 22:54:01)

    Lets play
    Finish him!

    DarkLore -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/5/2012 0:03:37)

    1. Pikeman guarding Sleepy Wolf with undead comrades.

    2. All three new characters evolved! Even PumpkinLord!

    3. Somehow the bane of everyone's existence? Even though It took me one attempt?

    4. The biggest bane of everyone's existence! Took me only twice to catch him.


    6. PumpkinLord 5-hit combo last hit with Pumpkin King summoning! I hope someone sees this. It was very hard to set up due to PumpkinLord needing exactly five 5-damage cards. Nearly died in the process. Nevermind. Her counter attack kicked in, but the game had to be refreshed anyway. Too bad for spear native! HA!

    Asuka -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/5/2012 6:17:07)

    Dragons enter OverSoul now? No problem!

    _scars_ -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/5/2012 6:21:10)

    wow, barbarian master looks pretty awesome, too bad shes a pain to level

    Vindication. -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/5/2012 7:28:06)

    lool I killed a level 10 (atleast I got 200 exp at the end) and it wasn't computer controlled! [:)] Woooooootttttutuutut

    2 more things to add, I was level 5 or 4 and I killed a Vampire Lord.

    moon keeper -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/5/2012 8:50:43)

    Earth wizard aka Earth Draonslayer

    Knight of the Dragon -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/5/2012 9:54:55)

    The Pumpkins have invaded!

    ~Knight of the Dragon

    penandpencil -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/5/2012 10:15:23)

    This is Alpha P crew!


    ChaosRipjaw -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/5/2012 11:45:16)

    Hello Nulgath!

    Bloody Fist -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/5/2012 20:24:25)

    Made a random account today
    Nice try Nulgath

    Vertigo Beast -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/5/2012 21:45:22)

    Oversoul why do you tease me so much?


    Asuka -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/5/2012 22:38:57)

    This is what happens when you're in Alpha and go AFK....

    Redingard -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/5/2012 22:43:57)

    Counterattack does some crazy stuff...

    A new challenger has arrived!

    Asuka -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/6/2012 0:08:19)

    We all Love Skexis c:

    yado -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/6/2012 0:37:47)

    Dark angel

    Asuka -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/6/2012 0:45:43)

    @Yado Revontheus is Milton's apprentice. He makes a few of the characters so yes, he is.

    Anyway, I really don't think Skexis can be stopped owo

    Rilami -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/6/2012 0:47:25)

    An enjoyable fight, I was able to avenge my brothers and sisters whom have been slain by this dragon slayer.

    Asuka -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/6/2012 0:57:47)


    Ohhai! Sorry, Im very quiet. I usually talk on forums, not games :L

    Good fight :3 and I like this term Dragonslayer :o

    Rilami -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/6/2012 1:01:58)


    Ahh yes, I thought you were just busy so I didn't want to bother you too much. It was a pretty good fight, thank you for it.

    Well, you are a Dragonslayer are you not? I think it's a fitting title for someone who has killed so many of my kind. >.<

    This could have been a fun fight, but I think they left.. ;____;

    Asuka -> RE: =OS= Art/Screenshot/Video Thread (11/6/2012 7:23:54)

    I really think the Skexis Fiend and dragon are equally matched.

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