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Dragoon23 -> Asleep (New) (1/4/2013 19:16:15)


Unable to act until succeeding on a save.

This is basically Paralysis, but the monster makes a save every turn.

Note that the monster makes the save BEFORE determining whether or not the target can act. So even if the monster fails a save and falls asleep, then it can succeed on the save at the beginning of its turn and act anyway.


Sleep Potence

Sleep Potence -
Opponent takes a penalty to any saves against Sleep.


Info thanks to In Media Res.

Dragoon23 -> RE: Asleep (New) (1/4/2013 19:18:05)

Things that make monsters asleep:

  • Cozy Spear
  • Cozy Staff
  • Cozy Warhammer
  • Everslumber
  • TimeSlayer Axe (Winter)
  • Twig's Swordfish
  • Zombie Nightmare Blade

  • Restful Night

    Things that grant you Sleep Potence:

  • Taladosian Pendant

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