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whackybeanz -> AQ's 10th Anniversary! (11/11/2012 3:12:27)

AQ's Anniversary!
The Eternal Dragon of Time

Location: Battleon » Speak to Twilly » Anniversary Events » The Dragon of Time

«Scene: Outside Yulgar's Inn. Seems like they're celebrating their 10th Anniversary with a sale! You meet up with Twilly.»

«This cutscene plays the first time you play this quest. If you have already gone through this cutscene once, you directly skip to the main menu for the Eternal Dragon of Time (see below).»

«You»: 10th Anniversary?!
Twilly: Yup! The town of Battleon is celebrating its 10th year of adventure!
«You»: That's quite an accomplishment! It's sort of amazing this town is still standing after all of the evil monsters and villains that've launched wars against it.
Twilly: Yeah! ...And is it just me, or does the world still seem, um, y'know, BIGGER, every week?
«You»: Haha. So many fond memories and amazing adventures. I can barely remember how all of this began. (*coughs* Foreshadowing!)

«A really strange looking creature with a clock as a face runs across and knocks Twilly down, stopping right in front of you.»

«You»: ...What the?
???: Move aside, peon.
«You»: Excuse me?
???: I said MOVE ASIDE!
«You»: I think someone might be wound a bit too tight. Let's see if we can fix that...
    1 BATTLE: ???
    Full Heal
Twilly: You really cleaned his clock!
«You»: There's something odd about this book. I can feel something... not right. I should take it to someone... but who? Maybe Warlic has an--
  • What's that?

    «Eukara Vox's portal descends from the sky.»

    «You»: Oh. That's... convenient.
    Twilly: Wow! Is that Eukara Vox's portal? Twillies hopes you don't upset it. The Loremaster's Portal likes to zap people who are meanies.
    «You»: Nah, it's just a portal. A swirly thing of magic and light. There is no way to offend a silly, mindless portal.
    Portal: And you are the hope I am looking for...
    «You»: You spo--

    «The portal enlarges, swallowing you whole and transports you and Twilly to Eukara Vox's library.»

    «You»: Eukara! Your portal can't take a joke.

    «The portal starts fading away. Right before it completely fades away though, it reappears and gives a zap to Twilly... and Twilly collapses in a pile of ashes.»

    Eukara Vox: Ah, greetings «You». Seems you have already started off on the wrong foot with Portal. He's a bit touchy when it comes to attitudes.
    «You»: Speaking of attitude... I ran into something with a nasty one on my way here. It... is hard to explain, but it looked like someone took a pocket-watch, fused it with a demon, then tossed into a blender.
    «You»: It was as rude as it was ugly. It dropped something and I brought it to you. Or rather, Portal brought ME and the book to you.
    Eukara Vox: You... You saw an oikea hetki?!
    «You»: A what?
    Eukara Vox: You saw an oikea hetki. That is a time demon... Do you know what this means? DO YOU?
    «You»: Apparently not...
    Eukara Vox: Wait... you said it dropped something. What did it drop?
    «You»: It dropped a book. Probably ancient. Or magical. Maybe both. Didn't get the chance to look too closely.
    Eukara Vox: *gasp* You have... Is it really that time? Has it been ten years since the last...
    «You»: Eukara, you are sorta freaking me out. Tell me the truth. Is the book overdue at the library? How bad is the fine?
    Eukara Vox: What, like the 'Wildflowers of Lore' book you still owe me, «You»? ...Listen carefully. Do you know the legend of: THE ETERNAL DRAGON OF TIME?
    «You»: Eternal Dragon of Time? Um, is that a new cologne for man? "Guaranteed to work 60% of the time, every time - or it'll turn back time and try again"?
    Eukara Vox: *sigh* There is an ancient Dragon whose heart is a hourglass filled with the sands of time. (*thinking* I wonder how often they need to turn the great Dragon over?)
    Eukara Vox: Regardless, the Eternal Dragon of Time lives in a realm called the Void and keeps time and order throughout the universe. Quite an intriguing being, too.
    «You»: Stop right there! I've been adventuring for a long time, and I know EXACTLY where this is going. You're going to tell me something like...
    «You»: "Hero! There are magic words in this book that must be spoken to the Dragon every 10 years or it will turn into a terrible monster and destroy the world... or universe... or multiverse!" Right?
    Eukara Vox: Yes.
    «You»: Hah. Still got it!
    Eukara Vox: Except, «You», it will not turn into just one monster. The Eternal Dragon of Time has been absorbing the dark energy from every great monster defeated over the past 10 years.
    «You»: Wait... you don't mean...?!
    Eukara Vox: If it does not hear the magical words from the book in time, the Dragon will grow a new horrific head for each of the great monsters.
    Eukara Vox: Then, the heads will destroy the world, then the universe... and ultimately the multiverse.
    «You»: ACK!!! Alright then. How long do I have to get to the Eternal Dragon of Time and say the spell?
    Eukara Vox: Hmmm, let's see. *Looks through the book* It says here that to save the world, you must read the words to the dragon by...
    Eukara Vox: ...Oh dear. Did they forget to carry the... No, no they didn't.

    «A long pause later...»

    «You»: ...Well?
    Eukara Vox: Yesterday.
    «You»: YESTERDAY?! It's already too late. What are we supposed to do now?

    «Eukara's Portal descends from the ceiling.»

    Eukara Vox: Your experience has taught you well, «You». You will think of something. You always do.
    Eukara Vox: Not that I wish to remind you of what is at stake, but the world, universe, and multiverse is counting on you. May the gods shine their favor upon you.

    «The portal grows and swallows you, and what you can see is only white all around.»

    «You»: So the Eternal Dragon of Time grew a few extra heads... how bad could it possibly be?

    Entry thanks in part to Skull Kid.

  • whackybeanz -> RE: AQ's 10th Anniversary! (11/11/2012 3:13:03)

    The Eternal Dragon of Time

    «You are now in the Void. This is the main menu for accessing the various events that AQ has experienced in the past since 10 years ago right up till today. Completion of each event will unlock the next in series. Each series you complete will cause a head of the Eternal Dragon of Time to fade into blackness.»

  • Intro

  • Undead Assault
  • Akriloth
  • Drakonnan
  • Carnax
  • Devourer
  • Seekrat
  • Conclusion
  • Treasure Chest - Opens 10th Anniversary Shop containing Void Vanquisher items

  • Back to Town - Teleport to your home town of Battleon.

    Treasure@@@@@@@@@$!This chest is locked!
    Twilly@@@@@@@@@@%.!Click for heals and encouragement!
    Undead Head@@@@@@%!The Eternal Dragon's 1st head looks like a Dracolich!
    Fiery Head@@@@@@@@*!The Eternal Dragon's 2nd head looks like Akriloth!
    Fire Armored Head@@@@!The Eternal Dragon's 3rd head looks like Drakonnan!
    Dimensional Head@@@@(!The Eternal Dragon's 4th head looks like Carnax!
    Alien Head@@@@@@@@!!!The Eternal Dragon's 5th head looks like the Devourer!
    Rat Head@@@@@@@%%*The Eternal Dragon's last head looks like the Seekrat!

    Treasure@@@@@@@@@$!LOCKED! You must defeat all Dragon heads first. (Opens once all 6 Acts are completed)
    Twilly@@@@@@@@@@%.!FULL HEAL!

    Treasure chest button shop clarification thanks to Archlist.

  • whackybeanz -> RE: AQ's 10th Anniversary! (11/11/2012 3:13:26)

    Act 1 - Undead Assault

    ACT 1 - Undead Assault
    As you gaze at the Eternal Dragon's 1st
    head, you feel time and space warp
    around you. Moments later, the smell of
    death and the sounds of war surround
    you. You find yourself within the town of
    Battleon, but not as you know it today...

    As it was 10 years ago...

    «Scene: Battleon, 10 years ago.»

    Artix: Greetings and salutations «You»! Thank goodness you are here... we need your help!
    «You»: What the... where am I? Woah! Look at this really old town art. Scratch that. "WHEN" am I?
    Artix: A huge army of the evil undead is attacking the town. You, my friend, are one of the last of the defenders protecting town. Look out, an Undead Knight!Artix: The situation is grim. For each ally that falls in battle rises from the dead and adds to their army!
    Guardian: Retreat! The undead have breached the tower... they got Wun-Eye! Wait, Wun-Eye is getting back up. OMG NOOOO!Bean Twilly: Pssst! «You», over here!
    «You»: Whaa.... who are you?
    Bean Twilly: I'm Twilly! *snuggles*
    «You»: By the gods, Twilly?! No, it CAN'T be! What happened to you? You look like a giant lima bean with troll hair and... what the!? Are you wearing SNEAKERS!?
    Bean Twilly: No, no. Twilly's fine! This is what Twilly looked like 10 years ago. Well, "now". Magical time paradoxes are sorta confusing. HEY! Wait.
    Bean Twilly: This is still a fantasy world, how would you even know what sneakers are!?
    «You»: Can I just answer with "Magical time paradoxes are confusing?" Now, seriously. How did you go from looking like a jelly bean to the Twilly I know?
    Bean Twilly: *coughs* Our artists got A LOT better. *coughs* If you are just noticing, you traveled back in time 10 years to old Battleon and a historical event known as THE UNDEAD INVASION.
    Bean Twilly: This is not just any war. This was the very FIRST WAR ever. The one that started them all!
    «You»: That explains why these monsters are such pushovers! Oh, hang on Twilly, we have a limper.«Artix enters the scene.»

    Artix: The town's walls are not holding any of the undead forces back!
    Bean Twilly: Um, this town doesn't have any walls...
    Artix: That explains a lot. Wait... do you hear that?
    Bean Twilly: Hear what?

    «*RUMBLE* The area trembles!»

    Bean Twilly: Ooooooh! That sounds like a Giant! Maybe the Giants have come to help us battle the undead!Artix: WELL FOUGHT! Now, just a few thousand undead left to go!
    «You»: THOUSANDS? But the war meter says 4/5!
    Bean Twilly: Oh, that war meter's bugged. All of the stuff from 10 years ago was pretty broken. I'm pretty sure this game was held together with duct tape and super glue.
    «You»: Oh! Well in that case. Artix, you take the few thousand on the left. I'll take the few thousand on the right!
    Artix: ....
    Artix: WOW! I *REALLY* like the way you think. BATTLE ON!«You»: Hmmm, maybe there is a faster way to end this. Twilly, what else do you remember from the Undead Invasion?
    Bean Twilly: *thinks* Um, there were less than 10,000 heroes in our world, total. There were a lot of crashes. The most dangerous thing was probably the puns.
    «You»: Hmmm. So why was I send here, then? Wait, Eukara did say the Eternal Dragon of Time was going to grow a head from each major villain defeated.
    «You»: Twilly! Who was the villain behind this first war?
    Bean Twilly: Um, great question! Why not ask your undead-slaying-obsessed wasabi-loving Paladin friend over there...

    «Artix enters the scene from your side.»

    Artix: «You»! We JUST got reports that a HUGE undead Dragon is commanding the army.

    «A Dracolich, so huge it towers over you, purple blood dripping from its jaws, enters the scene.»

    Bean Twilly: O_O
    «You»: Artix, you are waaaaay too excited about the prospect of fighting a Dracolich.
    Artix: But I have never gotten to battle a Dracolich before. This would be my very first one!!
    «You» (thinking): Oh wow, this was Artix's first time fighting an undead dragon? This would have been a very special moment for him. Maybe we should team up.
  • Bring Artix! - Artix will now battle by your side!
  • Battle by yourself - Sorry Artix... this one's all mine!

    «Regardless of choice»

    Bean Twilly: The Dracolich is attacking! LOOK OUT!!

    «The Dracolich rears its head. In the background, bony arms drag Twilly into the earth below, but is unnoticed...»

    «You»: BATTLE ON!

  • Easy fight!
  • Normal difficulty«Once you complete the battle...»

    Act 1 - VICTORY!
    The undead head of the Eternal Dragon
    of time has been defeated and begins
    fading away. You get the feeling that the
    Dragon's next head will be far more

    10th Anniversary: Undead Invasion

    «This shop opens if you picked to fight the Dracolich Head as an easy fight.»

  • Retro Twilly

    House Items
  • Dracolich Head Portrait
    10th Anniversary: Undead Invasion

    «This shop opens if you picked to fight the Dracolich Head under normal difficulty.»

  • Retro Twilly
  • Retro Twilly Z
  • Retro Twilly
  • Retro Twilly
  • Retro Twilly G
  • Retro Twilly
  • Retro Twilly
  • Retro Twilly G

    House Items
  • Dracolich Head Portrait

  • Play again! - Repeats Act 1 from the introduction
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave - Takes you to the Void's main menu

  • whackybeanz -> RE: AQ's 10th Anniversary! (11/11/2012 3:13:51)

    Act 2 - Akriloth & The Fire Orb

    ACT 2 - The Fire Orb
    As you gaze at the Eternal Dragon's 2nd
    head, which sorta looks like a Fire
    Dragon, you feel time and space warp
    around you. Moments later, you are on a
    battlefield against a horde of fire

    «Scene: The Dragon War, Akriloth's fiery lair»

    «You»: WOW!
    Twilly: Yeah... that sure is a lot of Fire monsters, huh?
    «You»: No... WOW, these old graphics are horrible!
    Twilly: Hehe, yeah! I sorta like it. Very, um, nostalgic! We appear to have traveled back in time to the Fire Orb saga.
    «You»: Alright, we need to get to that fire Dragon. *draws weapon* Let's cut a path straight through the center of this battlefield.«You»: Twilly, I just noticed. Your feet are HUGE!
    Twilly: That is why my sneakers were so big! (Fun fact: This is Twilly version 2.0 that was released during this war.)
    «You»: Think you can sneak around this next group of enemies with me?

    Stealth time? Oh no.
    Can you sneak past a wave of Fire foes on the battlefield? Twilly's giant feet make this a +10% challenge.
    Difficulty: «Between 44 and 81, depends on CharLvl»
    Stat Used: Dexterity
      «If you fail the roll...»

      1 BATTLE: Retro «Fire mob»
      Same monster list as above
      Full Heal
    «If you succeeded in the roll, or have completed the above battle from failing the roll, the victory counter raises by 1.»

    Twilly: Great job! Oh, look! A few of the fire monsters look off balance... we might be able to pass them if you can knock them over!

    Knock 'em down!
    Run as fast as you can, headlong into a pack of smoldering hot fire creatures that are... on fire. This is a GREAT idea!
    Difficulty: «Between 34 and 71, depends on CharLvl»
    Stat Used: Strength
      «If you fail the roll...»

      1 BATTLE: Retro «Fire mob»
      Same monster list as above
      Full Heal
    «If you succeeded in the roll, or have completed the above battle from failing the roll, the victory counter raises by 1.»

    «You»: Twilly, I just want to verify that the war meter is working properly this time. We will get to the Dragon when we defeat 5 waves, right?
    Twilly: Oh yeah! Absolutely! All of the bugs were worked out of the war meter when the Fire Orb saga started.
    Twilly: Nothing could possibly change the war meter unless the fire Dragon calls for...
    Akriloth: REINFORCEMENTS!!!
    Akriloth: All of my fire monster children, to me!

    «You can only look helplessly as the war meter increases to 100000 monsters to kill, and your progress of 3 mobs is pretty much nothing compared to the massive waves ahead...»

    «You»: Oh, for crying out loud! How could this get any worse?
    Akriloth: My fire minions! The humans have a champion amongst them. Find this hero and eat them!

      The fire dragon's minions are hunting you. Find a safe spot where you can come up with a new plan.
      Difficulty: «Between 34 and 71, depends on CharLvl»
      Stat Used: Luck

    • HIDE?! I DO NOT HIDE! Bring on your worst minions fire dragon!»

      «If you fail the roll, or chose the above option instead of rolling, you will battle as below.»

      2 BATTLES
      Same monster list as above
      Full Heal after battle #2
    «Completing either methods (Stat roll / Fighting) will continue the dialogue.»

    Twilly: Uh oh! Looks like the Fire Dragon has grown impatient. He is coming right for us!

    «As you approach Akriloth, you see several villagers fleeing for their lives. One of them returns to speak to you.»

    Villager: Run for your life! It's the great fire dragon, Akriloth!!

    «The villager flees.»

    «You»: Akriloth? Oh, it is pronounced "ACK - KRILL - OTH"... Heh, try saying that 5 times fast.

    «Scene: Confrontation with Akriloth»

    Akriloth: Foolish human. Give me the Fire Orb, and I will grant you a swift and painless end.
    «You»: Fire Orb?
    «You»: Peeew! Look, you don't want the Fire Orb. Let me find you a nice breath mint orb instead. Hey Twilly... do you have any idea what is going on?
    Twilly: *scared and shaking* That is Akriloth! The most powerful Fire Dragon ever. He became famous because of the Fire Orb.
    «You»: The Fire Orb? *thinking* That actually does sound familiar. This is where the 8 elements come from, right?
    Twilly: Yes, this was when we first discovered there are 8 elemental orbs: Light, Darkness, Energy, Water, Earth, Wind, Ice, and... FIRE.
    «You»: No need to get so, um, hot headed! I don't know how to tell you this, but I don't have your Fire Orb.
    Akriloth: MINION, TAKE BACK WHAT IS MINE!Akriloth: RAWR!! The Fire Orb was stolen from me by a mysterious stranger in a gray cloak, who took it to YOUR town of Battleon. As long as the Fire Orb is not in the possession of a Fire Dragon...
    Akriloth: Everything fire-based is slowly losing power. For the balance of power and all things fiery, you must GIVE ME THE FIRE ORB!
    «You»: So if I get you the Fire Orb, you will halt the attack on the town?
    Akriloth: Yes. I will honor this agreement, human.
    «You»: Alright... wait here. *whispers* Twilly, where is the Fire Orb?
    Twilly: Huh? Why do you think Twillies knows where the Fire Orb is?
    «You»: You have been standing in the exactly same place in town for the past 10 years straight... you know EVERYTHING!
    Twilly: Oh right! The Mysterious Necromancer stole it and gave it to a darkness dragon named... Drakath. Let's go get it!

    Find Dark Dragon
    You desperately and endlessly search for the Darkness Dragon known as Drakath. (Note: This is the BEST stat roller ever.)
    Difficulty: -100
    Stat Used: Luck

      «If you fail the above roll (Really? You must be having a bad day), amid the pitch darkness....»

      «You»: Huh? Is that... a gecko?
    • Uh-oh...

      «CHOMP! You're dead, and get sent to the Reaper. This really isn't your day.»
    «If you succeed the roll...»

    «Scene: Dark forest»

    Drakath: Hahaha, pathetic human. I am getting tired of having such miniscule tidbits come after me with their sticks. Run along before I eat you.
    «You»: You Dragons think you are sooooo mighty. How about you give me back the Fire Orb, or... or... *I* will EAT *YOU*!
    Drakath: HAHAHAHA! Fool. With this Orb, my strength is 10 times greater. I will squash you like a bug... you have NO CHANCE of defeating me.

    «Twilly enters, holding a Dragon Blade.»

    Twilly: Lookie what Twillies found! It was stuck in some silly rock.
    «You»: The legendary Dragon Blade!!!
    Drakath: ...Impossible!!! That weapon can do up to 10 times normal damage against certain dragons.
    Drakath: No matter, weakling. Once I slay you, I will reanimate your body as another of my undead minions.
  • Take the Dragon Blade!
      1 BATTLE: Dragon Blade?

      «The Dragon Blade disappears the instant you switch armors. Once you get the blade, continue with the battle below.»
  • Battle without it
    Several hours later...

    «Scene: Confrontation with Akriloth»

    Akriloth: The Fire Orb! Yes, you served me well human. I really didn't expect to see you again. Surely, the Darkness Dragon would have been too much for you.
    «You»: Nah, I warned HIM that if he didn't hand over the orb, I would eat him.
    Twilly: Mmmmm... Dragon is actually pretty good with Ketsup!
    Akriloth: !!! YOU ATE... the DARKNESS DRAGON!?!?
    «You»: Hah! Just kidding. Well, here's the Fire Orb. I can't believe I'm doing this.

    «You give the Fire Orb to Akriloth.»

    Akriloth: HAHAHA! You actually gave it to me! You pathetic dreamer. As if I would do anything for your good. Now I am the most powerful weapon in Lore!

    «Akriloth absorbs the Fire Orb and transforms into a huge dragon.»

    Akriloth: RAWWWWWR THE POWER! I have become UltraMagmaAkriloth! WELCOME TO DIE!
    Twilly: OMG!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    «You»: Run? I was sorta expecting super ultra mega vorpal crazy insano Akriloth to... you know... be a little scarier.
    Twilly: We need to get out of here FAST! With the Fire Orb Akriloth is 30 times stronger than ANY dragon in the world!!!
    «You»: 30 times stronger? Then why does he look like he was drawn by a 3 year old?

    «Akriloth retreats from the scene to settle that lodged Orb...»

    Akriloth: *LICK* *LICK* AH.... THERE WE GO. *CHOMP!!!*

    «Akriloth returns to the scene, a demonic, terrifying looking Fire Dragon.»

    Akriloth: RAWWWWWR THE POWER! I have become UltraMagmaAkriloth! WELCOME TO DIE!
    Twilly (simultaneously): OMG!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    «You» (simultaneously): OMG!!! RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Jinx)

    «Scene: Snowy lands»

    Galanoth: «You»! WHAT have you done?!
    Twilly: Oh wow, it's Galanoth, the DragonSlayer! (History fact: Akriloth killed Galanoth's parents, which is why he dedicated his life to battling evil dragons.)

    One LONG Explanation Later...

    Galanoth: This is terrible. By giving Akriloth the Fire Orb, you have made him virtually invincible. The only way to defeat him is with the Ice Scythe. But, to obtain the Ice Scythe you must defeat...

    «An Ice Demon holding the Ice Scythe enters the scene. How convenient!»

    Galanoth: ... him.«The Ice Scythe lays on the ground, shattered in pieces post-battle.»

    «You»: Just great, the Ice Scythe broke!
    Galanoth: *sighs deeply* Without the Ice Scythe, our situation is grim. No regular weapon will even be able to hurt Akriloth. What would we do?

    «Yulgar enters the scene.»

    Yulgar: Hmmm, let's see. Yes, I could forge the broken pieces into something. A sword perhaps. Ah, yes. I could reforge these pieces into the Frozen Claymore. (Fact: "Coolest" weapon ever.)
    Twilly: Pssst, «You», we have a problem.
    «You»: What's wrong Twilly?
    Twilly: We traveled back in time right? I think I remember all of this now. The events that take place next took literally an entire month!
    «You»: I really want to fight Akriloth with the Frozen Claymore. How can we speed this up?
    Twilly (simultaneously): SCROLL TIME!
    «You» (simultaneously): SCROLL TIME!
      Legend of the Frozen Claymore
      Thus it was written, Yulgar forged a
      powerful magic ice weapon known as the
      Frozen Claymore. Meanwhile, the
      Mysterious Necromancer turned the
      remains of the darkness dragon (which
      were not eaten) into a horrifying
      Dracolich. Drakath stole the Ice Claymore
      and kidnapped many villagers from the
      town. The hero and his friends battled him
      to recover the weapon. It was truly
      dragons gone wild. With the Frozen
      Claymore in hand, it was time for the final
      battle to begin.

      (Old version)
      Thus it was written, that Yulgar forged a
      powerful ice weapon known as the Frozen
      Claymore. Alas, it attracted a powerful ice
      demon who stole it and kidnapped many
      villages from the town. The hero and his
      friends battled into the frozen north to
      recover the weapon. Meanwhile, the
      Mysterious Necromancer turned the
      remains of the darkness dragon (which
      were not eaten) into a horrifying
      Dracolich. It was truly DRAGONS GONE
      WILD. With the Frozen Claymore in hand,
      it was time for the final battle to begin.
    Twilly: Whew! That was a crazy month... ready to battle the Fire Dragon, Akriloth?
    «You»: READY!

    «Galanoth enters the scene.»

    Galanoth: «You», I have a score to settle with Akriloth. May I join you?
    «You» (thinking): Akriloth killed Galanoth's parents. This battle is what he has been training his whole life for... maybe I should take him with me.
  • Bring Galanoth - Galanoth will now battle by your side!
  • Battle by yourself

    «Regardless of choice»Galanoth: You've done it, «You». Our thanks. We can breathe easier.
    «You»: Just doing my duty to the people of.... whaaa.... what the world is that!?

    «Nifaria fades into the scene, holding a fire dragon egg.»

    Nifaria: Adventurer! You have done something terrible! I am the Elemental Spirit of Fire. Killing Akriloth has thrown off the balance of elemental powers!
    Nifaria: As your penance you must take this egg - the last fire dragon egg - and raise it. It is Akriloth's offspring.

    «You take the fire dragon egg.»

    «You»: !! Seriously? This seriously happened? Is this the entire premise of why Artix Entertainment made the game DragonFable? Wow. I had no idea how connected the games were.
    Twilly: *whispers* «You», you are breaking the 4th wall. You're not supposed to know you are a video game character.
    «You»: But Twilly, this is amazing! Do you realize what we just discovered?
    «You»: Akriloth, Galanoth, Drakath, the Elemental Orbs... all of these legendary characters originated from this event. They even use Akriloth on the Artix Entertainment logo!

    «A Tundra Reaver enters, spears Twilly, picks him up, and leaves the scene from behind without you noticing... Eukara's Portal descends from the fiery skies.»

    «You»: The Logo Twilly! THE LOGO! Twilly? I want to learn more! What's next?

    «The Portal transports you away.»

    Act 2 - VICTORY!
    The head which looked like Akriloth was
    defeated and fades away. Akriloth's
    terror left deep scars in the hearts and
    minds of our world's people... But none
    so much as the villain the next head

    10th Anniversary: Akriloth

  • Frozen Claymore
  • Frozen Claymore
  • Frozen Claymore G
  • Frozen Claymore
  • Frozen Claymore Z
  • Frozen Claymore
  • Frozen Claymore
  • Frozen Claymore G

    House Items
  • Akriloth Head Portrait

  • Play again! - Repeats Act 2 from its introduction
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave - Returns you to the main menu for the Eternal Dragon of Time

    Effect of failing -100 roll by In Media Res. Correction by Dragoon23. Monster list thanks to Suikoman444. Correction, range for stat roll difficulties and new Legend of the Frozen Claymore text thanks to Archlist.

  • whackybeanz -> RE: AQ's 10th Anniversary! (11/11/2012 3:14:04)

    Act 3 - Drakonnan & The Great Fire War

    Act 3 - The Great Fire War
    As you gaze at the Eternal Dragon's
    third head, which is armored and
    smoldering with fire, you are certain that
    the villain it represents was not originally
    a dragon... but a man! You fell time and
    space warp around you again...

    «Scene: Drakonnan's Throne Room»

    Zorbak: Meh. You're late!
    «You»: *looks around* Late, for what? ...Hey, is this a throne room?
    Zorbak: Yeah! It's going to be MY throne room.

    «An image of Drakonnan appears in the scene.»

    Zorbak: But... meh, right now it belongs to Drakonnan. He and his fire army already left. They've probably conquered half the world by now.

    «Zorbak holds a list on his hand.»

    Zorbak: And boy, is he going to be steamed at you for being late. Here, if you want any chance to catch up to them, here's a list of Drakonnan's Generals and their attack plans.
    Zorbak: You'd better get with your company, and fast.

    «Zorbak hands you the list, and a message "Obtained list of Drakonnan's Generals!" appears.»

    «You»: Wow! Thanks! Wait... Drakonnan?
    Zorbak: YES! DRAKONNAN! Geez. You know... the guy who went crazy after the Dragon Akriloth destroyed his entire town? Became a Pyromancer. Vowed to burn the world to the ground?
    Zorbak: Meh. You new "Fire Army" recruits are so clueless.
    «You»: RECRUIT!? You've got it all wrong. I'm a hero.
    Zorbak: HERO?! Uh oh... um, may I have that extremely sensitive list of evil fire generals and attack plans back?
    «You»: No.

    «You take a look at the list, shown below. Battling 3 of them unlocks the boss battle against Drakonnan. A check appears once you successfully defeat the General you chose to fight. You receive a Full Heal after each battle.»Zorbak: Meh. It's you again. Drakonnan is going to be MAD when he finds out you have been "extinguishing" his Generals.
    Zorbak: Mad is probably the understatement of the decade. He is so "hot headed" he will be "engulfed" with rage.
    Drakonnan: ZORBAK!
    Zorbak (simultaneously): Drakonnan!
    «You» (simultaneously): Drakonnan!

    «Drakonnan enters the scene, a fiery glow surrounding him.»

    Drakonnan: You had ONE JOB, you little blue hamster! And YOU... ARE... FIRED!
    Drakonnan: Off my throne THIS INSTANT! And YOU... you shall suffer immeasurably for what you have done to my Generals.

    «Zorbak comes down from the throne.»

    Zorbak: Meh... you're on your own, "Hero."
  • Bring Zorbak! - Zorbak will now battle by your side!
  • Battle by yourself!«You»: We did it! We actually beat Drakonnan!
    Zorbak; Hey you down there! GIVE ME BACK MY CHAIR!
    «You»: But we just defeated one of the greatest villains in history. Everyone is safe now. ...and you look a little close to that edge.
    Zorbak: Meh. Shush, you.
    Zorbak: Hey! Drakel-head. If you don't give me that chair right now I'm gonna come down there and get it myself.
    Zorbak: Hmmm. Almost forgot about this.

    «Zorbak takes out the Fire Orb....?!»

    Zorbak: Hey Drakonnan! I have your ultra fire orb right here... I will trade it to you for the chair! Just throw it up!
    «You»: Zorbak!!! It's that the Fire Orb that gave Drakonnan his power and ability to control fire monsters!?
    Zorbak; Meh meh meh.... finders keepers. Now shush! Drakonnan... can you hear me down there!?

    «The chair is seen flying towards Zorbak, which hits his head and knocks him over, and the chair bounces back and drops down the pit. Zorbak drops the Orb in the process which rolls really dangerously close to the edge...»

    Zorbak: Why you...

    «Zorbak recovers, picks the Fire Orb and flings it into the pit!»

    «You»: I have a bad feeling about this...«Zorbak slowly drags Drakonnan's head.»

    «You»: Zorbak! What are you doing with Drakonnan's helm!?
    Zorbak: Meheheh...

    «The scene zooms in on Zorbak.»

    Zorbak: When I take over the world...

    «The scene zooms in even closer on Zorbak.»

    Zorbak: ...I'm going to sit on this instead.

    Act 3 - VICTORY!
    The head resembling Drakonnan fades
    away. You now have defeated half of
    the eternal dragon's corrupted heads.
    Defeating all should return the creature
    to normal. Which should be easy...
    assuming that next head is not Carnax.

    10th Anniversary: Drakonnan

    «"You have defeated ALL 8 Generals!" -- Unlock this shop by successfully defeating all 8 of Drakonnan's Generals.»

  • Amulet of Drakonnan
  • Amulet of Drakonnan
  • Amulet of Drakonnan
  • Amulet of Drakonnan G
    10th Anniversary: Drakonnan

    «This shop opens at the end of the quest.»

  • Drakonnan's Fury
  • Drakonnan's Fury
  • Drakonnan's Fury
  • Drakonnan's Fury G
  • Drakonnan's Fury
  • Drakonnan's Fury Z
  • Drakonnan's Fury
  • Drakonnan's Fury G

    House Items
  • Drakonnan Head Portrait

  • Play again! - Replays Act 3 from its introduction
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave - Returns you to the Void's main menu

    Varied dialogue for choosing to take Zorbak or not thanks to Archlist.

  • whackybeanz -> RE: AQ's 10th Anniversary! (11/11/2012 3:14:36)

    Act 4 - Carnax Attacks!

    ACT 4 - Carnax
    As you gave at the Eternal Dragon's
    fourth head... IT IS HUGE!!!!! Could it be
    that this head represents the colossal
    interdimensional beast known as
    Carnax? You really, REALLY hope not,
    but you feel yourself slip through time
    and space again, toward that third eye...

    «Scene: Stonerule, Stone Monolith. The gem on the monolith flashes in various colors, before the entire monolith bursts into pieces, revealing the colossal being within -- Carnax!»

    Twilly: OH NO!!!! That is definitely Carnax! This is now officially a really really really serious situation.
    «You»: What are you talking about? The bigger they are the harder they fall.
    Twilly: Not this time. This is... is...

    «Eukara appears in the scene in a flash of green light.»

    Eukara Vox: Carnax is an interdimensional being of vast and unspeakable power. He cannot be slain using only worldly weapons or means.
    «You»: What about the bad puns? I've noticed that these quests have been a little lighthearted.
    Eukara Vox: It seems that in addition to absorbing the energy of the 6 villains, the Eternal Dragon of Time has also absorbed Artix's bad puns and sense of humor.
    «You» (simultaneously): Ooohhhh!
    Twilly (simultaneously): Ooohhhh!
    Eukara Vox: We will just have to grit our teeth and bear it. As for Carnax, the history of how he came to be is an intricate and complex tale spanning many generations of evolving cultures and races.
    «You»: If this is gonna take more than 3 speech bubbles, I want a scroll.

    Carnax was a gigantic interdimensional beast that crushed the island nation of Talados... and all of its people... into dust and sank it beneath the ocean. The few survivors, such as Riona Shadowgale and her son Danail, wandered the world, dodging Death's attempts to claim them,
    as none should have survived the cataclysm.

    Carnax, adrift and waiting in the Ethereal Plane, was awakened and called back to Lore by the belief and fear of the Taladosian youth Danail, instilled in him by the stories of the "Great Scourge."

    Carnax was so huge that it took a whole army of adventurers just to fight him. No armies of undead, no dragons... just one massive beast!

    Our most powerful spells and attacks had little effect. In a desperate move, Riona sacrificed herself to break the psychic link between Carnax and her son, and weaker the beast so he could be defeated.

    His last words were those of a tormented creature finding peace at last in death...

    (Don't worry, we saved Riona later. She's much better now.)

    «You»: So how do we defeat this thing?
    Eukara Vox: You and Twilly must locate Riona Shadowgale and obtain a rare Azru Stone from her. This artifact will weaken Carnax. ...The battle will still likely lead to your demise.
    Eukara Vox: In the original battle with Carnax it took the combine effort of millions of heroes to finally defeat him.
    Twilly: GULP.
    «You»: Great! We're on it!«You»: Twilly, I hear a lot of players bragging on the forums that they can defeat Carnax. What if we let one of them do it?

    «The scene zooms in to Carnax's right arm. Mega Prime, so minuscule compared to Carnax, enters the scene, donning the Nemesis armor set. He raises his weapon.»

    Mega Prime: Alright, Carnax. It's time for a rematch! You're going down this time!

    «Carnax takes his foot and squishes Mega Prime. Ouch.»
      1 BATTLE
      Same monster list as above
      Full Heal
    «You»: Twilly, how about pitting another boss monster against Carnax?

    «The scene zooms in once again to Carnax's right arm. This time, Deimos (still minuscule compared to Carnax) enters the scene. Demios looks up at Carnax.»

    Deimos: Arrrrrrreeeewwwwwwwww!!!!!

    «Demios has his bone crushed to pieces as Carnax squishes him like an annoying bug.»
      1 BATTLE
      Same monster list as above
    «You»: Alright, clearly Deimos was not strong enough. What about a true master of the undead?

    «Zooming in to Carnax's right arm, our next contestant is... the Mysterious Necromancer!»

    Mysterious Necromancer: Your sheer size will not aid you Carnax!
    Mysterious Necromancer: I am calling forth an army of the dead from every corner of the world.
    Mysterious Necromancer: Let us see how well you fare against 100 generations of legendary undead!!!
    Mysterious Necromancer: Prepare to meet your DOOOO....

    «*squish*! Who's the one meeting his doom now?»
      2 BATTLES
      Same monster list as above
      Full Heal after battle #1
    «You»: How funny would it be if the Phlox went up against Carnax?

    «Phlox magically appears in front of Carnax's right arm. Looking up, it can only go...»

    Phlox: !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    «As it turns to flee, *SQUISH*!»
      1 BATTLE
      Same monster list as above
      Full Heal
    «Rising from the earth in front of Carnax's arm is... Awethur! Surely he'll be able to do something!»

    Awethur: At last, a challenge almost worthy of my greatness.
    Awethur: None have yet matched my awe! You might even last a few seconds, pathetic beast.
    Awethur: I shall forgive you for trembling in my greatness.

    «Carnax stomps Awethur. Amazingly, Awethur survives! ...with half a body left still above the earth.»

    Awethur: Regrettably, pitiful creature, you shall join the endlessly long list of my conquered foes.

    «One more stomp! Awethur's body above the earth is only from his chest up now.»

    Awethur: I would have defeated you by now if I was not so busy laughing.

    «Multiple stomps! Awethur can only be seen from above his shoulder.»

    Awethur: The bards will herald...

    «Another stomp has only Awethur's head still above the earth...»

    Awethur: mrfff Mrrffff Mrrfffffff...

    «A few more stomps later, and you can barely see his eyes still above the ground surface.»

    Awethur: Mrf...

    «CARNAX STOMP!! The impact of Carnax's stomp leaves a large crack through the earth, and Awethur fully vanishes into the earth below.»
      1 BATTLE
      Same monster list as above
    «You»: Twilly, I just had a brilliant idea! What if...

    «This time, in front of Carnax's arm is... Chairman Platinum?!»

    Chairman Platinum: Mr. Carnax. I have come to make you a business deal you cannot refuse.
    Chairman Platinum: Join my company, EbilCorp, and I will personally see to it that...

    «The deal's over with one stomp!»
      1 BATTLE
      Same monster list as above
      Full Heal
    «Scene: Meeting Riona Shadowgale»

    Riona: I've been expecting you! You've come for the Azru Stone. You'll need it if you're going to have any hope of defeating Carnax...
    Fun Fact: This was Reen's NPC before she became Reens the alchemist in AQWorlds.

    «You»: Let me guess, the stone's been stolen... No no no, wait, you have the stone but you can't give it to me until I do a long quest for you...
    «You»: NO, wait, I've got it-- At the moment you go to give me the stone, it will get stolen and I will need to track it down.
    Riona: Actually, I was just going to give it to you. Here!

    «Riona gives you the Azru Stone.»

    «You»: Whoa! This has never happened to me before! I might actually cry.
    Riona: There is some bad news, though. In the original war that took place 5 years ago, it took millions of heroes battling each of Carnax's limbs one at a time to bring him down.
    Riona: Here in the Void, using the power of the Azru Stone, you and Twilly must defeat Carnax!

    «Carnax's leg, from nowhere, stomps Twilly, who vanishes under the earth.»

    Riona: Here in the Void, using the power of the Azru Stone, you will have to battle Carnax ALONE.ACT 4 - VICTORY!
    As the head resembling Carnax fades
    away, you feel like there just might be a
    chance of defeating all of the heads and
    restoring order to the multiverse. (Why
    do people say things like that? It just
    invites bad luck. Like that next head... is
    that... The Devourer?

    Monster list thanks to BlackAces.
    10th Anniversary: Carnax

  • Carnax Stomp
  • Carnax Stomp
  • Carnax Stomp G
  • Carnax Stomp
  • Carnax Stomp
  • Carnax Stomp Z
  • Carnax Stomp
  • Carnax Stomp G

    House Items
  • Carnax Head Portrait

  • Play again! - Repeats from introduction of Act 4
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave - Return to the Void's main menu

  • whackybeanz -> RE: AQ's 10th Anniversary! (11/11/2012 3:14:47)

    Act 5 - The Devourer

    ACT 5 - Devourer
    As you gaze at the Eternal Dragon's fifth
    head, you are filled with a sense of deep
    dread. This is an unbelievably powerful
    force... and you can feel its desires for
    nothing less than your utter
    uncreation pouring off of it. You shudder
    as everything fades away...

    «Scene: Battleon Town»

    Twilly: That was amazing!!! I can't believe you actually beat Carnax!
    «You»: It certainly was awesome battling an interdimensional beast the size of a mountain.
    «You»: Things should start getting easier from here on out. I mean, how could there possibly be a monster bigger than a walking mountain?

    «From space, looking down at Lore, a red glow surrounds the planet as the Devourer rises from behind, eyes a blazing red as it gazes down on Lore...»

    There is an entity whose roots and activities reach deep into Lore. He goes by many names: The`Galin, The Uncreator, The Devourer... once a Lorian, he ascended to godhood serving a single purpose.

    To destroy.

    «The eyes of the Devourer glow even redder.»

    His hand has been in most every conflict. With his agents, The Network, people were spurred to war against each other, believing that the Elemental Lords were at war, creating the Chaos that doomed worlds. Many times, he came and was staved off... if only just, only delaying his return.

    «A short cutscene sees Battleon being struck by a crimson red beam across the lands, splitting the land which begins collapsing. From space, the beam pierces right through the planet, and it splits into two, revealing the core of the planet.»

    This time, The'Galin returned, intent on destroying Lore once and for all.

    «From Battleon, looking up, the Devourer can be seen.»


    «Lanfire Falerin enters the scene.»

    Lanfire: Indeed, what is the Devourer? What follows is a longwinded diatribe of the sort only I can provide.
    Lanfire: It is bound to cause minor post traumatic stress disorder, so if you do not want to suffer from such... I recommend you flee at your earliest convenience.
    Lanfire: Without further ado....
    Lanfire: The Devourer Saga: Express Soliloquy Edition!

    «Lanfire transforms into Falerin.»

  • Listen to Falerin's entire story (This will yield no fights, and you will get to the peaceful ending, no combat.)
  • Intermission

    «Clicking 'Blah, blah... BO-RING... after you choose to listen to Falerin's story, or directly choosing Intermission, will cause the fallowing dialogue to happen. In any of the battles below, Falerin will not stop talking...»

    «You»: Wow... he is still going!
    Twilly: Yeah, Falerin is famous for his epic and pretty lengthy stories!
    «You»: Should we... um... you know... stop him and figure out what this whole Devourer thing is about?
    Twilly: Um, just so you know... when the Devourer Saga originally happened, it was over 50 quests long and lasted for over a year!
    «You»: A YEAR!? Well, can you just give me the quick version?
    Twilly: Um... Falerin *IS* giving the quick version.
    «You»: This IS...? Hey, look. Things to kill. YAY NOW IS *FIGHTY* TIME *FIGHTY* TIME, BLOOD BLOOD *BLOOD*!
    «You»: ... *cough* BATTLE ON!
  • Summon the Avatar of Hope to convince the Devourer that our world has "unity" and can be saved instead of destroyed.

    «Hope enters the scene, to confront The`Galin, who has possessed Ryuusei's body.»

    Hope: Hope lives.
    The'Galin: What trickery is this?!?
    Hope: I would hope, The`Galin, son of Galian, that you would recognize your own wife...
    The'Galin: Lauren...? It is true, then. The signs of Hope are realized.
    Hope: Since the beginning, part of me has dwelt in all creation... even in you. That realization was enough to bring about my return.
    The'Galin: Astonishing... Maybe they CAN be saved.
    Hope: Hope lives, love...
    The'Galin: I understand.

    «The`Galin leaves Ryuusei's body, and Hope leaves in a pulsating orb of energy. Ryuusei raises his arm to the sky in despair.»

    Ryuusei: WAIT, Lord!! Do not listen to her!! WAIT!!!ACT 5 - VICTORY!
    As the Devourer head fades, you realize
    the end is in sight! The Eternal Dragon
    of Time has just one more head! ...What
    could this one possibly have in store?

    10th Anniversary: The Devourer

  • Pendant of The`Galin
  • Pendant of The`Galin
  • Pendant of The`Galin Z
  • Pendant of The`Galin
  • Pendant of The`Galin
  • Pendant of The`Galin G
  • Pendant of The`Galin
  • Pendant of The`Galin G

    House Items
  • The`Galin Head Portrait

  • Play again! - Repeats from introduction of Act 5
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave - Return to the Void's main menu
    «If you are keen on exactly what Falerin says in his entire speech, here you go:»

    The planet of Lore has a long and convoluted history. Its history has been marked by trials, tribulations,
    trials of tribulations... And the occasional migration of evil Helifino winds that have marred the land
    with great woe and sorrow.

    The goddess Lorithia created Lore long ago. This, however, is not Lorithia's story, at least not directly,
    although she does appear toward the end as a gross deus ex machina to explain away inexplicable plot

    Many millenia ago The'Galin, the son of Galian, was born in the City of Tjeli, on the Continent of
    Inilar. Now in those times, the people were full of corruption, and The'Galin was a kind and good
    individual who sought after the welfare of the poor, the beaten, and the downtrodden. Unfortunately,
    public works were extremely unpopular among Tjelish bioethicists, who measured the value of the
    person based upon what good they brought to society- And who measured the good one brought
    tosociety based upon how much money one brought into the community coffers and how mujch esteem
    one brought Tjeli as a whole. In this regard, the son of Galian was a multiple failure. For he had no
    love of money, and he sought to aid the poor and the weak even founding an orphanage to help those
    children that Inilar's captial had already deemed as worthless.

    Now Lorithia, the creator goddess, who had imbued herself in her creation, despaired over the
    corruption that had risen within it. She began to believe that there was no good left in the world, and
    that her creation was a failure. It was then, however, that she happened upon The'Galin son of Falian,
    and seeing his good works, she saw within him a purity of purpose and noble nature, unlike the sinful
    world around him. Therefore, the sought to know him better. Assuming mortal form as the woman
    Lauren, Lorithia came back to the world of her creation, and there the met The'Galin son of Galian and
    she grew to love him. As time passed she became his wife, and she his husband, and they expanded
    their public works substantially raising a family from among Lore's most dejected citizens. Even one of
    The'Galin's most hated adversaries came to appreciate the goodness of the man and stood by his side.

    Nevertheless, while The'Galin won the favor of foe and goddess alike, Tjeli itself remained a cold and
    hostile place. Moreover, the evil Tjeli grew ever more virulent, suspicious, and hostile. The citizens
    of this city unleashed a great evil, and when the weapon was unleashed it led directly to the death not
    only of several of The'Galin's beloved children but of his beloved wife Lauren as well. Frightened for
    his remaining children and despairing of the excesses of the Land of his birth, The'Galin set out for
    the continent of Deren. There he founded the first version of the City of K'eld Alorin with some of the
    ancient ancestors of what would one day become the Drakel. In Alorin, The'Galin sought to form a
    school of knowledge and of growth that would become open to all.

    However, unbeknownst to him the educators in the city had been influenced by outside factors, and
    when the king of all Deren, the good king Draynor- By that I mean the first one to bear the title, not
    King Tralin's adoptive father, so I guess "Draynor I" in Terran terms... When Draynor was killed, the
    citizens of Alorin fled in fear to Vandar the continent of the north, and there they sought to isolate
    themselves from all the world, in defiance of the wishes of their founder. The'Galin son of Galian,
    however, had far worse problems. In the aftermath of Draynor's death, Draynor's son, who was young
    and impressionable, Delkirk, was convinced to turn over the son of Galian as a political prisoner.
    Therefore, The'Galin was extradited back to the land of his birth, where he was put on trial for
    Crimes against Progress by the people of Tjeli, and was found guilty. ...As if there could be any other
    conclusion from such a farce of a trial. He was sentenced to death by execution.

    Lorithia, however, restored of her divine state when her human form was killed, looked upon her

    once husband and felt not only great love for him, but great pity for her creation that had so fallen
    into corruption that it would do such a vile thing. After all, it clearly had become very lost from here
    intentions for it if it had become so corrupted that it would do such a vile thing. It was clear that
    creation, left unchecked, had become corrupt and diseased, and that left unchecked this disease would
    spread throughout not only Lore, but through all worlds where she had held sway. And eventually,
    perhaps it would grow beyond the boundaries of her creation entire. In addition, she became aware that
    hers were not the only worlds showing such disruption in the creative spark.

    And so, Lorithia rose up her husband as a god, to stand beside her, and with the Elemental Lords, as the
    powers of Lore. The'Galin son of Galian was to become the Devourer of Worlds, The Uncreator. And
    his task was to be to balance and cull from creation, to root out and correct corruption, entropy, and
    decay, where such was possible. And where it was not... to make it so that they had never existed in
    space and time in the first place.

    Among his first actions as Uncreator was not an act of uncreation, but was instead an act of
    preservation. The'Galin could not uncreate Tjeli, as its corruption led to his ascension. If he removed
    them from creation as they deserved, he would initiate a paradox. By force of will alone, the Devourer
    tore the city of Tjeli off of the continent of Inilar, and cast it into the southernmost extremes of the
    ocean, where the city became encased in thousands of feet of ice. And here the citizens of the city were
    to dwell for all time, as phantoms, denied passage to the world beyond, and preserved as a record. This
    was a lesson. Fall so far into corruption that uncreation was not an option, and the alternative would be
    FAR worse. The'Galin was a good man though, and he believed that this would teach and prevent the
    need for him to act further as Uncreator, a task that he detested as against his very nature.

    A good man though The'Galin was, he saw the corruption and the damage that it did. Therefore, he
    raged against the city of his birth and against the Drakel that he saw as betraying him. In his railing, he
    encountered a man named Xilar. Xilar was a Silari, an ancient desert Drakel species. Xilar sought to
    become a servant of the gods. However, as he and the Uncreator both learned, the same corruption that
    had infested Tjeli had likewise spread to the Temples, with the priests and clerics of the Lords actually
    attacking Xilar directly. The'Galin witnessed this attack, and seeing Xilar's nature, he selected the Silari
    to become his first Communicant.

    Now, The'Galin realized that the Elemental Lords had become blind to their followers' transgressions,
    if even communicants could behave so corruptly. But when he tried to tell them they would not, or
    could not, see. In fact, in the Drakel version of the legend it is claimed that even Lorithia did not
    hear him; though, both Lorithia and The'Galin have since denied this account to me. So, it is likely
    this is a Drakel embellishment. So The'Galin set about to prove this by example. He directed Xilar
    to go to Aloria, a city in the Outer Planes similar in nature to Sigil, the City of Doors, in Concordant
    Opposition. That is, a place where gods and servants live together. The The'Galin directed Xilar to do
    what was necessary to convince the Brilhado, servants of the Light Lord, of this corruption, with the
    hope they would convince the Lady of Light. They heard Xilar, and they believed him, seeing much
    of the danger he said was in Creation. But when they spoke to the Lady, such was her faith in the
    original creation that she still could not or would not hear. So Xilar, thinking that he might aid them,
    advised them to go to her husband, the Lord of Darkness. But he only rebuked them for faithlessness.
    Despairing of the Lords as well, and taking The'Galin's admonition to convince them at all costs quite
    literally, Xilar decided that he could convince them of the danger of the corruption only by spreading it
    to Aloria.

    So Xilar convinced the Brilhado as servants of the Lady of Light that the danger was vast, and he

    convinced them to become necromancers, though necromancy had always been previously the domain
    of the Dark Lord. This alone would not have been a problem, though the Drakel later claimed that the
    Brilhado initially rejected this as a forbidden art. However, given that the Lady maintains an army of
    her own undead, I very much doubt this claim. But Xilar also directed them to practice necromancy on
    those Brilhado who did not choose to become necromancers. Using the language of the corrupt he told
    them this would not be murder but rather granting them eternal unlife! The Lady of Light was horrified
    by this and cast out the Brilhado till they would repent of their ways, calling them Fallen.

    Xilar's attempt was successful, but its results was [sic] only to convince the Elemental Lords that
    The'Galin was dangerous and that his goal as Uncreator would destroy Lore. This is a position they
    maintained for millenia after, in light of all that happened, and only revised recently after Lorithia
    revealled fully the truth, both of her plan and of her directions for her husband. The truth is the
    The'Galin generally hates uncreation... though there have been exceptions, but it is against his
    character. Unfortunately Lorithia's plea and the experiences he had mean he knows it is necessary.
    Have there been times he actually enjoyed the role? Yes, I imagine that there have. And, given his
    position, uncreation does actually bring the Devourer the power that he frees from creation. So he does
    in that sense at least metaphorically "Eat" what he uncreates. But I am getting way ahead of myself.
    You see, we did not know that until recently. Even I was very wrong in my early assumptions. Now
    where was I... oh yes, Xilar.

    Xilar returned to Lore, and as the arm of the Uncreator brought not only the temples of the Drakel races
    to their knees but lead to the very disruption of those ancient races, with many being uncreated. Among
    the basest, the darkest that he had uncreated, The'Galin selected a few to spare. These he instead made
    join him, to follow him, as his servitors. Such races formed what has come to be called "The Network,"
    and they were his great project. For he saw in them two opportunities: First as a lesson for the darkness
    of corruption, a way to spread fear of The'Galin's eventual return; and second as a chance at absolution.
    A lot of time has passed since then and The'Galin has come to Lore on multiple occasions. I cannot tell
    you about all of them for we would be here for years, literally.

    In one of the earlier occasions of his return, a good man named Garavin stood against The'Galin,
    believing him to be the monster that his actions, and those of his Network, made him out to be. Seeing
    his struggle, and knowing it deeply and intimately, The'Galin saw finally an opportunity. He declared
    several things. He prophesied that before Garavin would pass from Lore, he would know the Truth
    about The'Galin; that Garavin would fight him; and that Garavin would serve him. Finally, he declared
    that through Garavin, and his progeny, he would fail in his task as Uncreator, for the downfall of the
    corruption of Lore would be realized.

    Now Garavin, known as The Eternal, had a child, whose name was Celestra. The Network, on their
    [sic] last incursion of The'Galin, had killed Celestra's mother, and so she was filled with dark rage
    against the Devourer and his Network. She saw further what the "curse" that The'Galin had laid against
    her father had done and she, as fiery as her father was sanguine, became as much a force of transience
    as he was force [sic] of solidity. She chased after the Network. From world to world she chased them,
    and so she also became known as "The Huntress" - for wherever the Network grew she
    fought them from within and from without.

    She learned then of a breed of creatures distantly related to the Drakel so removed from their normal
    physical froms that they no longer could live without a host. These beings were called Annunaki. Their
    leaders were called Avatar, for in the mythology of the Annunaki they were considered sent by the
    divine. She learned likewise that the effect of the curse on her Father had been brought about by such

    an entity. In symbiosis with her father as its host, it extended her father's life and increased his strength.
    The union, however, was not at the physical level but at the level of the soul, an so if the being left it
    would tear its host's soul in the [process?] This would render the host into a half life state, an odd form
    of non-necromantic undeath, called "being Forsaken." Much more information on the Forsaken can be
    found in the story of the Shadow Erebus, for Erebus did manipulate a group of Network beings called
    the Alpha to become Epsilon.

    But I digress. In spite of the risk to her mortal soul Celestra sought to become not only the host of the
    Annunaki but of the Avatar of Transience, for it fit her nature. Therefore, Eternal and Transient became
    Avatar, and not merely Annunaki. While the Annunaki were many, the Avatar were few, ruling in an
    oligarchy. Just five original others joined in their efforts as Avatar. In the Avatar's struggle against the
    Network, and in the aftermath of Erebus' involvement, Truth was torn in two a process that some say
    drove it mad. The second half of Truth was known as Lies. This brought the number of the Avatar to an
    even 8, and Celestra noted that this number matched the number of Lore's primal elements. Realizing
    that this could give them a foothold the each chose one. The Avatar focused on their element entirely
    and mastered it, so that they became a mirror of Lorithia's creation. This they used to gain a foothold on
    Lore. In the years since, the Avatar have fought the Network from within and without, and other than
    Celestra and Garavin each has been forced to change hosts many times, Forsaking their old host in the

    Which brings us rather fully to the most recent incursion of the Network against Lore. Within the
    Network arose three generals: one Terran, one Brilhado, and one from the distant planet of Vesperia.
    The Terran was very unusual in that he was never corrupted. Rather The'Galin saw the man and sensed
    a kindred soul. He explained his mission and the man joined him willingly. The Terran, Doctor Louis
    Zephyr, was to be the eyes of the Devourer on the many worlds. A brilliant mind, he started a school
    for those with gifts, not entirely unlike the School The'Galin had tried to form in K'eld Alorin long ago.
    Interestingly, it is the Drakel who finally realized The'Galin's goal on Lore, both in the new version of
    Alorin and in the Derenian School of thought [sic]. But I digress.

    The leader of the Brilhado was a cold, exceedingly loyal man known as Diviara Celegra. He'd lost his
    wife, a very good woman, to the corrupt of the Network, and they framed him for the process. Diviara's
    brother Giliara and son Amilara left the Network as a result. Giliara knew the truth and begged Diviara
    to follow, but in his loyalty he refused. So both brother and son were turned against him. Giliara fled
    to Lore, whereupon he eventually encountered King Tralin of Deren, and became a servitor of the
    Lady of Light again - the first Brilhado to join her ranks since the original fall. Amilara was a powerful
    necromancer, like his father, but one who did not see the undead as tools but rather as a form of Life
    in their own right, especially after meeting some beings that had been born that way. So Amilara, like
    Celestra the Huntress, began shadowing the Network, and the Brilhado in particular, with the goal
    of liberating the undead. This led him to many worlds, including my homeworld of Caelestia, where
    he was among the first to master the Undead forest of Immertot, and ultimately, when the Network
    discovered his behavior, to Lore.

    The Vesperian's original name is unknown for as a very young man he too, was cast to Terra. There
    on Earth he originally was named Charuske Ryuusei, though a man named Twain adopted him. The
    name "Twain" is apt, for forces and choices led Ryuusei to separate into two temporal analogs -
    two "what ifs," if you will. I am not certain what the original dividing force was, but I have strong
    suspicions that The'Galin does. From the same slate they grew, but the analog raised by Twain became
    cold and corrupt, and the other one was sent to a distant alternate Terra where he lived among the
    humans there. Only the former joined the Network.

    The elder Twain was a Network leader in his own right while he lived, and one who had the idea the
    Vesperians were gods, which is why he adopted Ryuusei and renamed him. As to Vesperia... I can
    find now record of what happened to it, nor even that it ever existed. The only Vesperians I have
    encountered, excepting the analog of Ryuusei, have been in the Network. Which suggests much in
    and of itself. I suspect, though I have not had the temerity to ask, that The'Galin uncreated Vesperia,
    and that is why it no longer exists. The elder Twain and his Ryuusei created an organization called
    N.O.V.A., a title that means Network of Vesperian Agents. It is actually from this organization that the
    practice of calling The'Galin's followers "The Network" likely originated. N.O.V.A. as an organization
    has never come to Lore in and of itself, though its members have. It has been active primarily of Terra
    and it was there that Atlas Maxwell, who was among the Avatar, met, fought, and joined them. It was
    likewise here that my former Avatar Galrick met them. Which I suppose means we come to how I got
    involved in this story to begin with.

    I originally learned of The'Galin when the shadow Erebus invaded my home world and took the guise
    of Tholeon Webb. Erebus changed my world's history, totally messing things up before the changes
    were undone. Seeking to trace Erebus I found the Alpha and the Network, though I did not know at the
    time that Erebus WAS the being they called Epsilon. I traced them back to Lore... I arrived here some
    time after his last departure, and it was here I met Garavin and helped construct the Isle of D'Oriens.
    I continued my research for ages, gathering every book and legend I could. Erebus has subsequently
    let slip things that suggest he knew I would end up doing so, and that he deliberately manipulated
    the situation so that I would get my information on The'Galin from corrupt sources. Consequently, I
    was very wrong. I believed the Drakel lie, and given The'Galin himself encroaching on Lore became
    concerned that Caelestia was endangered. Seeking limited permission to act from Lorithia and the
    Elemental Lords, and in return giving the Lorian pantheon, including The'Galin, limited Caelestian
    access on my own terms, I sought to thwart him.

    It was near the time of the Great Fire War that the Network's most recent return to Lore began. They
    started st the island nation of Neld, where they encountered the warring parties of Deren and Vandar.
    Diviara led the undead armies of the Brilhado through a gate, and from Neld they turned and attacked
    Vandar. In the process the network [sic] killed Draynor II, leaving the throne of Deren to Tralin. Here
    is also when Giliara arrived on Lore, as previously mentioned, and it was here that I actively began my
    own actions against the Network and The'Galin.

    I gave advice to a singularly impressive communicant of the Shadow Lord known as Myr, and others,
    through the Gate, to a world Erebus had previously corrupted. Ultimately, Myr was corrupted by
    Diviara, who use "the Cold" on him, a powerful psychic attack that amplifies emotions and thoughts.
    Myr was so loyal, however, that he refused to be misled. But at my advice Myr began an elaborate
    deception where he pretended to have fallen, even assaulting his allies in the process. Ultimately Myr
    was instrumental in defeating a plot by Diviara and the Network to gain control a [sic] pocket of raw
    creation at The Deep beneath K'eld Ner.

    It was also here that I met a young Network soldier by the name of Galrick. Galrick's father Glen
    and most of his home of Neld had been decimated by Vandarian action, and so he called out in a
    rage and The'Galin answered. It was through Galrick that the gate to Neld the Brilhado utilized was
    opened, but upon seeing what the Brilhado brought Galrick was horrified. Seeing his doubt I convinced
    Galrick to play double agent. Galrick was a brilliant mind, and I sent him to Terra, not knowing
    fully of N.O.V.A.'s actions there. He went to University and became a Medical Doctor. Here Galrick
    encounterd [sic] Gaiden Cartwright, Ryuusei's son. Though Gaiden had been raised not by his father,

    but by his father's analog. Galrick also encountered Ryuusei himself on several occasions and fought
    with him, a fight that had him come to Caelestia several times. He also encountered the Order, who
    were led by Atlas Maxwell.

    Maxwell was directly involved in the affairs of the Avatars Truth and Lies, and is the only known
    being known [sic] to have served as host for two Avatar and still survived being Forsaken. Though
    Vampire Slayer E served as the avatar of Death, and was able to stick arround [sic] for a long time
    due to deals he made with Death the demipower and more directly his servant the Reaper. And
    Edward's sister Cenara, who served as avatar of Death after him was saved from being Forsaken by the
    intervention of advanced moglin healing magic.

    The war of the Network involved seeking the prime Elemental Orbs, pure essences of each element,
    and trying to use them to control creation. In this process I learned the truth of The'Galin and began
    working to aid his true [missing word] In the battle that ensued, Giliara Celegra was killed by a
    disobedient Brilhado. In his dying breath Giliara repeated his plea that Diviara turn aside from the
    Network. Diviara struck down the Brilhado responsible and joined the people of Lore, directly
    stealing the Orbs from the Network in the process. Little did Diviara know that such was exactly what
    The'Galin would have hoped for Diviara. The Uncreator still sought redemption and absolution for "the
    Fallen" of the Network. Diviara has since become a very odd Triple Communicant, one of the few
    cases known of a person being a communicant of multiple powers at once. His main deity is the Lady
    of Light but he has served as a lesser Communicant for both the Lord of Darkness and The'Galin too.
    Fighting with creation, Diviara warned that the forces of the Network would come in force now.

    He further warned much worse generals were coming, and this was proven by Cartwright's arrival on
    Lore. Cartwright had become a Communicant of The'Galin with the intent of forcing its uncreation.
    Cartwright believed that Creation was beyond hope and directly defied orders to bring about his ends.
    He caused the death of Galrick, not knowing I had already made an agreement with The'Galin. And so
    Galrick became my Avatar, under the rules that since I was an extraLorian power he was exiled, not
    to return without special permission. Which was a problem as he had met and married Celestra in this
    period. This was recently rescinded completely, however, in light of the fact that I became a Lorian
    demipower, segregate of my Caelestian roles.

    In the climactic battle, Ryuusei became Omega, not only a communicant of The'Galin but a direct
    avatar and manifestation. He used his status as "taken avatar" to begin an assault on the Temple of
    Hope. What he did not know is that we had prepared for this, and that even The'Galin and Lorithia
    had done so, though the chose to forget their preparations so it could not be stopped. Lorithia is a
    Panethestic [sic] power. What this means is that she is within all of her creation, even the Avatar, and
    yet she is MORE then [sic] the sum of those parts. Hidden within creation, therefore, was the cause of
    its salvation.

    We brought together all of the Elemental Orbs, the building blocks of Creation. Our most learned
    mages discovered a Hymn of Creation to activate them and the Index... the Temple of Hope itself.
    The final key to the puzzle was in fact a greater artifact know as a Spirit Orb, and King Tralin, as
    a communicant of Lorithia and Avatar of Life, had been entrusted with one, known as the Shield
    of Lorithia. Among the Avatar, Tralin was odd in many ways. Not only was he an Avatar and a
    Communicant, by being an Avatar when he was already a Drakel he was most odd. Only Twig as the
    Avatar of Peace was more unusual.

    When Omega attacked the Chosen of Lore, the Hymn of Creation activated the Statute [sic] of Lorithia,

    and Lauren manifested as Hope - an "Avatar" of Creation. The'Galin at first denied her arrival and
    called it a trick, but when she spoke the blinders fell away from his eyes, too, and he left Omega,
    abandoning him. Ryuusei was subsequently dropped deep in the Void. Ryuusei has since returned.
    The'Galin has taken him back, too, after signs of moderating his past behaviors. Though his current
    whereabouts are unknown. One wonders what The'Galin was thinking.

    *Fascinating. So now we summon Hope and fight the dragon?

    Full transcript of Falerin's dialogue thanks to Rhowena.

  • whackybeanz -> RE: AQ's 10th Anniversary! (11/11/2012 3:15:10)

    Act 6 - The SeekRat

    ACT 6 - The SeekRat
    The snarling maw of the Eternal Dragon
    of Time's final head has an odd dark
    after-image as it moves. The Dragon
    must have tapped the SeekRat, and his
    connection to the Shadow realm. All
    fades into shadow except those glowing
    red eyes as you are drawn in through
    space and time...

    «Scene: Battleon»

    «You»: Whew... alright, we have saved the world from villains the size of a mountain, and one the size of a planet.
    «You»: What's next? A Black hole sun? A Universe? A Multiverse?
    Twilly: Actually... a rat.
    «You»: A RAT!? Are you kidding me?
    Twilly: No, one of the most dangerous villains in the history of Lore, is... was... a rat named SeekRat.
    «You»: Seriously, how can a rat be that much of a threat?

    «Scene: Woodlands, The Terrible Twelve meeting SeekRat»

    Seekrat: Greetings, fellow villains! All of you have tried and failed to seize Battleon for yourselves in the past.
    Seekrat: Your failures have taught you well, and if we pool our knowledge, we can certainly defeat the forces of Battleon!
    Seekrat: Alone, you were unable to defeat the adventurers of Battleon. But together, you will be able to conquer all of Lore!
    Seekrat: But I will need all of you to do your part to make this invasion a success. Raise your armies, and raze Battleon to the ground!

    «The Terrible Twelve leave the scene.»

    Seekrat: Fools! While they keep the adventurers busy, I will put my true plans into action. The powers of the shadow universe shall be mine to command!

    «You are brought to the main menu of Seekrat's Terrible Twelve invasion. You must fight each of the eleven Generals, before Seekrat's battle is unlocked. After each General battle you get a Full Heal. A check mark will also appear beside the General.»«Once you complete the 11 battles, clicking on the Battle Seekrat button leads you to the following dialogue.»

    SeekRat: Good. The war seems to be going as planned.... and the Middle Isles will soon be consumed in shadow.
    SeekRat: Now then...

    «SeekRat forces his Shadow counterpart to appear.»

    Shadow: What have you done....?
    SeekRat: I have forced you out. My research and observation suggests that I must fight you in order to overcome you and claim your full power.
    Shadow: But....
    SeekRat: You hoped to gain more power so that you could overtake me at a later time. I know.
    Shadow: ....
    SeekRat: But I'm afraid I can't allow that. And thanks to «You», I was given enough time to prepare for this day.

    «SeekRat conjures a weapon and points it at his Shadow.»

    SeekRat: Prepare yourself, shadow spawn. Your time has come.

    «As the scene fades to black, it switches into the temple in the Middle Isles, where you enter the scene to find the Shadow defeated, with the SeekRat standing right beside it.»

    Twilly: Oh no! It was a trick. By defeating the Terrible Twelve we helped him open a portal to the Shadow Realm!
    «You»: SeekRat! Your scheme is finished. You have a lot to answer for.
    SeekRat: Ah, «You». Just in time, again.

    «The SeekRat absorbs the Shadow...»

    SeekRat: Yes... I feel the power of the shadows... like a gentle embrace to shelter me from harm.
    SeekRat: And now, if you want to exact justice, «You», then let's see you try!«The SeekRat collapses on the temple grounds, defeated.»

    SeekRat: Urgh... how can this be...? NOW YOU'LL SEE MY FINAL FORM!ACT 6 - VICTORY!
    The final head of the Eternal Dragon of
    Time fades away... and so does its
    twisted body! Congratulations!

    10th Anniversary: SeekRat

  • Luminous Spear
  • Luminous Spear Z
  • Luminous Spear
  • Luminous Spear
  • Luminous Spear G
  • Luminous Spear
  • Luminous Spear
  • Luminous Spear G

    House Items
  • SeekRat Head Portrait

  • Play again! - Repeats from introduction of Act 6
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave - Return to the Void's main menu

    Typo correction thanks to majesticstar3800. Monster list thanks to BlackAces and Suikoman444.

  • whackybeanz -> RE: AQ's 10th Anniversary! (11/11/2012 3:15:20)

    Conclusion - The Dragon of Time

    «Unlocks after you complete all 6 Acts.»

    «Scene: The Void»

    Twilly: YOU DID IT! YOU DID IT!
    Twilly: The Eternal Dragon of time... is... is... back to normal!
    Dragon: RAWR!! My eternal gratitude, Hero.
    Dragon: By defeating the corrupted heads, you have restored balance and order to the multiverse.
    «You»: It was an honor, Eternal Dragon of Time.
    Dragon: I dub thee the Eternal Champion of Lore. Know that I shall watch over your adventures from this moment forward.

    «From above descends a floating rock carrying the AQ Staff!»

    The AQ Staff: Congratulations Hero! 10 years of adventure. YOU DID IT!!
    Dragon: Do not forget, my Champion. Each decade we must repeat this ritual, saying the words from the book to remember and honor that which transpired.
    Dragon: Ten years from now, we shall meet again. Perhaps here, perhaps in another world. But now... you may say the words from the book to make this form final.
    «You»: ...Book?
    Twilly: Book?
    The AQ Staff: BOOK?!
    Eukara: *sigh*
    Dragon: Mortal, after defeating all of the heads you DID bring the book to say the spell, right?
  • Umm...

    «Fred the Burro enters the scene!»

    Fred: Yes, «You», you put it in your pack before leaving Miss Vox's library.
    «You»: ... Oh yeah!
    Eukara: Thank you, Fred. Wonderfully prepared and reliable as always.

    «Fred swiftly leaves the scene.»

    «You»: Ad pacem Aeternam Tempus Draconem. Videbo vos postero decade. Persevera bellum!

    «A white flash fills the Eternal Dragon of Time, but appearing simultaneously after the flash is... Oikea Hetki! It grabs the book!»

    Oikea Hetki: I believe that is mine!

    «The Oikea Hetki flees the scene!»

    Twilly: Here we go again...
    Oikea Hetki: Oh! Almost forgot!

    «The Oikea Hetki runs back and... punts Twilly off the floating rock you're standing on before running off again!»

    Everyone: BATTLE ON!!

    «You return to the Void's main menu. The Treasure Chest is now unlocked and you can access it! Hurray!»
    10th Anniversary Shop

    «Accessible by clicking the treasure chest beside you, Treasure Chest button, or finishing the above cutscene for the first time.»

  • Void Vanquisher
  • Void Vanquisher
  • Void Vanquisher
  • Void Vanquisher
  • Void Vanquisher
  • Void Vanquisher
  • Void Vanquisher
  • Void Vanquisher
  • Void Vanquisher
  • Void Vanquisher

  • Void Vigilante
  • Void Vigilante
  • Void Vigilante
  • Void Vigilante
  • Void Vigilante
  • Void Vigilante
  • Void Vigilante
  • Void Vigilante
  • Void Vigilante
  • Void Vigilante

  • Void Vindicator [L. 8, 28, 48, 68, 88, 108, 133 | 17 Z | 128 G, 148 G]

  • Void Visor [L. 8, 28, 48, 68, 88, 108, 133 | 17 Z | 128 G, 148 G]

    Correction thanks to Tep Itaki.

  • whackybeanz -> RE: AQ's 10th Anniversary! (11/11/2012 3:15:29)

    Void Challenge!

    Defeat all 6 of the Eternal Dragon of
    Time's corrupted heads in the
    ULTIMATE challenge!

    Are you ready?

  • Fight!
  • Return

  • 6 BATTLES (Non-random)
    Level 1-20: Dracolich's Spite (1)
    Level 21-40: Dracolich's Spite (21)
    Level 41-60: Dracolich's Spite (41)
    Level 61-80: Dracolich's Spite (61)
    Level 81-100: Dracolich's Spite (81)
    Level 101-120: Dracolich's Spite (101)
    Level 121-140: Dracolich's Spite (121)
    Level 141+: Dracolich's Spite (141)

    Level 1-21: Akriloth's Inferno (2)
    Level 22-41: Akriloth's Inferno (22)
    Level 42-61: Akriloth's Inferno (42)
    Level 62-81: Akriloth's Inferno (62)
    Level 82-101: Akriloth's Inferno (82)
    Level 102-121: Akriloth's Inferno (102)
    Level 122-141: Akriloth's Inferno (122)
    Level 142+: Akriloth's Inferno (142)

    Level 1-22: Drakonnan's Ire (3)
    Level 23-42: Drakonnan's Ire (23)
    Level 43-62: Drakonnan's Ire (43)
    Level 63-82: Drakonnan's Ire (63)
    Level 83-102: Drakonnan's Ire (83)
    Level 103-122: Drakonnan's Ire (103)
    Level 123-142: Drakonnan's Ire (123)
    Level 143+: Drakonnan's Ire (143)

    Level 1-23: Carnax's Abomination (4)
    Level 24-43: Carnax's Abomination (24)
    Level 44-63: Carnax's Abomination (44)
    Level 64-83: Carnax's Abomination (64)
    Level 84-103: Carnax's Abomination (84)
    Level 104-123: Carnax's Abomination (104)
    Level 124-143: Carnax's Abomination (124)
    Level 144+: Carnax's Abomination (144)

    Level 1-24: The`Galin's Mutation (5)
    Level 25-44: The`Galin's Mutation (25)
    Level 45-64: The`Galin's Mutation (45)
    Level 65-84: The`Galin's Mutation (65)
    Level 85-104: The`Galin's Mutation (85)
    Level 105-124: The`Galin's Mutation (105)
    Level 125-144: The`Galin's Mutation (125)
    Level 145+: The`Galin's Mutation (145)

    Level 1-25: SeekRat's Suffering (6)
    Level 26-45: SeekRat's Suffering (26)
    Level 46-65: SeekRat's Suffering (46)
    Level 66-85: SeekRat's Suffering (66)
    Level 86-105: SeekRat's Suffering (86)
    Level 106-125: SeekRat's Suffering (106)
    Level 126-145: SeekRat's Suffering (126)
    Level 146+: SeekRat's Suffering (146)

    Full Heal after each battle


    Impressively won!
    Enjoy your rewards!
  • Reward Shop
  • Done!

  • «The treasure chest in the main menu updates to open the shop below.»
    10th Anniversary Bonanza

  • Horo-Show Void Vanquisher [L. 8, 28, 48, 68, 88, 108, 133 | 17 Z | 128 G, 148 G]

  • Horo-Show Void Vigilante
  • Horo-Show Void Vigilante
  • Horo-Show Void Vigilante
  • Horo-Show Void Vigilante
  • Horo-Show Void Vigilante
  • Horo-Show Void Vigilante
  • Horo-Show Void Vigilante
  • Horo-Show Void Vigilante
  • Horo-Show Void Vigilante
  • Horo-Show Void Vigilante

  • Horo-Show Void Vindicator [L. 8, 28, 48, 68, 88, 108, 133 | 17 Z | 128 G, 148 G]

  • Horo-Show Void Visor [L. 8, 28, 48, 68, 88, 108, 133 | 17 Z | 128 G, 148 G]

    Correction thanks to BlackAces and Archlist.

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