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Location: Yonathan's Barber Shop

Quests given

Shops owned

Outside the tent:

Yonathan: Hello, hero! If you've mastered the powers of the plane of fire, I help you make you look even more powerful!

  • Dangerous?
    Yonathan: Dangerous! Haha, hardly! I am a master of fire and flame. As a denizen of the plane of fire, I can control it. Shape it.
    Yonathan: I can even change my form to look more like you more... fragile creatures!

  • The Rose?
    Yonathan: *flares slightly* Do you think I'm scared of their little "movement"?
    Yonathan: If they attempt to take me I'll give them a cut they'll never forget!

    Yonathan: Let's just say... I'm not just a barber.

    Yonathan: I know who you are, <Character>.
    Yonathan: You've earned the trust of those... higher than me; and they're concerned for the lesser elementals here.

  • Haircut?
    Yonathan: If you've mastered the art of Pyromancy, I'll be able to style your hair for you.
    • Pyromancy?
      Yonathan: You have to own the Pyromancer Armor, otherwise you'll just be... too flammable. Cysero has it for sale in his Superstore.

    Yonathan: Welcome! As you know, I'm Yonathan, the famous barber from the elemental plane of fire.

    Inside the tent:

  • Talk
    Yonathan: You want a new, hot style?
    Yonathan: Well, have a seat and I'll show you what I can do.


    Thanks to AugustomutanteCP for Inside Yonathan's Tent dialogue.

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