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Voodoo Master -> Wicked Queen (1/5/2013 3:33:45)

Wicked Queen

Location: Winged Darkness -> Battle The Boss Monster!
Level/Quest/Items required: 100% War Meter None
Release Date: January 4th, 2013

Objective: Defeat Queen Pallor and put an end to her horrible experiments!
Objective completed: You've defeated the wicked queen!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Pallor, (1) Mogkee - Boss

Queen Pallor

Pallor's Frozen Blade (I-VI)
Pallor's Frozen Dagger (I-VI)
Pallor's Frozen Staff (I-VI)


*Pallor is watching Vayle through her magical device*

Queen Pallor: Enough. My minions dwindle. My mogkee's are being purged of their beautiful wings....
Queen Pallor: It is time for me to confront my quarry.
Queen Pallor: Let them come... I will learn the secret of Vayle's wings, of her alignment to the Darkness...
Queen Pallor: Or I will tear the very wings from her back and take them for myself!

*Meanwhile, outside the Amethyst City*

Vayle: Enough. I will not wait for more of these winged creatures to attack what I've worked so long to protect.
Vayle: Whatever this Pallor wants me for... I'll refuse her to her face.
<Character>: Do you really want to take the fight to her? That's pretty much classic trap material right there.
Vayle: I'm not going to sit and wait. I'm not going to run. I'm going to fight.
Vayle: We'll follow the fleeing mogkees and monsters back to her lair.

*Pallor is still watching Vayle*

Queen Pallor: Come then, my pretty. I'll be ready to learn the secrets of your wings, even if I have to pick them off your bones!
Queen Pallor: It is time for me to confront my quarry.
Queen Pallor: And she's finally coming to me... I will learn the secret of Vayle's wings, of her alignment to the Darkness...

*Outside Pallor's lair*

<Character>: You ready?
Vayle: Do you really need to ask, <Character>?
Vayle: Let's go.

*The hero and Vayle enter the building and find themselves face to face with Pallor and a mogkee*

<Character>: We're here, Pallor.
Vayle: What do you want with me, you wicked witch?
Queen Pallor: Oh now, dearie, there's no need for name calling.
<Character>: No need for name calling? You sewn... or fused wings onto togs... taken apart boardrakes and reanimated them...
<Character>: You kidnapped the moglins and aligned them to darkness!
Vayle: All that and more. You started a war with the Amethyst City, something I've worked hard to keep safe...
Vayle: I'll call you whatever I want. Witch.
Queen Pallor: All that matters is what I want. What I've worked for. I want your wings, dear.
Vayle: You want... my wings? You can buy magic wings from any half decent enchanter.
Queen Pallor: Your wings represent your link to the Darkness Realm, and I want that link for myself.
Queen Pallor: You are the only living human that has recieved such a gift in a countless number of years...
Queen Pallor: The only I've even found was in a tome, stolen by a cult of Necromancers. Buried in a hidden tomb on the outskirts of Brauglmurk....
Queen Pallor: I was caught in the darkness once... I will never be again.
Queen Pallor: Either share your secret... or I'll rip it out of you!
Vayle: You want my secret? My wings were "gifted" after I touched the Darkness Orb... and lived.
<Character>: The orbs have been destroyed.
<Character>: Even if they hadn't, you would have had much less... considerate competition in getting your hands anywhere near it.
Queen Pallor: NO!
Queen Pallor: I'll tear you apart, and take them for myself!

Fight Pallor and her mogkee. There's also an extreme version of the fight. Once you defeat them:

*Pallor melts*

<Character>: Whoa... she melted! Meeeeeelted!
Vayle: ...
Vayle: Yeah, I was here too.
<Character>: So now what?
Vayle: I'll help you with the rest of the moglins. Then... I'm going to spend some time studying this "tome" that she found.
Vayle: And... thank you, <Character>.
<Character>: It was you she wanted... I don't think she would have stopped without finding you....
<Character>: She's also very probably not the only one looking for you... be careful, Vayle.
Vayle: Oh, I know... and if anyone else threatens my City... I'll be prepared.

  • Complete Quest
  • Loot Shop - Opens Boss Drops

  • Complete this quest to obtain the Frostvayle badge.

    Thanks to Peachii for corrections.

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